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Technological Advancements in Cosmetic Surgery

Technological Advancements in Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery in the Ancient World Egypt 1500BC Smyth Papyrus: An ancient medical text explains how to correct nasal Smyth Papyrus fractures. 1. Remove clots from nostrils Reposition bony fragments 2. 3. Apply two stiff rolls of linen to hold the nose 4. Place two plugs of linen saturated with grease in the nostrils The 3,300 year old bust of Nefertiti was modified to straighten her nose and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. India 600BC Nose reconstruction becomes a pressing issue, as adulterers, thieves and prisoners of war have their noses cut off to shame them. Written in 60OBC, the Sushruta Samhita describes how to reconstruct the nose using skin taken from the cheek. Variations of this technique are used for centuries to come, with skin from the forehead and arm also being used. Rome 30AD Aulus Cornelius Celsus writes De Medicina, a medical text that remains relevant for centuries. In the text Celsus describes how a cleft lip can be reconstructed. The Romans use opium capsules and alcohol as pain relief, and have access to the primitive forms of many tools that are still used today. The Renaissance and the Spread of Knowledge 1450 Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press in Germany, allowing ideas and information to be shared quickly and affordably. The first printed textbook on surgery is the 13th century text La Ciroxia (On Surgery) by William of Saliceto, which encourages the use of the surgical knife to replace cauterization, greatly reducing the risk of infections. 1490 Leonardo da Vinci draws the Viruvian Man. Along with other Renaissance artists, da Vinci greatly aids the understanding of anatomy by performing dissections and illustrating the human body to a level of detail that had never been achieved before. 1590 Frenchman Abroise Paré dies at the age of 80. Among his achievements was his invention of an obturator (a type of prosthetic) for repairing cleft palates and developing a technique for minimising scars by stitching adhesive on the outside of wound margins. 1597 Gasparo Tagliacozzi, considered by many as the founder of plastic surgery, publishes On the Surgery of Injuries by Grafting in Italy. The influential text systematized procedures including nasal reconstruction. The Origins of Cosmetic Surgery 1881 Edward Ely performs a pinnaplasty in New York. It is widely considered to be the first purely cosmetic procedure. Mid-19th Century Johann Friedrich Dieffenbach is one of the first surgeons to anaesthetize his patients before a rhinoplasty operation. Meanwhile, Jacques Joseph's codification of the technique is still used to this day with only minor changes. The Creation of Professional Societies - Throughout the 20th century societies were formed around the world to promote excellence amongst cosmetic surgeons and educate the public about the risks and benefits of surgery. 1946 – The society now known as the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) is formed. 1962 The first breast augmentation using a silicone prosthesis implant is performed by Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin Timmie Jean, taking her from a B to a C cup. Since the 1960s improvements to breast implant surgery have included 3D-imaging and the creation of higher quality implants that are less likely to leak. Throughout the 1950s surgeons attempted to use a number of materials for breast implants, including cartilage, wood and glass. 1974 While the roots of liposuction can be traced back to the 1920s, Giorgio and Arpad Fischer are considered to have invented modern liposuction in 1974. 1979 – British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is formed. BAAPS What Does The Future Look Like? Breast Implants Global Market Worth Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Performed Worldwide 1000- 2010 2013 2016 800 (Assuming similar growth over a three year period) 600 - 400 200 € Billion 2012 2013 2014* 2018* Breast Breast Lipoplasty 1.29 million Augmentation 1.77 million Augmentation 2.55 million *forecast by IMCAS "The use of fat is going to become increasingly important as one of the many options in aesthetic breast surgery." - MyBreast Breast Augmentation 1.26 million Lipoplasty 1.6 million Lipoplasty 1.98 million Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Performed in the USA 2030* Nose Surgery 560,000 Nose Surgery 950,000 Nose Surgery 1.61 million 2012 1.69 million 3.85 million *forecast by Broer, Levine and Juran Facelift Facelift Facelift 580,000 930,000 Most Popular Procedures in the USA in 2030* 360,000 1st Breast Augmentation 2nd Lipoplasty Ear Surgery 190,000 Ear Surgery 390,000 Ear Surgery 800,000 O 3rd Eyelid Surgery *forecast by Broer, Levine and Juran Sources 'History of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery,' Riccardo F. Mazzola and Isabella C. Mazzola in. Plastic Surgery: Principles (1990) 'Plastic surgery: quo vadis? Current trends and future projections of aesthetic plastic surgical procedures in the United States', Broer, Levine and Juran in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (2014) O MyBreast

Technological Advancements in Cosmetic Surgery

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Discover the people, places and scientific breakthroughs that helped shape cosmetic surgery as we know it today.



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