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What Happened to the L.A. River?

WHAT HAPPENED Tо THE Los Angeles holds a secret, but it's not about Hollywood scandal. In fact, the secret is that Los Angeles is home to a real river. La. Though most people couldn't even tell you where it is, the L.A. River is a bona fide watercourse, complete with wildlife and plants. So what's the story behind this river in disguise in the City of Angels - and what all-too-common incident is endangering it? RIVER? L.A. RIVER FACTS FROM THEN TO NOW The L.A.RIVER is the reason that the city is located where it is today The GABRIELINO-TONGVA TRIBE first inhabited the land near the river, hundreds of years before the arrival of the Spanish community It was once home to both GRIZZLY BEARS and WOLVES From 1938-1960, the Army Corp of Engineers headed the operations to CHANNELIZE THE RIVER for flood control, encasing the bed and banks of the river in concrete THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO ENJOY THE RIVER: GUIDED KAYAK TOURS BIKING HIKING At 51 MILES LONG, it is the LONGEST paved waterway in the world BIRD WATCHING FISHING PHOTOGRAPHY FLORA AND FAUNA ALONG THE RIVER FISH BIRDS Few native fish survived after the river's channelization, but, non-native fish, like common Carp, Largemouth Bass, and Green Sunfish, still thrive Large variety of birds, including endangered species, such as Least Bell's Viero and Willow Flycatcher PLANTS However, the beauty, wildlife, and recreational opportunities of the L.A. River are in need of protection Many flowers, trees and plants grow near and along the river, such as cottonwood trees, coastal live oak trees, and cattail ....... ............ THE FRIENDS OF THE LOS ANGELES RIVER reported an abundance of litter during their cleanups in 2010 and 2011 TOP THREE KINDS OF LITTER FOUND PER SITE, BY VOLUME GLENDALE NARROWS PLASTIC FILM 33% CLOTHES LAKE BALBOA 28% PLASTIC FILM MOLDED PLASTIC 67% 16% (Grocery Bags: 33%; All Other Bags: 17%; Tarp: 17%) CLOTHES STEELHEAD PARK 17% PLASTIC FILM PAPER 52% 16% (Grocery Bags: 32%; All Other Bags: 20%) CLOTHES 16% PAPER 8% COMPTON CREEK LONG BEACH PLASTIC FILM PLASTIC FILM 29% 30% (Grocery Bags: 19%; All Other Bags: 5%; Tarp: 5%) (Grocery Bags: 10%; All Other Bags: 10%; Tarp: 10%) CLOTHES CLOTHES -14% 10% PAPER PAPER -10% 10% AT COMPTON CREEK, STEELHEAD PARK, AND WILLOW STREET, FRITO LAY CONSUMERS WERE THE MOST COMMON NAME-BRAND LITTERBUGS! WHAT'S DOING THE MOST DAMAGE? DECOMPOSITION RATES FOR LITTER FOUND (IN YEARS) 1-5 YEARS 10-20 YEARS 40 YEARS 450 YEARS NEVER NEVER NATURAL CLOTHING PLASTIC BAG NYLON CLOTHING PLASTIC BOTTLES GLASS STYROFOAM LITTER ISN'T JUST UGLY IT'S A WIDESPREAD AND HARMFUL PROBLEM $11.5 BILLION OMOUNT THE U.S. SPENDS EACH YEAR ON LITTER CLEANUP Americans who ADMIT TO LITTERING in the past year 75% 100,000.. TURTLES AND MARINE MAMMALS LIKE DOLPHINS AND WHALES ARE KILLED AROUND THE WORLD EACH YEAR BY PLASTIC MARINE LITTER OUT OF THE ONLY 75% 30% OF SOLID WASTE THAT IS RECYCLABLE ACTUALLY GETS RECYCLED HOW CAN I HELP? SET AN EXAMPLE TO FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND STRANGERS BY NOT LITTERING PICK UP ANY LITTER YOU SEE: PEOPLE ARE MORE LIKELY TO LITTER IF THERE IS ALREADY SOME ON THE GROUND VOLUNTEER! CHECK OUT THE FRIENDS OF THE LOS ANGELES RIVER WEBSITE WWW.FOLAR.ORG FOR INFORMATION ON VOLUNTEERING AND GROUP CLEANUP EVENTS SOURCES http:/ http://sepulvedabasinwildlife. SUNLAND http://des.nh.gow/organization/divisions/water/wmb/coastal/trash/documents/marine_debris.pdf :.......:

What Happened to the L.A. River?

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The Los Angeles River is a specter of sadness these days. Most of the river banks are walled concrete that is alternately covered in Graffiti or home to vagrants. But did you know that once upon a tim...


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