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VELCRO: Interesting Facts & The History Of

000 VELCRO THE INVENTION THAT HAS STUCK A Brief History... Swiss Electrical Engineer, George de Mestral, invented the hook and loop fastener (VELCRO). The idea came to George in 1948 whilst walking his dog, as he noticed that they were both covered in burrs. From the conclusions that he came to after examining the burr under a microscope, Mestral decided to make a fastener that had similar rough hooks on one side and loops on the other. He used a combination of the words velour and crochet to name his invention, and Velcro was born. INTERESTING FACTS Astronauts have a small patch of VELCRO inside their helmet, in case they get an itchy nose! During the first ever heart surgery procedure, they used VELCRO to hold the human heart together. NASA Space Shuttles contain 10,000 inches of special Velcro made of Teflon loops, polyester hooks, and glass backing. It's also used extensively in army tanks to hold flashlights to walls. It's an integral part of the popular sport, Tag Rugby. Without VELCRO making up surfboard leaches, the surfer would be left to drift away. A policemans body armour is held in place by hefty, hidden Velcro straps for added security. Sources : Created by. MPD HOOK &LO OP

VELCRO: Interesting Facts & The History Of

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It's a question that many of us stop and ask; when was VELCRO invented and who invented it? Firstly, VELCRO is not the name of the actual material, it was actually created and named as a hook and loop...


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