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Sapphire: Birthstone for September

SAPPHIRE - BIRTHSTONE FOR SEPTEMBER ORIGIN OF NAME The name 'Sapphire' is derived from the Persian word 'safir' meaning 'blue' and is also known as the Stone Of Wisdom. SYMBOLIZES GEMSTONE FOR BLUE SAPPHIRE Nobility Truth Gemini Virgo YELLOW SAPPHIRE Faithfulness Heaven Leo PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS MINERAL COMPOSITION COLOUR Sapphire is a gem quality of the mineral corundum. Even though it is recognised for its classic blue hue, the sapphire actually comes in every colour of the rainbow. Red sapphire is, however, generally known as the Ruby. Pink Green White Cornflower Blue Orange Yellow Black TREATMENTS Most natural sapphires are heat-treated to enhance both, their colour and clarity. HIGH QUALITY LOW QUALITY Sapphires have a vivid blue to vilotesish cornflower blue Stones that may be greyish, to0 light or too dark in colour qualify as low quality blue sapphires. colour. They may contain tiny inclusions to give them a velvety appearance and scatter light to cause a stunning visual effect. RARE & PRECIOUS VARIETIES Padparadscha Star Sapphire is a special and rare orange-pink sapphire that is originally found in Sri Lanka. It's name is Sinhalese for 'lotus blossom'. is a type of sapphire that displays a phenomenon that is created when a sapphire's needle-like inclusions align to cause the appearance of a six-rayed star pattern on its surface. DAYLIGHT INCANDESCENT Colour change sapphire is a rare variety of sapphire that exhibits changes colour when it is viewed under different light. Colour changing sapphires will appear blue in sunlight but will change to purple under incandescent light. Similarly fancy coloured sapphires will also change in colour under different lights. HOW STRONG IS THE SAPPHIRE? Sapphire is rated 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, making it the second hardest material on earth. Sapphire is so durable that synthetic sapphire is used for the windows of supermarket scanners and spacecraft. 9 LOCATION MAP OF SAPPHIRE MINES •Canada •China •Kashmir •Burma •Nigeria •Sri Lanka Kenya •Tanzánia •Madagascar •Autralia MOST OF THE FINEST SAPPHIRES COME FROM KASHMIR, BURMA AND SRI LANKA. HEALING PROPERTIES Brings Joy and Inner Peace Relieve Headaches Help with Focus and Concentration Powers to Cool Fevers Calm Sharpen Eyesight Treats Nerves Nosebleeds LEGENDS AND LORES The Greeks Ancient Persians The stone believed that the earth rested on a associated was thought to make the sapphire with Apollo. giant sapphire and its reflection coloured peace with enemies. the sky. I VI II VII III VIII IV IX V The Ancient The clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolize heaven, and ordinary folks thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings. Tradition holds that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were Egyptians associated the stone with the 'Eye of Horus'. composed of sapphire. Sapphire is thought to increase Royals wore the stone to attract wealth, as well as communication with spirit guides or angels. protect them from envy and infidelity. IDEAL GIFT 5th and 45th Wedding Anniversary September born FAMOUS SAPPHIRE Star of Bombay Logan sapphire The world's largest and most famous Star of India A 563.35 carat star sapphire, one of the largest in the world, is an almost flawless gem that exhibits a six-rayed star pattern on both sides of the stone. 182 carat cabochan cut sapphire that originated from Sri Lanka. It is the sapphire, is a 422.99 carat flawless , cushion-cut sapphire from Sri Lanka. namesake of the popular British gin, Bombay Sapphire.

Sapphire: Birthstone for September

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Famously known as the Stone of Wisdom, the sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstone on Earth. Learn more about the engimatic gemstone and the incredible transformative powers it continues to deliver.


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