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The World's 50 Most Prolific Serial Killers of All Time

The World's 50 Most Prolific Serial , of All Time Killers. Murder Methods 2 Outcome Executed Poisoning D Strangulation Axe IB Life in prison I Hanging Electric chair Shooting Bludgeoning Stabbing Died in prison Years Active Suffocation Firing squad Lethal injection Ranking by Number of Proven Victims Proven Victims Possible Victims Colombia| 1992-1999 Colombia|1969-1980 Pakistan |1998-1999 Russia| 1992-2010 Colombia| 1974-1986 138 110 3 100 78 5 72 172–300+ 300+ 81 180 Luis Garavito "La Bestia" (The Beast) Pedro López Javed Iqbal Mikhail Popkov "The Werewolf° Daniel Camargo Barbosa "Monster of the Andes" Targeted young girls. Prowled markets searching for a "look of innocence and beauty" Targeted street children. Dissolved bodies in acid to Targeted girls and young Targeted homeless or orphaned boys. Used disguises, money, and candy to lure victims Used his police uniform to trick female victims he believed to women who he believed to be "pure." His lover helped him capture victims in return for him staying with her. Escaped prison and killed more before being recaptured cover up crimes. Confessed via letter to a newspaper be immoral. Motivated by suspicions that his wife committed adultery Life in prison (despite the initial 2,600-year sentence, it is possible for him to be released in 10-20 years due to maximum Released after serving 20 years in prison. Whereabouts unknown 2 Judge stated that he would be strangled to death in front of the victims' parents and then dissolved in acid. Died in custody before execution sentence laws and cooperation with police) Killed in jail by nephew of one of his victims Soviet Union,| 1989–1996 Ukraine Brazil |1967-2003 India [1977–1978 China |2000–2003 Soviet Union|1978–1990 6 71 70 67 53 10 52 100+ 70+ 56 Pedro Rodrigues Filho "Killer Petey" Kampatimar Shankariya Yang Xinhai “Monster Killer" Andrei Chikatilo "The Red Ripper" Anatoly Onoprienko "The Beast of Ukraine" "Monster of the Andes" Often removed the eyes of his victims; his motive was that he believed his victims kept an Targeted criminals, including Killed both men and women Entered farmhouses at night and killed all inside brutally. He claimed his motive was Chose isolated homes, caused a commotion to get the attention of occupants, then killed them (first the adult male, then the those incarcerated with him. with a hammer. Confessed to Killed his father and ate a piece police that he did it for pleasure. His last words were, "I have murdered in vain. Nobody should become like me." of his heart. Due to Brazilian retaliation against society after being dumped by his girlfriend. imprint of his face in their eyes, even after death. spouse and children). Stole many items law, he is now free and a YouTuber. Released from prison United States 1970–2005 # Brazil|1982–1983 United States| 1982–2000 Canada |1983-2002 H Russia | 1992–2006 11 50 11 50 13 49 13 49 15 48 93 71-90+ Willy Pickton "The Butcher" Alexander Pichushkin Samuel Little Florisvaldo de Oliveira Gary Ridgway "The Green River Killer" "Cabo Bruno" "The Chessboard Killer" Was arrested 26 times in 11 Former police officer and vigilante who murdered criminals Targeted sex workers, sometimes tricking them into trusting him by showing them a picture of his son Targeted women and disposed of their bodies by feeding them to his pigs Claimed that his aim was to kill states for various crimes, Little 64 people, the number of squares on a chessboard drew portraits of his victims from memory to help confirm his killings. Murdered by unknown assailants in 2012 China | 1995–2003 Indonesia 1986-1997 India |1965–1968 Brazil | 2011-2014 South Africa 1994-1995 H 0000000000o0000o00ooo 16 45 17 42 18 41 19 39 20 38 60+ 70+ Wang Qiang Ahmad Suradji Raman Raghav Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha Moses Sithole "The ABC Murderer" Strangled victims after burying them in the ground up to their waists as part of a ritual to gain magic powers Abandoned by his mother and had an abusive and alcoholic Targeted the poor, bludgeoning them in their sleep. Believed Approached victims on a motorbike and shouted Described as South Africa's Ted Bundy. Handsome and charming. Lured victims by offering a job at his fictional charity organization father. Targeted young girls "robbery!" before shooting them. Claimed to have been sexually abused by his neighbor as a child, resulting in "rage against society" that he lived in another world and that people were trying to change his gender Died in psychiatric hospital Soviet Union |1984-2005 H Soviet Union|1971–1985 Morocco |????–1906 United States|1974–1978 Romania | 1920–1930 21 36 21 36 21 36 24 35 24 35 80-100 43-55+ ? 36+ 36+ Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi Ted Bundy Serhiy Tkach Gennady Mikhasevich Vera Renczi "The Black Widow" "Marrakesh Arch-Killer" Assaulted women in isolated Targeted female victims. Used his police knowledge to mislead investigators, such as choosing victims near railway lines recently treated with tar to throw police dogs off his scent Tricked female victims by faking a disability or impersonating authority. He called himself "the most Drugged women over dinner, then murdered them in their Poisoned male lovers and husbands with arsenic. Kept her victims in unburied, zinc-lined locations. Often robbed them of money and valuable items that he would then give to his wife sleep. Walled up alive as punishment; his cries for help could be heard for days until he was finally silent coffins. She confessed she liked to sit in her armchair among them, surrounded by all her former lovers. cold-hearted son a bitch you'll ever meet." Executed (Publicly whipped, then sealed behind walls until death) United States | 1911–1912 Mexico | 1982–1999 United States|1972–1978 Iran, Iraq |1907–1934 Soviet Union |1921–1923 24 35 27 33 27 33 27 33 27 33 137 34+ Ali Asghar Borujerdi Clementine Barnabet Fernando Hernández Leyva John Wayne Gacy Vasili Komaroff "Killer Clown" "The Wolf of Moscow" Axe-murdering priestess of a cult Known as a happy family man and horse trader. Lured victims When asked why he did it, he said that "I killed them because I had to. I do not know how to do another thing." Preyed on teen boys. His positive reputation in the community protected him from investigation despite parents pleading with police when their sons disappeared. Began assaulting and killing young boys and teens at the age of 14. Evaded police by fleeing to different cities called the Church of Sacrifice. Murdered families and arranged into his home and served them them on their beds vodka. His wife found out and began participating in the killings as well. Unknown (escaped jail, may have continued as the Axeman of New Orleans) Germany |1900–1924 30 Egypt |1999–2006 Russia |2011–2012 H Brazil |1989–2003 Colombia | 2010-2013 31 32 31 32 33 33 30 33 30 42+ 42 Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour "al-Tourbini" ("Express Train") Karl Denke "The Forgotten Cannibal" Francisco das Chagas Rodrigues de Brito Luis Gregorio Ramírez Maestre "Volga Maniac" Gang leader. Tortured and killed children on trains. Claimed to be possessed by a female jinn who compelled him Targeted elderly people. Described as "having good communication skills and easily enters the confidence of older Killed and cannibalized the Targeted 19-to-30-year-old motorcyclists with small stature. Charmed victims into poor and homeless. Kept a ledger with the names of his victims. The staggering amount of body parts found in his home raised suspicions that the ledger Targeted male children. He said, "Sometimes I'm revolted by what I did, but you must understand that something was using me to do this. Good people will understand that." bringing him to a carefully chosen place. Choked them from behind once they stopped driving people." Some suspect the killer has returned after to murder disappearing in 2012. was not accurate. 2 Executed by unknown 2 Suicide (hanging) Imprisoned (may be released in 2032) means Unknown Swaziland | 2000-2001 China |1993–2001 H Greece | 1939-1951 South Africa |1996–1997 United Kingdom|1973–1979 # 36 28 36 28 38 27 38 27 40 26 45 150+ 35+ Zhang Jun Mariam Soulakiotis "The Woman Rasputin" Bruce George Peter Lee Cedric Maake David Thabo Simelane "Wemmer Pan Killer" Fire Killer nun. Encouraged wealthy women to join the convent, then tortured them until they donated their fortunes to the monastery so she could embezzle it. She Epileptic arsonist who set various people and buildings on fire. He said, "I am devoted to Fire is my master, and that is why I cause these fires." Killed people while committing Befriended women, then killed them in the forest. Shepherds in search of a runaway cow discovered body parts and triggered the investigation. Inconsistent method of murder made it difficult for police to track him initially. Exhibited bizarre behavior in court, such as verbal outbursts, weeping at the mention of his mother, and slamming his head against the robberies, sometimes with a hammer or with a gun given to him by his mistress fire. Executed also caused the death of 150 children from tuberculosis due Life in mental hospital Awaiting execution to refusing them treatment. court dock India |1985–1989 United States |1971 Germany |1918-1924 Hungary | 1912–1916 Iran | 1981–1985 41 25 41 25 43 43 24 43 24 25+ 25+ 27+ 24+ Majid Salek Mohammadi Juan Corona Fritz Haarmann "Vampire of Hanover" Béla Kiss "The Stoneman" Machete Biting Killed and cannibalized the Murdered homeless people by dropping a large rock on their head. Has not been found Attempted to pickle bodies in large metal drums on his property. Neck punctures and drained blood suggest he was practicing vampirism. While he was in prison for a bad check, he was informed that his wife and cousin were having an affair. After his release, he Killed migrant farm workers and buried them in shallow graves. Had received shock treatments for schizophrenic behavior poor and homeless. Kept a ledger with the names of his victims. The staggering amount of body parts found in his home raised suspicions that the ledger killed women he considered unfaithful to their husbands. was not accurate. Suicide Executed (guillotine) United States |1997-2006 United States, Canada 1926-1927 Russia, Tajikistan | 1977-1995 France | 1989–-2006 Ecuador |1991–1992 # 888800000000co000000ss0s0 46 23 46 23 46 23 49 49 150 23+ 25 Ronald Dominique "Bayou Strangler" Mikhail Yvan Keller "The Pillow Killer" Juan Fernando Hermosa Earle Nelson Novosyolov "Necrophile Rebel" "Gorilla Killer" "Niño del Terror" Posed as a professional in Necrophiliac who tricked middle-aged landladies by posing as a charming Christian drifter in search of lodging Youth gang leader who murdered taxi drivers and gay Robbed and suffocated old Assaulted men and killed them various fields to earn the trust women. Forced his first girlfriend into prostitution to fuel his love of luxury, casinos, horse racing, and expensive food to avoid arrest, dumping them in sugarcane fields of victims. Had three passports men with different names Murdered by unknown assailants after being released from prison Civil commitment Suicide Sources: SmartAdvocate

The World's 50 Most Prolific Serial Killers of All Time

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A serial killer is an individual who murders three or more people over the course of a month or more, with a "cooling-down" period between each crime. These murders are separate events, driven by the ...




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