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World History Timeline

A TIMELINE OF THE DESIGN: SNODGRASSDESIGN.COM OF THE WORLD Source: Atlas of Past Times by John Haywood Japan N. American C/S American Africa W. Europe Mediterrean Middle East E. Europe China India 4.4 million - Ardepithecus ramidus Lucy (Australopithecus afarenis) 350,000,000 350,000,000 2.4 million - Homo Habilus tools for cutting, not hunting Sabertooth/Mammonths/lions 1.8 million- Homo erectus 1.6 million tropical asia -Homo erectus 1,000,000 1,000,000 AGE FIRE allows colder climates BEGINS cooking/protection/harden tools Wood tools in Germany 300,000 300,000 150,000 150,000 Neanderthals Homo sapiens sapiens 100,000 100,000 Modern Humans migrate out of Africa Australia/New Guinea island hoppping 50,000 0,000 Australian rock carvings Hunter Gathers Hunter Gathers Hunter Gathers 25,000 25,000 Hunter Gathers 15,000 15,000 Bering Sea crossings 1250 S. Chili reached 10. 0 0 0 Hunter Gathers ICE SHEET RECEDE Wild Cerals Harvested-Syria/Irseal Wild Sheep Domesticated Fertile Cresent 10,000 10,000 Early Pots Farming begins Cattle Domes Rice Farming Yangtze Valley 6000 6000 Cottom Domesticated Pakistan Cottom Domesticated Pakistan Copper -Turkey (Anatolia) Copper/Gold-Balkans 4800 4800 Imrigation Plow/Sail/Potter'swheel Mesopotamia Plow/Sail/Potter'swheel 4400 4400 Villages develop 4200 4200 Developed trade Wood/stone/metal Rulers control trade & larg scale building projects Horses Domes-Russia Horses Domes Russia 4000 4000 Bronze Middle East Bronze 3800 3800 Settled Farming 3600 3600 TIGRUS & EUPHRATES RIVERS 3400 3400 Cuneiform writing - wet clay tablets Copper/Gold Spain 3200 3200 Dozens of large cities - 10,000 NILE RIVER VALLEY Copper/Gold Spain Temple storehouses Hieroglyphs in use 3100 3100 W. Europe City of Sumer Japan N. American C/S American Africa Mediterrean Middle East E. Europe China India 3000 3000 Up & Low Egypt united - King Narmer City of Sumer Rice Farming Yellow River 2920 Silkworms Domes 2900 2900 Memphis capital 2900 Stonehenge Stonehenge Early Dynastic 2800 2800 Corn Domesticated Mexico warriors riding into battle on carts pulley by donkeys Papyrus Reed writing 2700 2700 2649 Early Dynastic INDUS VALLEY PAKISTAN Indus Flood Plain Cities emerge 2600 2600 1st Pyramid King Djoser 1st Pyramid King Djoser 2500 2500 2400 1st Empire Sargon, king of Agade 2400 Sargon, king of Agade Old Kingdom Bronze from ME to SE Europe Copper trading Copper trading 2300 2300 2300 2200 2200 2134 1st Intermediate First Ziggerauts First Ziggerauts 2100 2100 2040 Animal bone writing Potatoes Domesticated Peru Bronze toos/weapons 2000 2000 2000 2000 Assyria 1900 1900 Minoan King Shamshi-Adad Minoan Shamshi-Adad 1813-1781 Middle Kingdom YELLOW RIVER BASIN Indus Valley Declines Middle Kingdom 1800 1800 written laws Hammurabi 1792-1750 Hammurabi 1766 Babylon 1700 Babylon 1700 1640 2nd Intermediate Lower Egypt conquered by Hykos. Palestine introducing bronze, horses, chariots 1532 1600 1600 1600 1st to use Iron 1595 Hittites (mtn Anatolia) sack Babylon Cattle Herding sub-Saharan Aryans migrate Shang Dynasty 1500 1500 Iron Working Turkey King TUT King TUT fullest extent 1450 Shang Dynasty Mycenaean Mycenaean 1400 1400 1400 Olmec farm maze Thebes capital Mesopotamia DARK AGES Urnfields Hungary New Kingdom Horseback 1300 1300 New Kingdom Ramses II brealites flee Egypt Ramses I| 1250 1200 1200 1180 Horseback Jews settle in Canaan 1122 Iron working 1100 1100 1070 King Saul 1020 King Saul David captures Jerusalem Aryans rice farmers 1000 Hron Working spreads to S. Europe from Middle East 1000 Assyrian society appear 2 kingdoms Israel & Judah City-States in Greece Etruscans in Italy Zhou Dynasty 900 3rd Intermediate 900 Assyria Society dominate Zhou Dynasty Hindu Assyrian Upanishads-holy text 800 800 Ist Olympics 776 Homer-lliad/Odyssey conquer Isreal Maya Olmec Homer-liad/Odysy 753 Maya Olmec 712 conquer Judea 700 700 Nubian Kings Spring & Autumn Periods 612 Ancient Greece Ancient Greece Assyrians conquer Babylon Zoroaster-lran Religion Babylon Coinage 1st Drama Play 600 600 Persians conquer Nebuchadnezzar I| Nebuchadnezzar II Buddha (563-483) Siddhartha Gautama Late Kingdom Confucius Buddha The Hanging Gardens Jews Deported-587 OLD TESTATMENT WRITTEN Confucius (551-479) 539 Late Kingdom Sparta victory Marathon Perides & Parthenon Aeschylus/Sophodes great tragedies + Democratic Athens (551-479) (563-483) 500 509-Republic Cyrus the Great conquered Vast terrority 500 Cyrus the Great PERSIAN Socrates Gauls (Celts) sack Rome Plato found Academy PERSIAN EMPIRE largest to date Mediterranean to Indus River Pak/Afgan/Ubek/Iran/Iraq/ Syria/Turkey/Egypt Persian Empire 400 Socates Plato found Academy 400 400 Warring States Periods 321 Rice Farming Iron working 300 Aristotle tutors Alex 338 Philip II of Macedon conquers Greece 332 Alex the Great King of Macedon Alex the Great 300 300 Mauryan Empire Ptolemy kings Pharos Lighthouse 1st-2nd Punic Wars Carthage Alex the Great King of Macedon 336-323 + Alex defeats PERSIAN along Middle East Cost to Egypt 331 Alex invades heartland of PERSIAN EMPIRE 272 Gauls sack all of Italy Maya Zapotec Mauryan Empire Alex the Great HELLENISTIC PERIOD - Greek culture in Mediterrean to Near East Alex the Great 202 200 Alex Successors - Macedon/Greece -under Roman 2nd c. Ptolmaic/Seleucid-under Roman 30 BC Alexander in Egypt replaces Athens as center for Greek Culture 200 185 Greece become Roman province ROMAN EMPIRE Judea founded Sakas invade India ROMAN EMPIRE 100 100 Julius Caesar Rome conquers Gaul 58 bc Kushans invade Judea comes under ROMAN RULE Cleopatra dies Ptolemaic ruler Julius Caesar 46-44 Cleopatra dies Tiberius 14 Auqustus 31 Japan N. American C/S American Africa W. Europe Mediterrean Middle East E. Europe China India Jesus 6--30 Rome conquers Britian 43 ad Jesus 6-30 Han Dynasty Trajan 115 - greatest extent Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan 150ad Han Dynasty Han Dynasty Jews dispersed - Med/MidEast 100 Pyramid of the Sun Teotihuacan 150ad 100 Kushan Saka Satavahanihar Buddism into China Kingdom of Axum Red Sea 100ad Missionaries to Asia/Greece/Rome Parthians rule - Persia/Mesopotamia Trajan 115 - greatest extent 133 Hadrian ROMAN EMPIRE Vietnam/Korean Peninsula Moche state n. Peru Germans/Celts/Balts/Slavs/Finns/Scandinavian/ 212 Roman Citizenship for all 200 Bantu language 200 220 hunters/gathers southern areas 286 ROME DIVIDED Maya Teotihuaccan 300 300 Pirates from N.Africa attack Rome 324 Constantinople named Eastern Capital Constantine the Great (306-37) Crossbow invented Constantinople new EAST CAPITAL Yamato rule Maya Teotihuaccan Crossbow invented 391-Christianity offical empires religion HUNS invade from central Asia Odoacer, German overthrows Romulus Augustulus Japs invade Korea 369 HUNS invade from central Asia Three Kingdoms Civil War 400 400 Tikal dominate city Tiahuanaco dominates Southern Andes Axum/Nubians Christian converts Byzantine Empire direct descendent of roman empire in the east. Greece, Anatolia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt - lasted until 1453 Libya/Carthage/Sicily/Serbia Bulgaria at height DARK AGES Sun Tzu (art of war) 500 DARK AGES 500 Sun Tzu (art of war) 375-700 Sasanian Persians overrun Syria, Palestine, Egypt Buddhism intro 552 Islam spreads Spain to Persia Japs expelled from Korea 562 Byzantine Empire Muhammad (570-632) Byzantine Empire Muhammad (570-632) 600 600 Muslim calander starts Heradius reigns GREEK Language Muhammad flees Mecca to Medina 618 Heraclius reigns GREEK Language Imperial Rule 646 Islam Ab N. Musima Mid Est & NA Islam-Umayyads 656 Umar/Uthma 700 700 Islam-Umayyads Kingdom of Ghana Ara kela ByantineAn te al-Ra 700 Muslim invasions 711-732 Franks strongest Division of Shities/Sunni Tang Dynasty Imperial Court 794 700-800 680 Bulgars take Bulgaria Tang Dynasty Charlemagne EMPEROR Islam-Abbasids 800 800 Islam-Abbasids rise of Fujiwara dan decline of imperial rule 858 Chimu State Trading towns on Kiev capital of Russia Charlemagne EMPEROR PERSIA east coast Vikings Islam 900 art, music, literature architecture 900 Vikings in Normandy. FR Newfoundland 907 Orthodox Christ -Russia German added Italy -powerful ruler Otto I Seljuk Turks Basel Il conquers Bulgars 960 Vikings Vikings 1000 Toltecs Seljuk seize power in Bagdad 1000 sam spread N. Africa & coastal - 12-15th c Wm Conquerer conquers England Wm Conquerer conquers England Seljuk Turks defeat Byzantine take Anatolia Sung Dynasty MIDDLE AGES Crusaders capture Jerusalem Balkans break Sung Dynasty Sung Jin Crusaders 1100 1100 Taira clan - 1156 GOTHIC Nord India conquered ns from Aghanistan Mongols 1200 Minamoto clan - 1185 Mali dominate in west Africa Great Enclosure at Great Zimbabwe Yoritomo - Shogun Muslims take Jerusalem Mongols conquer Jin Yoritomo - Shogun 1168 1200 Crusaders sack Constantinople Balkans/Greece go Latin Christians break Muslims in Spain Cuzco MONGOLS invade Persia Genghis Khan Genghis Khan Hogo clan -13th c. 1200-1300 Solomonid Dynasty Ethiopia Constantinople recaptured by Byzantines capture Beijing Kublai Khan Crussades end 1279 Incas Kublai Khan 1300 Incas MONGOLS RULE 1300 Emperor Go-Daigo overthrows shogun Mongol Army destroy Moscow sacked by Mogols Bagdad, executes last Abbasid caliph Canons used Timur's violet leader Pachacutec rapid expansion Ottoman defoats Serbs at Kosovo Balkans Aztecs Sultanate of Delhi ruled N. Inda to C. India Aztecs Congo converts Christ Columbus lands in Hispaniula 1400 1400 RENAISSANCE Gutenberg Bible Spain/Porteguese last Muslim rule in Spain Explorers Constantinople falls to Ottoman Ruler - Sultan Mehmet || lavid Dynsty Persia Onin War - rise of Daimyos-400 warlord states Fall of Granada Portugue control west coast fight on east/Muslims Pizzaro conquers Inca of PERU invaded by Spanish 1520 Christian subjects 1562 Disease decimates pop. Dutch in Brazil English in Jamaica Spain occupies TX Nomad Babur captures Kabul, Dding Dynasty Columbus lands in Hispaniula Portuguese trade post E Indie1500 1453 Cabot in NA 1500 Ming Dynasty Urbanization Ottoman Turks defeat Safavids Ottoman Empire Ottoman Turks defeat Safavids Songhais supplants Mali EURO REFORMATION Martin Luther, John Calvin Mary Qof Scots executed Spanish Armada Mughal Dynasty Martin Luther 1517 Fall of the Ashikaga shogunate Cartier-St. Lawr Tuby. Buaie, G,Sebe Mughal Dynasty Ottoman Empire 1600 1512 Sem ock Macafrikadta Ottoman take Egypt Coronado WEST Jamestown, VA- Eng. Quebec-Champlain Pilgrims-Plymoth 1620 LaSalle-MissRv. 1681 1550 Sulemanadd HngyngHAian Coant 195 - decire in VaenaHurçy BakarNA 1600 Czar of Russia - Ivan IV Fur trading. Serfdom control Akbar tolerants Hindus Aurangzeb less so. Czar of Russia - Ivan IV 1661 - Louis XIV rules France, 1644 30 yr War 1618-1648 Louis XIV rules France, Fire of England Portugal regain independence from Spain Mongolia conquered by Chinese European Scots/Brits form United Kingdom Louis XIV dies leave throne to 5yr old 1700 1700 Mughal vs Marathas (Hindu military) Persia attacked European trading companies gain power Austria/Russia win areas from Ottoman Brit Slave trade to Spanish America Brazil trans-Atlantic slave trade Peter the Great - war with Sweden to win port to Baltic Sea - names St. Petersbug captial. Improves ecomonics, but censors society AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT Ging Dynasty Qing Dynasty weak isolationist 1750 1750 French/Indian War 1776 - Dec of Independent Am.Revolution War Seven Years War French declares war on Britian 1789 FRENCH REVOLUTION 1799-Napoleon Bonaparte-Emperor Rivarly between colonizing European Nations 1st RR Eng. 1st Steam crossing of Atlantic Artistic Periods 1st Industrial Expo Wilhem I-German emperor unification of Gemany US-Iran/Saudi Soviets-Syria/Iraq Bulg/Serb/Rom freed from Ottoman Empire Triple Alliance - Ger/Aug-Hung/Italy Russia joins Brit/France - Triple Entente WORLD WAR I Catherine the Great rules Russia Catherine the Great rules Russia INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Russia gains port on Black Sea Dutch in East Indies Botanical Expedition Span/Am Wars European 1800 Washington DC - capital Great Britian take SA Napoleon Bonaparte-Emperor Thomas Jefferson 1800 Hong Kong trading partner Trail of Tears with Britian Opium Wars Zulu tribe expands Port/Dutch/Brits in trading ASIA EUROPE REORGANIZED - Brit/China Opium War Hong Kong in Brits Ottoman Empire broken up after WWI Taiping Rebellion County by Country 1824 Greece independent of Ottoman 1814 Congress of Vienna (monarchy rules) British control INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Independence Mass immigration Mex/Am War Lincoln become Pres. Brits send indentured Laborers to Carribean USSR Trade Opens Civil War brings Imperial rule vs Shoguns Ist Railroad Army/Navy developed Wins No European in interior Euro go inward Mineral Wealth - drugs for diseases Arabs- slaves to Brazil Britian/French territories Poor Treatment of locals US Stock crash/eco depression 1850 1840 Mass immigration Brazil/Agrentina ay declare war on SERBIA defends Serbie Muslims/Hindu rebel againet 1850 1860 - Lincoln President Jewish emigration to Palestine Gemany atack Belgium, Russia & France Civil War Canada self governed USA Railroad Expansion Suez Canal Opened England defend: Belgian Japan joins Brits against Germany United States Ottoman Empire joine Austrie & Geman, Kuomintang & warlords end of Czars. Bolshevik party Russia 1919 TREATY OF VERSAILLES 1900 Holocaust 1900 itory over Russia/China/Korea Pacific IslandyORLD WARS Henry Ford Model T Lose battle of MIDWAY US retake Pacific islands Vietnam/Cambodia wars Hiroshima/Nagasaki Argentina/Brazil/Chile strong southern core 1924-Stalin 1948-Israel created Lenin-civil war-Communist Givil War spreads extremist -Mussolini/Hitler Franco in Spain 36 vicotry Egypt/Jordan/Syria/lraq invade. lose Stalin Syr plan-gov farms Palestines go Gaza West Bank lerusalem/abroad WWII casualities Arab invades- creates IRON CURTAIN Stock Market Crash - Depression WORLD WAR II Japan 1938 - Hitler Chairman Mao Pakistan/India divided 1950 1950 CIVIL RIGHTS Cold War Russia - Guatemala, Chilie,Cuba 1938 - Hider takas Auntria/Czach, than Poland Darmark,Balgium France Bembing Britien kaly inN. Africn, advanca on Russin - supply lines waskan US anters, Brits dafast Itaien: & Gamens in N. Afr. US in kaly. Russis va Gar Paris liberatad Aug. 4 Hider commits suicide May 7, 1945. 20 milion Runsins, 6 mil Poles, 6 ml Gar, mil Sleva. German split up Israel takes JerjGolan/Sinai Space/Arms race with US moderdevelops bomb Kashmir in dispute n industry "Cultural Revolution "Red Guards" - no foreigners Bangladesh breaks Pak Egypt Pres Sadat assassinated TERRORISM Khrushchev relaxes Korea divided US help eco, quick recovery US/Japan/Germany leads world in electronic tech Eco-powers PLO formed Lebanon Brezhney easing China Earth Summit Brazil 2000 Iranian Revolution-US backed Shah War -Afghanistan 80-88' Iran/Iraq War Gorbachev-reduce nucs Kuwait demands Iraq payment. Saddam invades reform politial-eco sanctions weaken Iraq/nuclear coverup-terrorist supporter Soviet Union breaks up independent states struggle into free market 2000 Xiaoping slow free market reforms Tienanmen Square-demo protest Hong Kong to China from Brits WORLD ECONOMICS Silicon Valley - Apple/Microsoft/Google/Facebook COMPUTER civil wars Osama & Obama Osama & Obama China Growth Japan N. American C/S American Africa W. Europe Mediterrean Middle East E. Europe China India

World History Timeline

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Timeline showing civilization of the world from beginning of man across all continents.


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