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A Visual History Of Important Google Algorithm Changes

A VISUAL HISTORY OF IMPORTANT Google e ALGORITHM CHANGES Google Google Penguin 2.1 TM PageRank 2.0 2000 – GOOGLE LAUNCHED GOOGLE TOOL BAR AND PAGE RANK This was the year when Google launched the Google Tool Bar along with the launch of Page Rank bar fueling the further growth of SEO Google PageRank and the debates of webmasters. 2003 - SUPPLEMENT RESOURCES In order to increase the indexing rate, back in 2003 Google came up with supplemental indexing, which splits the indexing data for the purpose of indexing more documents. SUPPLEMENT RESOURCES Google 2005 BOURBAN UPDATE Back in 2005 Google for the first time came up with an update specifi- cally for the existing duplicate pages which were not canonicalized. This was the same year when Google for the first time allowed the webmas- ters to submit the xml sitemaps for Google webmaster. Making Sense of Rel=Canonical 2007 - INTEGRATION OF OTHER GOOGLE FEATURES IN THE SERP The traditional 10 result SERP of Google was officially dead in 2007 with Google integrating all its features like Google News, Google Videos, Google Local search and its other features in a single SERP as a result of which the SERP which came after 2007 was much different than the one before 2007 2008 - GOOGLE AUTO SUGGEST Google This was the year when many fundamental changes took place. Google changed its logo. At the same time the search box was changed too and Google Auto Suggest was launched to provide sug- gestions for the user queries in the drop down. ells like| ellis like team spirit lyries hells like team spirit hells like nirvana bells like team spirit tabs ells like nirvana lyrics blls like children Is like team spirit chords like content lyrics ke victory mascot Google Search I'm Feeling Luo 2009 – GOOGLE REAL TIME SEARCH Although this year witnessed many updates like Caffine update, re cannonical tag update but the show stealer was the real time feed update. Google kolinited bout 16,800 results (0.30 seconds) SOCIAL SIGNALS - 2010 Back in 2010, Google and Bing indicated that they use the social sig- nals to determine the ranks. In fact tweets, likes and +1s play an im- Soogle portant role in determining the ranks Social SIGNALS GOOGLE SEARCH REFINEMENT – 2011 In 2011 Google chalked out a new pack SERP targeting and removing all the parked domains, scrapper sites and bringing in more refined results Google GOOGLE 2012 - UPDATES Google This is the year which can be well regarded as the changing dimension in the history of Google. The reason being for the years to come next, Google changed for ever. To begin with Penguin update, one of the most dreaded algorithmic update was launched on 24th April 2012. It was complemented with the release of panda update and exact match domain updates. Soon to follow them were the Venice update, 5 pack results and many more to rock the world of Google entirely in 2012 AUTHORSHIP UPDATE 2013 As it was already being discussed in the internet world, that the next target on the radar of Google is - Authorship. And yes Google exactly did that. In 2013, an update was rolled out and due to that 10% to 14 % au- KGoogle Authorship? What is thorship disapperaed from Google's SERP. This happened due to Google's even more stringent behaviour with regards to Authorship Mark up. 2014 - WELCOME TO NEW GOOGLE And Finally the long speculation of Google planning to change its SERP layout is over and yes Google has changed its SERP layout. This is one of the biggest changes google has introduced in year 2014. Let us all keep our fingers crossed and hope, Google brings some up- Google dates to benefit all the deserving websites. Brought to you by KOL KOL Limited is an Ecommerce solutions & a digital marketing Company. The Online Marketing team at at KOL limited specialize in the various marketing, positioning & branding activities. This is one of the valuable info-graphics shared by the company. Limited ** ** **

A Visual History Of Important Google Algorithm Changes

shared by kollimited on Apr 07
With this infograph we are sharing some of the vital changes made by Google in its Algorithm and SERP layout over a decade. Why not go through few important changes which took place in the past and ...


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