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A Timeline of the Federal Legality of 12 Drugs in the United States

ILLEGAL DRUGS: A TIMELINE A Short History of the Federal Legality of 12 Drugs in the United States KEY When drug was developed The drug Registry required Federal ban Federal ban Federal must be except for medical with other ban accurately labeled exceptions uses Heroin Morphine Cannabis MDMA Fentanyl Opium Methamphetamine SS 1870 1874 Heroin is first developed. 1875 The first-ever drug control law in the U.S. is passed as a city ordinance in San Francisco to stop opium dens. 1880 1890 1900 1906 The Pure Food and Drug Act states that some drugs must be accurately labeled with their contents and dosage. 1909 The Smoking Opium Exclusion Act bans possession, importation, and use of opium for smoking. 1912 1910 MDMA is developed. 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act 1919 Methamphetamine hydrochloride is synthesized. 1920 1920 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 1924 Anti-Heroin Act 1930 1930] The Federal Bureau of Narcotics is created. 1933 21st Amendment (repeal of the 18th Amendment) 1938 LSD is synthesized in a lab. 1937 The Marihuana Tax Act creates an excise tax on marijuana distribution and possession. This "Catch-22" law makes marijuana effectively illegal save for medical and industrial uses. 1940 1950! 1951 The Boggs Act imposes criminal penalties for violations and establishes mandatory minimum sentences. 1956 The Narcotic Control Act, also known as the Daniel Act, 1960 increases penalties. Fentanyl is made in a lab. 1960 1965 An amendment to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act intends to regulate “the possession, manufacture, or sale of depressant, stimulant, and hallucinogenic drugs," but the specific hallucinogenic drugs aren't listed. 1969 19700 60 000 In Leary v. United States, the Supreme Court rules 1970 Controlled Substances Act that the Marihuana Tax Act violates the Fifth 1971 Amendment. President Richard Nixon coins the term "War on Drugs." 1973 The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is established. 1978 The American Indian Religious Freedom Act 1980 allows for non-drug uses of peyote and mescaline in religious ceremonies. 1985 The DEA declares an emergency ban on MDMA. 1986 The Anti-Drug Abuse Act changes the system of supervised release from a rehabilitative system to a punitive one. 1990 1990 The Supreme Court rules that the state of Oregon can ban the use of mescaline in Native American ceremonies. 1993 The Religious 1994 Freedom Restoration An amendment Act allows peyote to the American once again. Indian Religious Freedom Act 1997 The Supreme protects the possession, consumption, Court rules that 1998 The federal government commissions a first-ever study of drug policy by the National Research Council. the Religious and culitivation Freedom Restoration Act is of peyote as a 2000! part of bona fide religious unconstitutional 2001 when applied against states. The official data for the study is published. The NRC calls the fact that the government did not study its own policies ceremonies. “unconscionable." 2010 2011 2012 Colorado and Washington legalize marijuana. The American Civil Liberties Union argues that sentencing for MDMA/Ecstasy is based on outdated science. 2014 Alaska, Minnesota, and Oregon legalize marijuana. 2016 California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Maine legalize recreational marijuana. 2018 The federal farm bill 2019 legalizes low-THC hemp. Several U.S. cities, 2020 As of this year: including Denver and Oakland, decriminalize 1 in 5 psilocybin. 45.2% THEWEEDBLOG 74,011 рeople MARIJUANA NEWS AND INFORMATION 451,000 people incarcerated people of inmates held by Sources: are in prison for drug offenses. the Federal Bureau of Prisons are in for drug offenses. Cocaine Alcohol LSD Peyote/ Mescaline Psilocybin

A Timeline of the Federal Legality of 12 Drugs in the United States

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This timeline shows the bizarre history of drug use and legality in the United States. Government regulation of drugs did not begin until 1875, when the U.S. passed a city ordinance in San Francisco t...




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