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Valentines Day Shopping

LAZADA •COM•PH LOVE VALENTINE'S DEALS LIKE LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY Origin of Valentine's Day Every year, people around the world celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14, a day dedicated to celebrating love. In the Philippines it is called "Araw ng mga Puso" or Hearts' Day. But how and where did this romantic holiday come from? The origin of Valentine's day is still unclear. The most popular story behind the celebration is its connection to St. Valentine of Rome, whose feast day we celebrate on the 14th of February, a priest in the 3rd century AD who wedded soldiers that were forbidden to marry. During the 18th century when courtly love blossomed, this day was assossiated with romantic love It was a time when lovers showed their love and affection by giving flowers, and sweet confectioners. This tradition is where we based our notion of showering our loved ones with presents during this day. Did you know? Aside from the heart, the rose, and Cupid, one of the more popular symbols of Valentines Day is the greeting card. About 1 billion cards are exchanged by people each year. This is also the only other season when cards become very popular; the other one being Christmas. 10 Billion Cards each year Valentines Day is of the most commercialized holidays in the world. In fact, the E-Commerce industry often get their highest selling rates due to the idea of people buying gifts online, and sending them to often quoted as one their special someone Vitenines Day People's beliefs Hearts and Arrows An arrow piercing a heart means the person is ready to take the risk of rejection and the feeling of being hurt. Thus, it symbolizes person's vulnerability of being in love. Cupids The one to blame. It is said that when you got shot by a Cupid's arrow, you will fall in love with the person you first see. His arrow is invisible and you won't notice it until you just fell in love. Roses Poets and people who are romantic at heart take roses a serious symbol of beauty, passion, and love. Sending this flower is like saying you love the person. Valentine's Tradition through the years Before Valentine's Day started to become commonly celebrated around the 17th century in Great Britain. Friends and family exchanged tokens of affection or handwritten letters 17th Century Tokens of affection or handwritten letters were replaced by printed cards by the 1900s because of the advancement of technology 1900s In the 1840s in America, Esther Howland sold mass-produced valentines, making her the "Mother of the Valentine". These were intricate creations with 1840s lace, ribbons, and pictures Families dine out or have a special family dinner Kids are asked to draw Some schools schedule or create cards for their their Candle and Today Garland or Junior and parents. Seniors Promenade on Valentine's Day Couples tend to prepare gifts for their special someone. Modern gifts include couple shirts, watches, and mugs. Barkadas tend to go on a night out to celebrate their being single. Valentine's Shopping Habits As you have already guessed, majority of the money being spent on Valentine's Day is being spent on jewelry, flowers and clothing but here is the actual dollar amount that was spent on the top gifts in 2014. 58ibs MILLION of chocolate will be purchased during the week of Valentine's Day nearly 36pcs 58% MILLION of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate purchased for Valentine's Day of the Philippine population celebrates valentine's Day Gifts Most Often Given on Valentines Day (Allowing for multiple gifts given) Candy 47.5% Flowers 34.3% Cards 52.1% Jewelry 17.3% Dining Eating Out 34.6% Clothing 14.4% Other Gifts 11.2% Lazada Valentine's Shoppers last 2015 55% 45% Women VS Men 55% of the transactions last 2015 were made by women; 45% were of men LAZADA .COM•PH

Valentines Day Shopping

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Valentine's Day in Philippines - Facts, Traditions & Shopping Habits.


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