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Tattoos: Making a Permanent Mark on the World

Tattoos Making a Permanent Mark on the World TATTOOS IN THE ANCIENT WORLD The Iceman is carbon-dated at around GERMANY THE ICEMAN DISCOVERY SITE OF ICEMAN 5,200 years old. SLIECH. SWITZERLAND AUSTRIA P Bressarone The earliest known example of tattoos is the Iceman, discovered on the Italian-Austrian border in Bolzano Valle Isarco EMilan ITALY PRESSURE MARKS 1991. O mi NOT TATTOOS) o km ТАГТОOS CO-LOCATED WITH OSTEOCHONDROSS AND SPONDYLOSIS Iceman's tattoos consist of dots AREA A DAMAGED DURING EXCAVATION and small crosses on his lower spine, right knee and ankle joints. These locations correspond to areas of strain-induced degeneration and may have been applied as therapy to alleviate joint pain. TATTOOS AT JOINTS WITH WEAR AND TEAR ON LEFT CALF EGYPTIAN TATTOOS Evidence suggests that Egyptian tattooing was Dating back to 2000 B.C., Egyptian tattoos were considered to be the predominantly for females. Tattoos were usually distributed around the oldest examples of tattoos before the discovery of abdomen, on top of the thighs and breasts. the Iceman. Tattoos may have been used to ward off sexually transmitted diseases. Net-like dots were applied on the Abdomen, which would expand during pregnancy creating an amulet of safety. Bes was the protector of women in labor and a common thigh tattoo. THE SCYTHIAN PAZYRYK 1948 1993 A 2,400 year old frozen body of a Scythian male was discovered in Siberia. A Scythian woman with tattooed mythical creatures on her shoulders, wrists and thumb, was found in a tomb in Altai. His limbs and torso were covered in ornate tattoos of mythical animals. TATTOOING TOOLS; OLD AND NEW 19th Century 3000 B.C. 1450 B.C. Several needles tied are together. A sharp point set in a Small bronze instruments The ink is a mix of soot or oil and wooden handle resembling wide, flattened needles breast milk of a woman. The machine moves a solid CURRENTLY needle up and down to puncture the skin. Today's tattoo machine has remained relatively unchanged since the 1800's: an electronically powered machine resembling a dental drill which injects ink into the skin. The needle penetrates the skin by about a millimeter deep, depositing a drop of ink into the skin with each puncture. 50 - 3,000 punctures per minute TATTOOS TODAY THE EYEBALL TATTOO David Boltjes was the first to let his prison mate stab him in the eye with this unconventional, untested tattoo method. The tattoos change the color of the sclera. TOOTH TATTOOS Steve Heward and his team of The price is anywhere from artists/technicians, Heward Dental Labs, paint minute works of art onto dental crowns $75 - $200 USD. Americans spend Percentage of US ages 18-25 36% $1.65 BILLION adults with at least ages 26-40 40% one tattoO on tattoos per year. 45 MILLION Average cost of a tattoo ranges from Americans have at least one tattoo. $45 (small) $150/hour (large) There are 21,000 tattoo parlors in the US. to 32% 11% 43% consider personal meaning to be the most important factor. 29% 11% say their tattoos make them feel rebellious. have had a tatto0 say tattoos make them feel sexier. of Americans claim to be addicted to ink. removed. BESTHEALTHSCIENCEDEGREE.COM Sources:á.htm DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Tattoos: Making a Permanent Mark on the World

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This infographic provides a deeper look into the history of tattoos and other interesting facts about body art.


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