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World War I Centenary

WORLD WAR I CENTENARY The events The German that led to AUSTRIA-HUNGARY DECLARED WAR ON SERBIA war plan for 1914 antici the war in 1914 were the pated victory in the west assacination A within siE weeks. Din of the crown- 12 prince of Austro- Hungary by a Ser bian nationalistin Sarajevo on 28 June, an Austro Hungarian oltimatum that Serbia erejected, and Russia's mobilisation in defence of Serbia which, in its turn, friggereda Cerman KOnge plans uere redrawn for a longer haul, a wor of attrition de- veloped on the west wh ere the opposing forces.of.. Germany, France, and Britain, eachbacked by large, rich, and SUCCessful economies, ground each other down with the rising force and rising losses. 1. 1 Y. attack cn France and soURCE: THE ECONOMICS OF WORLD WAR I: AN OVERVIEW Belgium; this was followed by Brithish entry into the war on the side of France: BY S. BROADBERRY & M. HARRISON levels French Dragoon & Chasseur Patrol", available under © at the Library of Congres by ArelManu

World War I Centenary

shared by AnelMann on Jul 28
A century ago on this date, July 28 1914, Austria-Hungary declared war against Serbia in response to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist.


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