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Ulysses' Dublin

A D Jaunty Dublin BLOOMSDAY AT THE BAILEY Bringing oloomsday to Lifel TIME #JAUNTYDUBS 1 PATH WALKING AM VEHICLE PM DREAMING FLOATING ROUTE EPISODES ORGAN COLOUR SYMBOL ART ΤECHNΙC ΤELEMACHUS Narrative (young) HEIR THEOLOGY NESTOR Catechism (personal) HORSE HISTORY PROTEUS Monologue (male) TIDE PHILOLOGY CALYPSO Narrative (mature) 2 KIDNEY NYMPH ECONOMICS LOTUS EATERS Narcissism GENITALS EUCHARIST CHEMISTRY BERNARD. KIERNAN. HADES Incubism IMPORTER LICENSED SPIRIT DEALER HEART CARETAKER RELIGION AEOLUS Enthymemic LUNGS EDITOR RHETORIC LESTRYGONIANS Peristaltic OESOPHAGUS CONSTABLES ARCHITECTURE SCYLLA AND CHARYBDIS Dialectic THE IRISH TIMES BRAIN STRATFORD LITERATURE WANDERING ROCKS Labyrinth BLOOD CITIZENS MECHANICS SIRENS Fuga per canопет EAR BARMAIDS MUSIC CYCLOPS Gigantism MUSCLE FENIAN POLITICS NAUSICAA Tumescence/detumescence EYE, NOSE VIRGIN PAINTING ΟΧΕΝ OF THE SUN Embryonic development 00 00 Do0 WOMB MOTHERS MEDICINE Saug Begner CIRCE Hallucination 21 21 WHORE 3. LOCOMOTOR MAGIC EUMAEUS Narrative (old) NERVES SAILORS NAVIGATION O O0 ITHACA Catechism (impersonal) SKELETON COMETS SCIENCE PENELOPE Monologue (female) FLESH EARTH STREET INDEX Grid Street АЗ James's Street B2 Abbey Street В1 Eccles Street A2 Michan's Park C1 Portland Row B3 Kildare Street Essex Bridge* Finglas Road C2 Amiens Street ВЗ ВЗ Molesworth Street B2 Prince's Street A2 King Street North Montgomery Street* Mountjoy Square B2 Bachelor's Walk А1 C2 D3 Ringsend Road B3 Bedford Row ВЗ Fleet Street C4 Lansdowne Road В1 B2 Sackville Street* D3 Leahy's Terrace B2 Beresford Place В1 Gardiner Street B3 Nassau Street C2 Sir John Rogerson's Quay C3 Leinster Lane 4. A2 Brunswick Street C2 George's Quay Glasnevin Cemetery В1 Nelson Street C3 South Cumberland Street 4 C3 Lime Street Butt Bridge Capel Street Newbridge Avenue North Circular Road B2 A1 D3 B1 St Joseph's Parade C3 Lincoln Place B2 ВЗ Grafton Street C2 Е4 Strand Road А2 Linenhall Barracks Northumberland Road O'Connell Bridge Ormond Quay А2 Church Street C3 Great Brunswick Street* С4 D3 Strasburg Terrace C3 Clare Street B1 Great Charles Street D3 London Bridge Road B2 B2 Talbot Street B3 Lord Edward Street 田 日 ВЗ D'Olier Street B2 Green Street В2 АЗ Thomas Street C3 Lower Mount Street Pyrrhus Parliament Street Parnell Square B3 Dame Street B2 Ha'penny Bridge B3 АЗ Watling Street C1 Malahide Road F4 Dalkey Avenue А2 Hardwicke Place В2 B3 Westmoreland Street ВЗ Dawson Street C3 Holles Street B2 Mary's Abbey C3 Pearse Street C3 Westland Row В1 Dorset Street E1 Howth Head B3 Merchant's Arch A1 Phibsboro Road ВЗ Wicklow Street B3 Duke Street C1 Howth Road C3 Merrion Square А2 Phoenix Park C3 Windmill Lane *name since changed A Sources: James Joyce Ulysses; Gilbert Schema for Ulysses ©2013 Infographic designed by @asdataviz AM A OO O .. %3D 3,

Ulysses' Dublin

shared by AimeeNatives on Aug 24
A visualisation of James Joyce's Ulysses. An animated narrative was overlaid onto a map of the city as described in the novel. Included was a visualisation of the Gilbert schema which Joyce wrote to h...




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