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Twenty Largest Marches

Metrorail System Son National Par Service Visitor Services Tournoble Naet ue u beten se 2formation etment Sovenr hop Visitors to Washington should note exact addresses. The city is divided into quadrants formed by the intersection-at the U.S. Capi tol-of North Capitol Street, South Capital Street, East Capitol Street, and the National Mal. For example, an address with SW after the street name means the street is south of the Mall and west of South Capitol Street. Addresses on lettered and numbered streets can occur in all four quadrants, distinguished only by NE, Nw, SE, or SW. K ing rink Tennis court n So coune Sermoe e Temoble e unent Help keep the National Mall cean place trah in receptades. GEORGETOWN GIO CAN WISTON 100 people 2,500 people Narh A traditional way to show your support for a cause is to gather in the nations capitol and march as a form of -) demonstration. This map shows the largest twenty marches from overothe past fifty years. Táke the oppäCOty to look out accross the mall today and imagine how full the mall would be aoun . KENEDY CENTER Geh historical march in history. CHINATOWN r in Seer TIMHT Whte Heuse THE WHITE yousE FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS ISLAN UNION STATION PLAZA ROSSLYN US. SUPREME COURT U.S. LIncOLN MEMOIAL WAM Cor National A few Peen Saer Nheen Cai WEST POTOMAC PARK TIDAL Days and Hours Open- Many of the es are dosed on BASIN FRANKLIN DELANO R9OSEVELT MEMORIAL Pae Thanksgiving December 25, nd January 1. Also, sites may be dosed for rene LADYRD JOHNSON PARK wilem i THOMAS 20 ARGEST MARCHES 200,000 250,000 JEFFERSON MEMORIAL '400,000 600,000 Son or tours may be temporily npended OCTOBER 11, 2009 NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH AUGUST 28 1963 MARCH ON WASHINGTON FÖR JOBS & FREEDOM SEPTEMBER 2, 2000 NOVEMBER 15. 1969 Daly hous vary seasonally Pan ahead-ahwan check before you THECALL DC NATIONAL MOBILIZATION COMMITTEE TO END THE 100,000 OCTOBER 16, 199s Ntional a MILLION MAN MARCH WAR IN VIETNAM Vist a sita OCTQBER 26 2002ATIONAL CEMETERY PRÒTESTS AGAINST THE IRAQ WAR MARCH 21, 2010 Vdated park in MARCH FOR AMERICA formation on ra DECEMBER 1987 do 1470 AM FREEDOM SUNDAY 500,000 1,000,000 OCTOBER 15, 1969, MORATORIUM TO END RALLY ON BEHALF THE WAR IN VIETNAM OF SOVIET JEWRY Tourmobile The Tourmobile APRIL'99 PARK APRIL 23a National Park Senvice conce sioner, offers in terpretive tours w MARCH FOR US Cap MARCH ON MARCH 9, 197g Find these s ARCH FOR THEtes on map directANUARY 18.2003 EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT Find these sites on map direciWOMEN'S L IVESse stes on map direWASHINGTON-FOR on map directly above. of the Nabon Mal area Fred evid Dougla MAP above National Horikto find Se, Mount Ver Find these sites on map directly above. An Aneican C Memorid ver S t LESBIAN, GAY & BI aM Oe and Poto Conpren Galeryf M 0 h W 260,000 and Penyana A May M ee OcTOPER2 1987s n ay Coed o Sam daly Cod Center Capitol M y8.30am to 430 pm Loy few minutes Hours vary fconsble 200-221s-427 Wahington Mununent 1Sh NWand More information Con in daigt hon Ope Monda, dende ides Sat ANTI-WAR place on the A Mart at the top and unday 0 am to S pm Coed on 1700 Mary Md lehune Cun e vemnt s NW Mondede December 25 ary t Energend Plce 1 us har Plice tidkets non, and Arling ton National Cem 25 203 520 2ND NATIONAL.MARCH EQUAL RIGHTS & Center 2 Gover N W DEMONSTRATION Monday-Sat SEPTEMBER9:498 de 10 am to 4 pm Groups by reser etery y ticketsofa panel at any tour sop d read verie Conce Gerge W tf Su 0C ww erier Mum Main intr ding 1CS NW Mon dey riday n t pm ut Satundays and 473-2402 Ave M Monday Fridey am to 430 p Cosed federal holidays Aceble MS National Captal Region 20241211 ige Sanpe Ly 201 tat Cap Offce 200415-7222 to St SE Mondar-Serey 10 am owww..gohoo 5pm Oosed federl holidas Theodon Coe e or a e 200 4 SOLIDARITY DAYd ON WASHINGTON FOR LIBERATION netional holidays from 2 to pmin Nrionl by in advancednun May and September and t pm in from Ticetmaster fd the Ane and Augat 0-22500 (Gounds open daly at on hed evet Me Fopen in summer am 1amt4 p 530 pm. mber 25 202433-s000 h100 Penny rinformation on pub Public Afain and rn Depaent p Oo Pe LESBIAN & GAY RIGHTS MARCH AFL-CIO 202-357-5000 215,000 S y te en taren 1,100,000 at www.iet Aingn National Cemtry Arington Nininter w, via Arington Menorial roge Detiet evertst perks and in Whington, DC real 200419 PK 24400 0d ane o STM Street AW Weddayundey 10 a t4 pm Ranger led taks and gro tounaal e 20 u a So Key Memoal South ofM Park anger ian Sundey 11 an tSam 20212-2448 h thee Natan tr S OI M Cal fo or cal 202-4. Tidets indude w er holden 200208-4743 Carttion Gardes ar Constitution December 25. Call about tiet and 150,000 Cuded Modeiday OCTOBER30,2010 leteen f7 and programs daly 10 am to 11 pm ect ktoun and nents 202-454-7041 December 25 203 yrday anto w va Ca 40 Pe ARRU 241971gan Ly of Cong ht and fet Cap aain the MAY 16, 1992 con W. Daily 730 a t Cosed Tharksgving Decenber 25 ecopt and ianuary 1222061631. 1300 Penyania reer Galers Saler Gellery Arican ste hit hall 20 000 Fredric Dole etonal Hatrs S unlimited re RALLY TO RESTORE 300,000 Updated Parkarmation Radio on 0 AM Metobus y Shedles 20437000 Selers Ad Senie boanding For hequipped tou vehice service call VIETNAM WAR OUT APAIL 25, 2004 dnd Vean 25202426- vieum and Sou h and Wwen S vie Anae MARCH FOR SAVE OUR CITIES! SAVE SANITY AND/OR FEAR OUR CHILDREN! December 25 200 233-3520 JANUARY 22, 1974 in Rond Reagan ulding NOWdly ato 200 23 20 Mrd e et erato s p winter am to 4 pm 202426-160 wlmmety M ort 22371-1 -S-1127 cember 066OC 5 FUN Aemorial Pky n Lady nd ihson Park MARCH FOR LIFE Ce yana Ae M Mundayfriday 30 am to 5 pm Cod Mondan Noventer february WOMEN'S LIVES ber 2233- meble 202-554 f25 202-413-1000 000'0OL'L 000'000 o00 00$ 632,500 CHANNEL g00'00s 000'00t 000 00t 000'097 o00'osz p00'SLZ ö00'007 000'00L # 150,000 отомас Seeing the Nation's Capital

Twenty Largest Marches

shared by robmcconnell on Feb 19
This data visualization shows the 20 largest marches in the National Mall. It is Screenprinted over the Nation's Capitol National Park Service Map. I like the idea of highjacking a piece of visual inf...


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