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Publishing to the People: The History of Published Word

Publishing People TO THE THE HISTORY OF PUBLISHED WORD Book lovers often despair the decline of paper books, but that doesn't mean that the number of written works has declined. As this timeline proves, publication has gone from art form to public domain, making the written word more accessible than ever. ANCIENT WRITING Mesopotamia II Sumerians develop the first system of writing: Cuneiform. 3300 BC Shang Dynasty China Chinese scholars develop the first books. 1300 BC Roman Republic 59 BC The Senate publishes the Acta Diurna ("Daily Records") for the public by carving them into stone. THE PRINTING PRESS 1000 CE SONG DYNASTY, CHINA Inventor Bi Sheng develops movable type. 1450 CE MAINZ. GERMANY Gutensberg's Bible is the first book to be published in volume. 1605 Don Quijote MADRID. SPAIN Miguel de Cervantes publishes Don Quixote, the first European novel. The Gentleman's Magazine 1731 LONDON. ENGLAND The Gentleman's OCTOBER, 1734 Magazine uses the word "magazine" for the first time. 1851 NEW YORK, USA The Rotary Printing Press triggers mass publication. THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION 1981 Columbus, Ohio The Columbus Dispatch is the first newspaper to go online. Project Gutenberg 1996 Project Gutenberg digitizes 1000 books for online readability. 1998 The first ebook readers, Rocket ebook and Softbook, are introduced. 2003 Wordpress makes it possible for anyone to publish their own content. 2009 Self-published books reach over 746,000k. LOOKING TO THE FUTURE 2014 2020 Amazon predicts up to $350 million in revenue 50% from ebooks ebooks are predicted to be self-published. alone. Think books are going by the wayside? Think again! Generation Y and Z are predicted to be the most literate generation in the history of the world! Sources: Brought to you by: TøllFreeForwarding com I gryffin. estopped764000in2009astraditionaloutputdipped.html

Publishing to the People: The History of Published Word

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Do you fear a decline in written books since the internet and mobile devices have taken over? Do not fear! Books are more accessible than ever now. Go through the evolution of books since the third mi...






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