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Sturmgewehr 44 (StG-44) History

STG44-TIMELINE STG44 1918 KURZ As a result of the Piderit study, the Hauptmann (Captain) Piderit changes our modern understanding of combat with a study citing one key observance: Most firefights take place 7.92x33mm Kurz, or 'short," round is introduced. Engineer C.G. Haenel is tapped by the German Government to design a rifle for the new cartridge. at distances under 400 meters. This lays the foundation for a shoulder-mounted rifle designed for mid-range, not long range, combat. 1938 A prototype select-fire rifle, the MKb 42(H), is introduced into combat. Limited numbers are produced. GEWEHR 41 1941 Hitler halts development of the new rifle stating, among other reasons, that manufacturing/distributing the new Germany invades the Soviet Union, resulting in 7.92x33mm Kurz en masse would be a huge problem for the Reich: Nazi soldiers with difficult if not impossible. bolt-action rifles faced Soviet soldiers with semi-automatic rifles. 1943 MP 44 The Gewehr 41 semiautomatic rifle is issued as an attempt to replace the bolt-action K98. The rifle's clunky 'Bang" semiautomatic system prevents it from being effective on the field. Development on the MP 44 commences again. Tests are extremely successful. MP 44s are sent to the front, and proven extremely effective. STG44 1944 Hitler test fires the MP 44 personally. He is so impressed that he designates the rifle Sturmgewehr, or 'Assault Rifle." It is the first known use of the term. The MP 44 is rechristened as the StG 44 • ZIELGERAT 1229 VAMPIR Some Sturmgewehrs are fitted with Zielgerat 1229 Vampir sights the first infrared night gun sights used in military combat. 1945 East German factories continue to manufacture and utilize StG 44s for their military. The Soviet Union exports a number of Sturmgewehrs to 'friendly" terrorist organizations. The war in Europe ends. Nearly half a million StG 44s are manufactured. 45-62 StG 44s are 2003 reportedly confiscated from enemy GSG STG-44, A .22 LR troops in Iraq. Youtube videos surface of StG 44 rifles being utilized in Syria by Liwa al-Tawhid, part of the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front. 2012 American Tactical introduces the GSG StG-44, a .22 LR variation of FIREARMS the historic rifle. On Sale at the LOWEST PRICE only at FIREARMSFORSALE.COM FOR SALE YEARS

Sturmgewehr 44 (StG-44) History

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Over the years the StG-44 has shown quite a presence in influence of the war. From the first prototype to the new replica StG-44 22LR model, this rifle is one for the books.


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