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The Worst Scam Artists of the 21st Century

THE WORST SCAM ARTISTS of the 2CENTURY ECB EZB EKT EKP AND THE INSURANCE FRAUD THAT GOT THEM CAUGHT THE MAN WHO NEVER EXISTED WHO WHAT Jim Davis Faked Death 4 Californian women, Jean Crump (67) Faye Shilling, (61) Barbara Ann Lynn, (64) and Lydia Eileen Pearce, 35. They invented a man named Jim Davis, faked his death, staged his funeral and buried him. When suspicion arose, they dug 'him' up and had'him' cremated. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS THEY WENT TO "Him' was really a mannequin and cow parts so that the weight was deceptive enough to pass for a human body. They paid actors to pose as mourners, faked death certificates and paid a doctor $50,000 to fake medical records to WHEN A $1.2 million dollar life 2010 Los Angeles. insurance policy. support the death. GETTING CAUGHT 2 insurance companies launched an investigation and all 4 were convicted of wire fraud. THE JEWELLERY HEIST THAT DIDN'T DAZZLE WHO WHAT Business partners Atul Shah and Mahaveer Kankariya. They hired 2 men, dressed them in Hasidic Jew clothing, 'compromised' the security cameras and had them rob their own jewellery store. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS THEY WENT To They poured drain cleaner into the security cameras in an attempt to wreck any footage. WHEN $7 million with insurers 2008 Lloyd of London. New York. GETTING CAUGHT Police salvaged the security cameras and caught the 2 business partners on tape removing the jewels from the safe 2 hours prior to the robbery. They were convicted of insurance fraud in the 1st degree, attempted grand larceny and falsifying business records. THE TEXAS BODY SNATCHERS WHO WHAT deceased corpse Molly Clayton A husband and wife, Clayton (27) and Molly Daniels (25). Used a recently deceased corpse and pretended the husband had been killed in a car accident. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS THEY WENT TO They dug up an 81 year old female corpse, dressed it in the husband's clothes and googled how to burn a body. The wife falsely identified his remains. WHEN A $110,000 2005 life insurance Austin, Texas. policy. GETTING CAUGHT DNA testing proved the body was not his and after launching an investigation, they found him at home after dying his hair a different colour. Both are imprisoned THE SLIP AND FALL GAMBLING QUEEN WHO WHAT Isabel Parker (71). 49 slip-and-fall scams in supermarkets and department stores across 7 years. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS SHE WENT TO 47 aliases and 11 address to file her claims across 3 states. All to feed her WHEN More than gambling habit. Philadelphia, 1993 to 2000. Delaware County and New Jersey. $500,000 across multiple insurers. GETTING CAUGHT A joint investigation by the Philadelphia and Delaware state prosecutors resulted in 20 counts of insurance fraud in 2003 and she spent 4 years under house arrest. THE HORROR MOVIE IN THE MAKING WHO WHAT Gerald Hardin. He intentionally cut off a friend's hand with a small chainsaw but claimed it was an accident while sawing a tree. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS HE WENT TO He conspired with a partner who had power of attorney over a mentally disabled man whose hand they cut off. $670,000 on a WHEN Homeowner's insurance policy and 3 accidental 2008 South Carolina. death and dismemberment policies. GETTING CAUGHT He is awaiting sentencing, but could face a 20 year prison sentence if convicted. THE SUICIDAL SALESMAN WHO WHAT He convinced a family friend to buy a $2 million life insurance policy, claimed the family friend had died and tried to cash in. He also stole from his client's Aaron Travis Beaird. accounts in his role as an insurance salesman. WHERE THE CLAIM THE LENGTHS HE WENT TO When police investigated the claim, he parked his car near a bridge and placed a suicide note in the car with WHEN A $2 million life insurance 2011 to 2012. the admission of his crime. Seattle. policy. GETTING CAUGHT He was found alive later that year and was charged with 2 counts of wire fraud and awaits trial. What the Experts Say About the Cost of Insurance Scams "Undetected general insurance claims fraud totals £2.1bn £2.1bn a year a year and adds around £50 to the annual cost of household insurances." The Association of British Insurers, UK "The total cost of insurance fraud (non-health insurance) is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year. That means Insurance Fraud costs the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased premiums." %$4 $40bn a year The Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA $4 $2bn a year "The truth is that fraudulent insurance claims ultimately cost everybody who takes out insurance. The most recent study estimated that insurance fraud in Australia costs more than $2 billion annually." The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Australia, AU $4 over $1 bn "Organized insurance crime continues to cost insurers, policyholders and Canadians over $1 billion a year." a year The Insurance Bureau of Canada, CA €100mn a year "Insurance fraud costs insurance companies in Ireland an estimated €100 million annually which ends up being paid by honest policyholders." Insurance Ireland, IRL References EASYLIFECOVER 3 EKT EKP

The Worst Scam Artists of the 21st Century

shared by Catherine1 on Aug 27
One person on this info-graphic faked his own death and another was invented and then killed off, all to cash in on life insurance policies.


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