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A Short History of the Pocket

Put this in Your Back Pocket... A Short History of the Pocket The pocket began during the Middle Ages as a detachable pouch worn inside the clothing. The word pocket is taken from the Old French word poke (or modern French, poche) and is related to the word pouch.' The word, 'poke' is almost never used anymore except in the old British saying: “A pig in a poke." Literal meaning: a pig in a small pouch Figurative meaning: a deal that is foolishly accepted without being examined first. Historically, the term 'pocket referred to a pouch worn around the waist by women in the 17th to 19th centuries, mentioned in the rhyme Lucy Locket. Also called a hanging pocket.2 Lucy Locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it; Not a penny was there in it, Only ribbon round it. Types of Pockets Watch Pocket Camp Focket A small pocket designed to hold a pocket watch, sometimes found in men's trousers and waistcoats and in traditional blue jeans.12 A pocket that has been sewn Besom Pocket to the outside of a garment. They are usually A pocket cut into a garment squared off and instead of being are characterized sewn on, found by seaming.? on a tuxedo jacket or trousers.12 00 The distinctive characteristic of marsupials Pocket knives can be used for anything from opening an envelope to filing a broken nail.5 is that their young are carried in a pocket- like pouch, such as Kangaroos.3 Polly Pocket got its name because it was made to be Rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice and guinea pigs are all tiny enough to fit into one's pocket considered 'pocket pets.s Barcelona picpocketing i worst city tor the Palam anca nedés Sa de NII Blanes Sitges Arenys de Mar Mataró Badalona nueva Itrú BARCEL ONA C. Folfoweday » Rome » Paris » Amsterdam » Prague » Madrid » Florence » Buenos Aires » Hanoi » Athens D000000 In London, pick pocketing has increased 17% over the last two years." POCKETS ACROSS PAST TIMES In surfing, a pocket is the steepest, fastest part of the wave right in front of where it's breaking, also called “the cur."s 19 In American football, pocket is the area of protection given to a quarterback -by his offensive line when he drops back to pass. ID ,a pocket is an informal way of referring to the place in music where the beat sits to create a groove." In Pockets in Food A Pita is a flat rounded bread, originally from the Middle East, with a hollow inside, like a pocket, which can be filled with food.13 Around the world, pockets of dough consisting of a filling are referred to by different names.15 Italy: ravioli, tortellini, culurgiones, Dr cafzone Poland: pierogi United Kingdom: Germany: pastie maultaschen and bierock Nepal/Tibet: China: wonton, momo jiao zi or bao Japan: gyoza Money IN YOUR POCKET Pocket a At Pounds to Pocket, you can get 12-Month a 12-month loan within 10 minutes Loan of approval.$ It takes just minutes to apply online. Learn more at Today! SOnce approved, funds will be sent to your account within 10 minutes. If your bank does not support Faster Payments (see , funds will only be deposited the same day, if approved by 14:30. Learn more at POUNDS to/ POCKET 'Lawrence, F. (n.d.).A short history of the pocket. Socyberty | Society on the Web. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from A pig in a poke. (n.d.). The meanings and origins of sayings and phrases. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from Marsupial. (n.d.). WordNet Search. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from *Warta, T. (n.d.). History of Polly Pocket. lovetoknow toys. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from SPocket knife uses - six benefits of carrying a pocket knife. (n.d.). Knife Depot. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from Kruzer, A., & RVT. (n.d.). Pocket pets. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from "Adams, S. (2009, September 25). Barcelona 'worst city for pickpockets'. - Telegraph online. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from 'Doyle. J. (2012, July 19). London Olympics 2012:As 1,700 fall victim to pickpockets every day, this is how the Eastern European gangs do it. Mail Online. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from As-1-700-fall-victim-pickpockets-day-Eastern-European-gangs-it.html Garns, T. (n.d.). Surfing lesson 3 of 3: Stay in the pocket. The Official Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Blog. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from 1°About football glossary - pocket. (n.d.). Retrieved September 24, 2012, from 101/g/gl_pocket.htm "In the pocket - articles - education resources. (n.d.). Drummer Cafe. Retrieved September 24, 2012, from 12"Pocket." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. 13"Pitta bread - definition of pitta bread." The free dictionary. N.p., n.d.Web. 3 Oct. 2012. 14 "Hot pockets." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. 15"Pierogi." Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 3 Oct. 2012. POCKET

A Short History of the Pocket

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Pocket is in our name, so we delved through the history books to find out where pockets originated and the history of their evolution. Check out these fun facts about the humble pocket. Enjoy!




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