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What Does Your Surname Mean?

WHAT DOES YOUR SURNAME MEAN? A cross-examination of the most popular surnames in Europe English German French Italian Spanish Abbot Abt Abbé Abate Abad The name derives from the Syriac word Abba, meaning father. The chief ruler of an abbey or for someone employed in the household of an abbot. Archer Schütze Archier Sagittario Arquero The skill of propelling arrows with the use of a bow. Baker Bäcker Boulanger Panettiere Panadero An occupational name meaning "to bake," or someone who works as the keeper of a communal kitchen in a town or village. Barber Barbier Barbier Barbiere Barbero The name of a person who cuts hair and shaves beards. A barber also practiced surgery and pulled teeth. Black Schwarz Noir Nero Negro A person who had black hair or wore black clothing, or to someone whose profession was chimney sweeping. Bowman Bohlin Beauman Arcieri Arquero A person whose skill is propelling arrows with use of a bow. Brewer Brauer Bruyere Birraio Cervecero A professional brewer of beers or ales. Brown Braun LeBrun Bruno Marrón A family member who had brown hair, brown eyes, or one who tended to dress in brown. Butcher Fleischer Boucher Pesticcio Carnicero A person who worked as a butcher or slaughterer. Butler Butler Boutilier Butler Butler A wine steward or a chief servant of a medieval household. Carter Wagner Cartier Carrettiere Carretero A transporter of goods. Cook Koch Lecuyer Cuoco Cocus A cook, a seller of cooked meats, or a keeper of an eating house. Cooper Bottcher Tonnelier Bottini Tonelero A maker of barrels. Currier Currier Currier Conciatore Currier A messenger or person who dresses tanned leather. Draper Tuchhändler Drapier Rigattiere Pañero A maker or seller of woollen cloth. Driver Fahrer Conducteur Autista Conductor A driver of horses. Dyer Färber Teinturier Tintore Tintorero A dyer of cloth. Earl Graf Comte Conte Conde In its earliest form it indicated a freeman, chief, and probably a successful warrior. Later after the Norman Invasion of 1066 it was introduced as an English rank of nobility. Falconer Falconer Fauconnier Falconiere Halconero A person who trains falcons or hawks for sport. Farmer Bauer Gagnier Agrioli Arias One who undertook the collection of taxes, revenues, and imposts. After the 17th century it was applied to those who rented land for the purpose of cultivation. Farrier Mashal Ferrier Maresciallo Farrier A name for someone worked as a shoer of horses. Their job was to keep the horses on the road and in good health. Fisher Fischer Poisson Pescatore Pescador A person who worked as a fisherman. Foreman Vorarbeiter Meneur Caposquadra Capataz A manager of a large farm or even an estate. A status name for a leader or spokesman for a group. Fowler Fowler Chasseur Uccellatore Cazador A hunter of wild birds. Gray Grau Gris Ferranti Gris An occupational name meaning "to bake," or someone who works as the keeper of a communal kitchen in a town or village. Green Grün Vert Verdi Verde A name for someone who dressed in green or who had played the part of the "Green Man" in the May Day celebrations, or a name for someone who lived near a village green. Hall Halle Salle Sala Sala A family name meaning "kind" and "forgiving," which originates from the belief that Viking Thanes were kind to those who worked within their halls. Hunter Jäger Hunter Cacciatori Cazador A person who worked as a hunter or someone who was involved in a chase. Judge Richter Juge Giudice Juez A person who was an officer of justice. King Konig Leroy Reale Reyes A name that originates from the Old English word cyning, which means "tribal leader". Knight Ritter Chevalier Cavalier Cavaliere A servant and common soldier. The more exalted sense of the word came about in the middle ages where it came to mean a tenant bound to serve his lord as a mounted soldier. Lee Gruner or Grunert Duprey Prati Vega A person who lived near a meadow or a patch of arable land. Mayor Bürgermeister Maire Sindaco Alcalde The surname orginated from the title of a Mayor derived from the Latin maior, meaning "greater" or "superior". Merchant Kaufman Marchand Mercante Tendero A buyer and seller of goods. Messenger Bote Messager Messaggero Mensajero A carrier of messages. Miller Müller Meunier Molinaro Molinero This surname is derived from the occupational name for a miller or someone that works in a mill. Page Seite Page Paggio Criado A server or personal attendant to a Lord or nobleman. Smith Schmidt Favre Ferrari Herrero A worker in metal, or also called "Blacksmith". Turner Drechsler Tourneur Tornitore Tornero A maker of objects of wood, metal, or bone by turning on a lathe. Walker Fuller Marcheur Falladori Walker An occupational name for a fuller. A Fuller or an officer whose duty consisted of walking or inspecting a certain space of forest ground. Ward Werner Geurin Guarino Vela A watchman or guard. Waters Fluten Eaux Acqua Aguas A person who lived near a body of water such as a lake or a river. White Weis Blanc Bianchi Blanco A nickname for someone with white hair or an unnaturally pale complexion. Son of the fair gillie (a man or boy who attends someone on a hunting ot fishing expedition). Wood Wald Dubois Bosco Madera The original bearer lived near a wood. Another derivation is a nickname of an eccentric or violent person. Young Jung Lejeune Lovine Garcia The younger of two bearers of the same personal name, a younger son.

What Does Your Surname Mean?

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Ever wondered what your surname would be if you were French? This infographic delves into the most common English surnames and their equivalents in French, Spanish, German and Italian.




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