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Small Business Tools Behaving Badly

SMALL BUSINESS TOOLS Behaving Badly ww. From cave painting to the Facebook wall, man always relied on technology to make business & communication easier. But has it?... STONE AGE Cave painting • GOOD FOR Communicating with others • THE CHALLENGE Broken fingers and miscommunication •WHAT REPLACED IT Facebook • THE NEW CHALLENGE Tagged photos are ruining lives worldwide ANCIENT EGYPT Papyrus • GOOD FOR Looks awesome, helps document stuff • THE CHALLENGE Moth •WHAT REPLACED IT MS Word Office • THE NEW CHALLENGE Track Changes?!2!2 How?!2!2 ANCIENT GREECE T xy'L's" Eni xy'L"S" MMappr Mphel • GOOD FOR The mathematically challenged Abacus • THE CHALLENGE Miscalculating and angry clients Ид •WHAT REPLACED IT 4+25 = 29 Google calculator • THE NEW CHALLENGE Oh Lord, the battery is goin'!!! MEDIEVAL TIMES Quill and ink хр • GOOD FOR Stylish letters • THE CHALLENGE Shortage of quality goose feathers thy Sê • WHAT REPLACED IT Wacom pen tablets • THE NEW CHALLENGE Shortage of cash • GOOD FOR Distributing ideas RENAISSANCE The Printing Press & Movable Type • THE CHALLENGE Very messy •WHAT REPLACED IT Twitter • THE NEW CHALLENGE Fail whale always appears when trying to upload a new background • GOOD FOR Communicating while keeping your distance 19TH CENTURY The Telephone • THE CHALLENGE Crank calls • WHAT REPLACED IT Text Messaging • THE NEW CHALLENGE Getting a "we need to talk" message from your partner • GOOD FOR Sending documents to the unknown 20TH CENTURY Fax Machine • THE CHALLENGE Storage • WHAT REPLACED IT Email • THE NEW CHALLENGE "Forward this email to 500 ppl and live happily ever after or don't and die a lonely and painful death" • GOOD FOR There's no such thing as too many copies 20TH CENTURY Xerox • THE CHALLENGE Obscene office pranks •WHAT REPLACED IT All-in-one copier/printer/scanner • THE NEW CHALLENGE The dreaded all-in-one paper jam • GOOD FOR Saving 1.44 MB of data you'll never use again 20TH CENTURY Floppy discs • THE CHALLENGE Dust •WHAT REPLACED IT 16 GB Flash drives • THE NEW CHALLENGE "I let my cousin borrow it for an hour. Haven't seen it since" • GOOD FOR Status symbol 20TH CENTURY Car phone Blah Blah • THE CHALLENGE Blah Blah Size Blah • WHAT REPLACED IT Smartphone • THE NEW CHALLENGE Smartphones can't swim in toilets. Yet! 21ST CENTURY • GOOD FOR Advertising and self promotion CSS FLASH Websites HTML5

JAVASCRIPT • THE CHALLENGE So you think you can HTML? Ha! PHP • WHAT REPLACED IT WIX Wix website builder HTML • THE NEW CHALLENGE Shucks! Lukel' is already taken created by XWIX

Small Business Tools Behaving Badly

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From cave painting to the Facebook wall, man always relied on technology to make business and communication easier. But has it?



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