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Steals of the Century, History’s Priceless Stolen Items, An Infographic

STEALS OF THE CENTURY HISTORY'S PRICELESS STOLEN ITEMS PRICELESS PAINTINGS 1911 in at THE LOUVRE MUSEUM, PARIS, FRANCE O WHO STOLE IT? 3 men stole it from the museum. It became an international news sensation. The masterpiece became the most famous in the word. THE MONA LISA BY RENAISSANCE MASTER PAINTER LEONARDO DA VINCI RECOVERY It remained missing for more than 2 years. When the thieves tried to sell it to an art dealer, they were apprehended and the painting was returned to the Louvre. THE HEIST AT DAZZLING DIAMONDS HARRY'S A spectacularrobbery in Paris pint to the Pirk Panthers,a pang outof a movie. at HARRY WINSTON JEWELLERY STORE, PARIS, FRANCE 2008 HARRY WINSTON in Rare Jeurels of th. Wild WHO STOLE IT? 4 men, 3 posing as women, broke into the store just before closing time. They broke displays and filled suitcases with diamonds. The Serbian 'Pink Panthers', a global jewellery heist group are the chief suspects. 1000001 10208 334 $108 MILLION WORTH OF DIAMONDS MISSING The diamonds have never been recovered. ARCHAEOLOGICAL ARTEFACTS AUCTION AT "2012 in came from A DIG IN MONGOLIA, ÄSIA OD WHO STOLE IT? Florida based collector Eric Prokopi, who falsified customs documents to illegally smuggle it into the USA. A HUGE 75% COMPLETE TYRANNOSAURUS BATAAR SKELETON It sold at auction in New York in 2012 for $1million. Lawyers on behalf of the RECOVERY Mongolian President insisted the sale could not go ahead on the grounds that the dinosaur had been stolen. HISTORICAL HERITAGE in APRIL 2014 at BRIARS PARK MUSEUM, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA Or WHO STOLE IT? Thieves entered through a bathroom window and forced open a cabinet containing rare items linked to the military leader. These included a glass frame containing his hair, a ring and a snuff box. A LOCK OF NAPOLEON'S HAIR The 10 items are still missing. Police believe they are destined for a private MISSING collection. RELIGIOUS RELICS at in JANUARY 2014 THE CHURCH OF ST PETER OF IENCA, ABRUZZO MOUNTAINS, ITALY WHO STOLE IT? It is believed satanic sects are behind the heist. AN ORNATE GOLD OBJECT CONTAINING BLOOD FROM THE LATE POPE JOHN PAUL II RECOVERY The theft was discovered by a priest from the religious sanctuary, which is dedicated to the memory of John Paul II. The item is still missing. REFERENCES [1] WWW.HLNTV.COM/SLIDESHOW/2013/10/18/STOLEN-ITEMS-MONA-LISA-RUBY-SLIPPERS-LINCOLN-GUY-FIERI [2] LISTDOSE.COM/TOP-10-MOST-INTELLIGENT-HEISTS-EVER/ [3] WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK/SCIENCE/DINOSAURS/10411253/THE-TRADE-IN-STOLEN-DINOSAUR-FOSSILS.HTML [4] WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK/NEWS/ARTICLE-2605304/NAPO- LEONS-HAIR-PRICELESS-ARTEFACTS-BELONGING-FRENCH-EMPEROR-STOLEN-AUSTRALIAN-MUSEUM.HTML [5] WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK/NEWS/RELIGION/THE-POPE/10599604/BLOOD-OF-POPE-JOHN-PAUL-I-STOLEN-IN-POSSIBLE-SATANIC-THEFT.HTML www.Sxprotection.comau southern crosS protection.

Steals of the Century, History’s Priceless Stolen Items, An Infographic

shared by Stuart001 on Aug 04
This infographic shows how some of the most confounding and high profile items ever to be stolen include a world famous Renaissance painting, millions of diamonds, a huge archaeological artefact of ...


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