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Toughest Special Forces in History

* *** ★ ★ ★ ★★ New Heights The Logo C° BRIGADE OF GURKHAS SAYERER ISRAELI SPECIAL FORCES Israel's special forces, consist of elite commando, counterterrorist, antiterrorist and recon units. They form the pre-emptive first line of defense for the Jewish state and have unit names 1960 The Brigade of Gurkhas are Nepalese fighting units of the British Army. They have been a part of the British military since 1815, when Gurkha soldiers were encouraged to join the East India Company's army to help "keep the peace" in newly conquered India. They have fought in the Falk- lands War, the Gulf War, with NATO, in Iraq and in Afghanistan, and they've been on U.N. peacekeeping missions to Bosnia. To this day, no proper Gurkha soldier is without his age-old kukri, a curved dagger that these martial people have wielded for gen- erations. like Batmen, Winged Snakes and Flying Tigers. The covert forces have participated in daring, clandestine operations. US NAVY SEALS FORCES SRAELSPECIAL Navy SEALS are among the best-trained troops in the world and have been pulling off death-defying missions since the 60s. The SEALS (Sea, Air and Land) were created in 1961 as President John F. Kennedy recog- 1950 THE KNIGHTS HOSPITALLER nized the need for unconventional warfare in The Knights Hospitaller were monks who packed a punch, and the black and silver cross on the knights' shields has come to represent in the minds of most the iconic image of a metal-clad Crusader. For years, the Knights Hospitaller led the line in battles over minikingdoms and towering fortresses in the Holy Land. In 1565, an Ottoman army attempted to invade and seize the isle, but the Knights were victorious. The win punctured the aura of invincibility that many in Europe had ascribed to the mighty Ottomans and forever sealed the Knights Hospitallers' legend. 1940 the escalating conflict in Vietnam. SEALS have operated in every major conflict arena and were responsible for the 2011 operation that killed Osama bin Laden. 1948 SOVIET SPETSNATZO ATNTEPPOR 1300 1815 HTHTEPPO MARDHOTO THE HASHISHIN NALYSEALS IMBAL One of the earliest special forces groups began in the 12th century. The Hashishin army was a BOMCKA 1100 middle eastern Shi'ite Ismaili sect that needed a CHEUHA3 political and martial voice during the Crusades. Founded by Hassan-i-Sabah, the Hashishin skills with a scimitar was unmatched and their skill in 1099 SPECIAL FORCE the art of stealth would lead to many murders of political opponents throughout the decades. 1000 SPECIAL AIR SERVICE 500 BC 1st US Special The Special Air Service (SAS) was first formed in the sands of Libya in the early 1940s. This branch of the British military was designed to pen- etrate and operate behind enemy lines in North Africa, and it suc- ceeded. The SAS destroyed hundreds of Nazi planes and freed countless Allied prisoners. It is now most often sent to conflict zones, including in Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, to rescue hostages or seize enemies. The SAS motto, "Who Dares Wins," has even become a part of British popular culture. 3rd US 5th US 6th US 7th US Special Special Special Special Forces Forces Forces Group Group Forces Forces Group Group Group VARANGIA NS GUARD 8th 10th 11th 12th 19th Group WHO WINS DARES Group Group Group Group The Varangians, thought to be the descendants of early Viking THE IMMORTALS voyagers, hailed from present-day Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. Their fierce prowess in battle led Varan- gian mercenaries to end up in some of the most powerful armies of the Mediterranean world. For The Immortals were special forces army that was part of the Persian empire. With over 10,000 soldiers, were all from the empire's central Persian provinces. Green Beret Special Forces Group Airborne Special Forces Group SPECIAL FORCES AIRBORNE The Immortals centuries, the Varangians would rank among the empire's greatest shock troops, clad , in heavy armor and often wielding large axes. Eventually, the guard, much like -the elite Praetorian two Garbed in colorful raiment that concealed their scale armor, the Immortals were adept with both bow and blade and were honored so JAGUAR WARRIORS OEPRESSO Guard of the earlier Roman empire, faded out with the decline of the In Aztec culture, the Jaguar Warriors were society's knights. Sure, they didn't have horses or shiny suits of armor, but they did often wear the sable skin of the highly that they were per- Byzantines. mitted to travel with their THE GREEN BERETS AND US SPECIAL FORCES own exclusive retinue of cooks and concubines. sleek and beguiling prędator, their heads poking out of jaguars' gaping maws. Instead of swords and lances, these fighters often used axes or clubs studded with The Green Berets are the U.S. Army's most elite special forces. They specialize in counterinsurgency and have been instrumental in combating a variety . of enemies. They are skilled in languages, culture, diplomacy, politics and psychological tactics like spreading false information. Their motto, "De Oppresso Liber" ("to free the oppressed"), is no small task, but they are well trained for the job. shards of black obsidian (jagged volcanic rock). * ** * * * * ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ * ★ * * ★ SPECIAL FORCES шВО TOUGHEST HISTORY IN FORCES Taking Design To LIBER

Toughest Special Forces in History

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