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WWII Museums Methods

WWII MUSEUMS METHODS Since the end of WWII there have been hundreds of museums and memorials in the United Sterile Static Artifact Display On Site or in the Environment Dynamic Artifact Display NUMBER OF MUSEUMS States dedicated to the war. Museums have always been able to convey a powerful message to the viewer. As Geoffrey Lewisi speaking about museums said "Their strength lay in the fact that they were repositories of the 'real thing.' They could inspire and invoke a sense of wonder, reality, stability, and even nostalgia." As the years have passed museums have become more effective in their goal to portray their message though shifting their method of display and the focus of their exhibits. This chart documents these shifts from a museums simple display of sterile static objects to an emotional experience that focuses on the men and women and their experiences in the war. OPENED EACH YEAR This traditional display method uses undamaged artifacts, presenting a sanitized version of war that emphasize technology rather than the context in which the objects were used. Museums or monuments located on a historic This mode of display combines war artifacts with site bring the viewer to history rather than history to the viewer, enabling the viewer to experience and reflect on events. Includes battle grounds, retired ships or airfields. with sound, moving images and photographs. 3. 6. 1945 82nd Airborne Division Museum National Air and Space Museum Experience with Artifact Emotional Experience These museums and monuments shift away This method displays artifacts of war in a way that is immersive for the viewer, focusing on from simply displaying an artifact and attempt to create emotional connections with viewers. the event not the artifact. This can be an Battleship TEXAS air-show, a reenactment, or any participatory experience from the viewer. Memorials are the most common manifestation of this approach. Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor 1950 U.S. Naval War College Museum U-505 Submarine - Museum of Science & Industry Sterile Static Artifact Display 1955 U.S. Army Women's Museum National Air and Space Museum, 1946, Washington D.C. Don F. Pratt Museum Virginia War Memorial This museum is a great example of clean sterile objects on display. All the technology within is polished and cleaned showcasing the triumph of the technology itself while often ignoring the human story side of events. Planes of Fame Air Museum U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum Harry S. Truman Library & Museum Arlington National Cemetery U.S. Army Transportation Museum 1960 U.S. Navy Museum The Eisenhower Presidential Library & Museum Battleship North Carolina uSS ARIZONA Memorial East Coast Memorial National Naval Aviation Museum Honolulu Memorial The George C. Marshall Museum MacArthur Memorial 1965 USS ALABAMA Memorial Park Experience with Artifact Mid Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend, 1990, Pennsylvania American Airower Heritage Museum This event is a mix between a museum, an air-show, and a festival. It focuses on the aircraft from WWII, giving people Submarine Force Library and Museum Military Museum of Texas Pennsylvania Military Museum ample opportunity to participate, from watching from the ground to flying in the plane. The event adds more interaction through music events and encouraging participants to dress to match the times. 1970 U.S. Army Ordnance Museum National Museum of the U.S. Air Force USS Cavalla at Seawolf Park Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum The New Jersey Naval Museum USS Batfish & War Memorial Park & Museum USS Torsk Military Vehicle Technology Foundation Patuxent River Naval Air Museum Patriots Point - USS YORKTOWN South Dakota National Guard Museum 1975 USS COD Submarine Memorial USS PAMPANITO Museum & Memorial Pima Air & Space Museum National Museum of the Pacific War Submarine BECUNA 45th Infantry Division Museum World War II National Submarine Memorial - West Hampton Roads Naval Museum Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park usS BOWFIN Submarine Museum & Park March Field Air Museum On Site or in the Environment 1980 SS JEREMIAH O'BRIEN - National Liberty Ship Memorial New England Air Museum Museum of Aviation Battleship MISSOURI Memorial, 1999, Hawaii Yankee Air Museum AAF Tank Museum A mix of a memorial with on site museum experience. Retired ships offer a unique experience, their scale allows viewers to Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum CAF - Southern California Wing WWII Aviation Museum USS KIDD Veterans Memorial immerse themselves in the environment as a whole. Tropical Lightning Museum Silent Wings Museum Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Aircraft Ft. MacArthur Museum 1985 Air Force Armament Museum Museum of the Forgotten Warriors Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles Motts Military Museum U.S. Navy Memorial National Military Heritage Museum War Eagles Air Museum classic Mid Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend The California State Military Museum 1990 The Jackson Barracks Military Museum Fields of Honor Military Veterans Museum Estrella Warbirds Museum Tillamook Air Museum USS LEXINGTON Museum on the Bay Atterbury Bakalar Museum Texas Military Forces Museum United States Holocaust Memorial Museum First Division Museum Kansas Museum of Military History Emotional Experience Palm Springs Air Museum Planes of Fame Air Museum World War II Memorial, 1999, Washington D.C. The Wright Museum FRE Military Museum of Southern New England Idaho Military History Museum Naval Undersea Museum Fantasy of Flight 1995 This is a monument memorial in the purest sense. It is entirely disconnected from physical objects or artifacts from WWII and instead focuses on symbolism. "The memorial is a St. Mary's Submarine Museum | Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum The Eldred World War II Museum Warhawk Air Museum Museum of the Soldier monument to the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people. Florida Holocaust Museum Museum of the Kansas National Guard Aircraft Carrier USS HORNET Museum Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Women in Military Service Memorial The U.S. Army Heritage Museum Military Police Corps Regimental Museum Battleship MISSOURI Memorial 2000 National World War II Museum The Airborne & Special Operations Museum Mississippi Armed Forces Museum New York State Military Museum Museum of the American G.I. The National D-Day Memorial Battleship NEW JERSEY The Veterans Memorial Museum Pacific Aviațion Museum Pearl Harbor Virginia Holocaust Museum World War II Memorial USS MIDWAY Museum 2005 Camp Van Dorn World War Il Museum National WASP World War II Museum Air Force Memorial National Museum of the Marine Corps National Museum of the Army Reserve Dynamic Artifact Display The Sullivan Brothers lowa Veterans Museum National Museum of the Marine Corps, 2006, Virginia National Infantry Museum U.S. Naval Academy Museum Great Lakes Naval Memorial & Museum This museum connects objects from the war with recounts from the soldiers that lived the experience paired with immersive environments that employ sight and sound. 2010 The Fort Jackson Museum The New U.S. Navy SeeBee Museum Battleship Cove Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum Design and Editorial ConceptCuratorial Framework ROB MCCONNELL EVAN YANG

WWII Museums Methods

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