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St. Patrick’s Day, An Infographic

St. Patrick's Day And How The Irish Took Over The World When No One Was Looking The Slave Who Would Be Saint St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. He was born before the end of Roman Rule in Britain in 400AD. His father was a Deacon and he grew up wealthy living in a Roman Villa. Aged 15 he was taken by Irish raiders and forced to work as a Shepherd in Ireland. He dreamed of an Angel after 6 years who urged him to escape. He escaped to Britain and became a Bishop. He had another dream of the Angel carrying letters. One letter was titled "The Voice of the Irish' begging him to return to Ireland. He returned as a Christian missionary for over 30 years and is credited for converting the Irish to Christianity. The year of his death is uncertain, but the date is March 17th, now celebrated as St. Patrick's Day in Ireland and in Irish communities across the world. St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Ireland Vs. The World Dublin hosts the biggest celebration with a 4 day festival from the 14th to the 17th March in 2014. The New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade first began on March 17, 1762, 14 years before the Declaration of Independence was adopted. Highlights include the St. Patrick's Day Parade, an Irish Craft Beer and Food Market and Music and Street Performances. Today it is the largest parade in the world. Astronaut Chris Hadfield took photographs of Ireland from earth's orbit and posted a picture of himself wearing green clothing on the International Space Station on St. Patrick's Day 2013. Wearing the colour green and bunches of Shamrock are associated with the day. It is a Public Holiday in the Republic and Northern Ireland. He also posted a recording of himself singing "Danny Boy' in space. Dripsey Village, Co. Cork, appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records for 9 years as holder of the shortest St. Patrick's Day UNES CO World Heritage site Petra in Jordan, The Egyptian Pyramids and Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Disneyland Paris are turning green for St. Patrick's Day in 2014. Parade in the world. It measured just 23.4 metres from 1 door to the next door of the village's 2 pubs. The St Patrick's Day Festival in Dublin has been featured on Fodor's list of '15 Festivals High profile Billionaire Richard Branson posted a picture online with a green beard and green hair from his Necker Island retreat on St. Patrick's Day 2013. to Attend Before You Die'. The Irish Diaspora And Where They Live The Irish-American population is 34.5 million 7 times larger than the lrish population. 71 million Americans list their heritage as either primarily or partially Irish. Irish diaspora are believed to live around the world. Canada East Coast Britain Boston New York 76,000 20.4% 12.9% Irish born people live in Australia with a 30% increase in the last 6 of Boston claims the most concentrated Irish population for a city. of New York claims the most years. concentrated Irish population for a state. Australia 54.3% 40,000 | New Zealand Irish journey to Australia for work Britain. Canada and New Zealand of Breezy Point in Queens, New York, claims the most concentrated Irish population for a neighbourhood. every year, while thousands more are issued with holiday visas. also make up significant numbers of Irish. Traditional Irish Customs And Culture Symbol The Shamrock is seen as the symbol of Ireland, but the official symbol is the 12 string harp. The Shamrock is worn on the lapel on St. Patrick's Day. Food Irish Stew and Bacon and Cabbage were the staples in the Irish diet but it is rare to find them on a restaurant menu now. Drink Guinness is Ireland's most famous alcoholic beverage. 13 million pints are sold on St Patrick's Day. GUINNESS. - DRAUGHT Clothing The Aran jumper is bulky with complex prominent cable stitch patterns. It is often cream-coloured and knitted from wool. Music Sean-nos singing is a style of singing which means 'in the old way'. It refers to songs that depicted a way of life experienced by the Irish. Arts A Seanchai is a traditional storyteller. The term means a 'bearer of old lore'. In ancient Celtic culture, history and laws were not written down but memorised in long lyric poems. Sport The national sport is Irish Football known as GAA, standing for Gaelic Athletic Association. It is as 32 county sporting and cultural organisation with 2.300 clubs across Ireland. Language Gaelic is the term for the Irish Language. It is now spoken in only 7 counties in Ireland in strongholds called Gaeltacht areas. Irish Inventions That Changed The World What Who When Launched in 1881 in Co. Clare. It was called the Fenian Rami. By 1900 the U.S. Navy was commissioning the production. John Philip Holland Submarine Built in Blackrock, Co. Dublin in 1911, it became the world's first Major Walter Gordon Wilson armoured tank. It was Tank commissioned by Winston Churchill. The original 'Ferguson System' of tractor was devised by the 'Mad Mechanic' from Co. Down. It was Harry Ferguson patented in 1926 and is the same design used today. Modern Tractor Helped to lay the cable which stretched from Newfoundland to Lord Kelvin Thomson Valentia Island Co. Kerry, establishing the Atlantic Telegraph Cable in 1865. Trans-Atlantic Calls In 1894 in Hollywood, Co. Offaly, a successful way of producing colour photographs from a single plate was found. It changed the way we John Joly Colour Photography saw the world around us forever. Accidentally discovered a cure for Leprosy called compound B663 in the 1950's. It went on to cure 15 million people. Vincent Barry Cure for Leprosy The Dunloe References http://www.ntiforg/performers/storytellerhtml special-reports/2013/0709/461428-irish-in-australia/ Tourism%20Matters/FI-11777-12-FI-Tourism-Matters-2012-June-Issue-Web.pdf

St. Patrick’s Day, An Infographic

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The 17th of March is the annual celebration of St. Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint. For a small island with less than 5 million inhabitants, the day certainly leaves its mark with St. Patrick’s Da...




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