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Where History's Greatest Minds Traveled To Unwind

Aretic Cirete berla WHERE HISTORY'S GREATEST MINDS Traveled to Unwind Sea of amtachatka saru Sea eis RANCE Tripe hiatra falegag Virginia Woolf (1882 - 1941) Archduke Wilhelm of Austria Agatha Christie Lord Byron (1890 - 1976) Vacation Destination (1788 - 1824) Vacation Destination (1895 - 1948) Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Lošinj, Croatia Once a family estate, this small island is where the Archduke of the powerful Habsburg royal family spent much of his childhood. His father and family loved yachting in the area. St. Ives, Britain Mallorca, Spain Sintra, Portugal Woolf vacationed in this seaside village in Cornwall as a girl, and later based her novel To the Lighthouse on memories of family vacations here. The view of the bay and the many pine trees of Port de Pollença captured this famous writer's heart. The notorious philanderer called Sintra "a glorious Eden." ada A ESTR Ernest Hemingway (1899 - 1961) Benjamin Franklin E. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 - 1940) John Keats (1706 - 1790) Vacation Destination (1795 - 1821) Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Venice, Italy Paris, France Rome, Italy This romantic poet was a regular at the Antico Caffè Greco, along with other poets like Percy elley and Lord Byron. French Riviera, France Scenes from Across the River and into the Trees are set in the famous Harry's Bar, where Hemingway was a regular beginning in 1949. Franklin served as the United States' ambassador to King Louis XVI and won French support primarily through his own popularity. Along with his family, this celebrated American author spent time here in his 20s and later returned, specifically to Cap d'Antibes, to write his final work Tender is the Night. LE CAFE coffee Printes Co Pablo Picasso D.H. Lawrence Charlie Chaplin (1889 - 1977) Beethoven (1885 - 1930) (1770 - 1827) Vacation Destination (1881 - 1973) Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Fet Barcelona, Spain Picasso famously spent much of his time in Barcelona at a cafe called "El Quatre Cagliari, Sardinia Lawrence satisfied his home-sickness for England on Sardinia, saying he felt "A heart yearning for something I have known, and which I want back again" Teplice, Czech Republic dse Beethoven spent Lake Geneva, Switzerland As an American expatriate, Chaplin spent his twilight years in Switzerland. He enjoyed the countryside in Fribourg and Gruyères. time in this spa town nursing his health this is also where he penned one of his most famous and Gats," mingling with fellow artists. mysterious love letters. pUAL TARIATI ON. AFFINS Emperor Nero Leonardo da Vinci Tycho Brahe Mark Twain (37 - 68) (1452 - 1519) (1546 - 1601) (1835 - 1910) Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Ven, Sweden Ephesus, Turkey Naples, Italy Although many of his subjects were aghast at the prospect, the leader of the Roman Empire gave his first public theater performance in this city. It is said he preferred the theater scene in Naples most of all Amboise, France Da Vinci stayed at the Château du Clos Lucé at the behest of Francis I of France, who wanted him to design a mechanical lion. The king of Denmark gave the island of Ven over to this famous astronomer to entice him to stay in the country. For many years, it was effectively Brahe's own personal kingdom. The consummate American abroad called the ruins at Ephesus, "a world of precious relics, a wilderness of marred and mutilated gems." in his work The Innocents Abroad. Winston Churchill Otto von Bismarck Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) The Buddha (480 BCE - 400 BCE) (1874 - 1965) (1815 - 1898) Vacation Destination wal Vacation Destination Vacation Destination Vacation Destination ot Marrakesh, Morocco Hamburg, Germany Elba island, Italy Bodh Gaya, India England's bulldog of a prime minister called sunny Marrakesh, ".simply the nicest place on Earth to spend an afternoon. This German chancellor enjoyed a bit of "iron and blood" while hunting near his family's estate in Hamburg. His great- great-grandson and family continue the tradition with an annual wild boar hunt in the town of Reinbek. Although he came to Elba in exile, Napoleon retained the title of "Emperor" and oversaw many great public works projects on the island. A Mass is still said every day for his soul at the Chiesa della Misericordia. The Buddha sat underneath a fig tree, known as the Bodhi tree, here and meditated for many days until achieving enlightenment. The tree and Bodh Gaya are considered Buddhism's most holy places. Sources: | | | | | | | | www.galileo.phys.virginia.ecdu | Cant Chinal Lae iam Sea book hotels, B&Bs and apartments

Where History's Greatest Minds Traveled To Unwind

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Ever wonder where Ernest Hemingway's favorite travel destination was? What about Ludwig van Beethoven? Take a stroll through history and discover where history's greatest artists, authors, philosopher...




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