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White House Renovations Rugs and Interior Design

PRESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN ยป A HISTORY OF THE WHITE HOUSE ELURIBUS UNUM * LOST TO HISTORY * * 1814 First constructed in 1792, sadly much of the original White House interior had to be rebuilt in 1814. All of the original furnishings were destroyed when the British invaded the US for the second time. GEORGE WASHINGTON * The only artefact to survive was this painting of George Washington which was famously saved by the then First Lady Dolly Madison. * HOW MUCH CAN A PRESIDENT CHANGE * Typically presidents are given a $100,000 UNITEDSTATVES DEAMERICA 100 IN GOD WE TRUST RENOVATION BUDGET at the start of their term to make any changes ONE HINDRED DOLLARS They can also access additional funds from the White House Historical Association if needed. * RUGS OF THE OVAL OFFICE * KENNEDY 1963 RICHARD NIXON 1971 RONALD REAGAN 1981 CLINTON 1994 BUSH 2007 OBAMA 2010 AMOUNT PAID BY PRESIDENT President Nixon's rug and President George W. Bush's sun ray design were both designed by their first ladies. $70,000 $60,000 $50,000 The Royal Blue and Gold colors chosen for President Nixon's rug was said by some critics to reflect his sense of "exulted importance". $40,000 $30,000 $20,000 President Obama's design following on from President Bush was said by some media to be "less optimistic" reflecting a mood of austerity. $10,000 $0 Reagan Bush Sr Clinton Bush Jr Obama President Obama's design features the traditional Presidential seal in the centre. Around the outside, President Obama selected five historic quotes: "THE ARC OF THE MORAL UNIVERSE IS LONG, BUT IT BENDS TOWARDS JUSTICE," Martin Luther King Jr. "GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE," President Abraham Lincoln. "THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF," President Franklin D. Roosevelt. "THE WELFARE OF EACH OF US IS "NO PROBLEM OF HUMAN DESTINY IS BEYOND HUMAN BEINGS," President John F. Kennedy. DEPENDENT FUNDAMENTALLY UPON THE WELFARE OF ALL OF US," President Theodore Roosevelt. * TIMELINE OF WHITE HOUSE RENOVATIONS * 1891 For the first time electric lighting is installed throughout the White House. As a relatively new technology, President Harrison is 1929 apprehensive about its safety and refused to personally turn on the lights for fear of electrocution. 1942 With the US drawn into World War Il following the attack on pearl harbour, President Franklin D. Roosevelt adds a concrete bomb shelter under the east wing. Following a serious fire in the West Wing which gutted the Oval Office and many of the surrounding rooms, the then president Herbert Hoover took the opportunity to make some improvements to the building layout. Following the changes Franklin Roosevelt later arranged to move the Oval Office to the 1948 Known as The Truman Renovation, incoming President Harry Truman embarked on a huge renovation project at a time when the building had fallen into a serious state of decay. Poor attempts to add modern conveniences like South East corner allowing him to leave in his wheelchair without having to pass by visitors. plumbing, heating and electricity along with some badly constructed modifications at the turn of 1961 the century led to comments that the building was only "standing by force of habit". The project took over 4 years to complete during which time the president and his family were temporarily relocated to the neighbouring Blair house which is now used for guests. President Roosevelt 1969 originally commissioned a swimming pool to be built in the West Gallery. A large mural with Caribbean scene was added in 1961 for President Kennedy who sometimes used it to race his cabinet members. 1979 As a keen bowler President Richard Nixon arranged for the installation of a bowling alley in the east wing directly beneath a World War II bomb shelter. Jimmy Carter in response to the Arab oil embargo arranges for solar panels to be fitted to the historic 2009 building. They were criticised for being unsightly and out of keeping with the historic character of the building and were removed soon after by incoming President Ronald Reagan. Barack Obama modifies the tennis court area on the South Lawn to create a full basketball court. * HISTORICAL TREASURES * Custom designed and gifted by maker Steinway Carved from the British frigate HMS Resolute RESOLUTE DESK GRAND PIANO Location: Oval Office Location: Entrance Hall Never actually slept in by Abraham Lincoln Chosen by President Obama for the Oval Office THE LINCOLN BED AVENUE IN THE RAIN Location: The Oval Office Location: The Lincoln Bedroom Sources: and politics/explainer/2008/11/the offwhite house.html Thanks to Rick Schnake of History In Ink Historical Autographs - SAN I

White House Renovations Rugs and Interior Design

shared by lesterwright on Mar 16
Our infographic shows the tremendous changes the White House has undergone through the decades; embracing new interior design styles while letting them sit comfortably next to some antique furniture t...




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