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Worst fashion trends of the 20th century

20th Contury WORST FASHION TRENDS 1900 1910 Gibson hairstyle Hobble skirt Women used to have a big mass of hair on top of their head. Truth is not all women had that amount of hair on their heads so they had to improvise and sweep their hair over horse hair pads called "rats" Even though it has a nice style the hemlines at the ankle were so tight that we will never under- stand how women were able to walk with this on. 1920 1940 Animal wraps The shoe hat Fur has always been a luxury symbol on fashion but early in the 20's it went a bit too far when women started to wear the entire animal. Elsa Schiaparell was the mind behind this and even though she was a big designer then we can't understand how women in a conservative era agreed on wearing this. 1960 1970 The cone bra Leisure suit Does Starky and Hutch ring a bell?? If not I'm sure you all Madonna was not the first to wear em, they were very popu- lar in the 60's. They were so sharp that maybe we could consider them a white weapon, boys, be careful! remember John Travolta, this was the iconic shirt alike jacket and matching pants every guy used to wear, add an afro and you're good to go 1980 1990 Overall and Shoulder pads fanny packs If you were born in this decade I'm 100% sure you wore if not all We should be thankfull cone bra was not worn also with this otherwise a lot of lives would but one of these at least once. have been lost in that decade.

Worst fashion trends of the 20th century

shared by Le_Paulette on Oct 23
Fashion hasn't always been so fancy, here are some fashion trends we thought were cool at the time when in reality they were so not!


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