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Portrait of a Woman: Character, Courage and Commitment

Portrait of a Woman CHARACTER, COURAGE AND COMMITMENT Women's History Month is a chance to honor extraordinary women who have dared to be different, challenged traditional gender roles, and paved the way for females everywhere. THE DIARY OI A YOUNG GIRI Воок BOOK The Story of My Life The Diary of a Young Girl WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN Helen Keller 1903 Anne Frank 1947 SYNOPSIS SYNOPSIS After losing her hearing and eyesight to a childhood illness, Helen Keller is rescued from a life of solitude by her tenacious mentor, Annie Sullivan. With Annie's help, Helen learns to navigate the world, communicate, read and write. In this iconic historical diary, a 13-year-old Jewish girl writes about her experience hiding in an attic with her family during the Nazi invasion of Holland. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE Helen Keller personifies resilience of the human spirit. Overcoming her limitations, Helen Keller campaigned for women's rights and better treatment for all people with disabilities. Anne Frank's diary speaks for an entire generation of innocent people whose lives were cut short by the terrifying circumstances of the Holocaust. now Ghe Ca Вок Воок The Autobicgraphy of Eleanor Rooseveli I Know Why the Caged Brid Sings WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN Eleanor Roosevelt 1961 Maya Angelou 1970 SYNOPSIS I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is a coming-of-age tale about a young African American woman overcoming racism and emotional trauma in the South during the early 1900s. SYNOPSIS The wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt was deeply involved in politics and human rights activism. Her autobiography includes her recollections of historical events, memories of her childhood and family life, and reflections on her years in politics. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE Eleanor Roosevelt is known for advocating women's roles in the workplace, supporting the civil rights movement, and campaigning for the rights of World War II refugees. As an advocate for the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s, Maya Angelou inspired people to action with her shockingly honest memoir. MY STORY Rosa, Park- Воок Воок Me: Stories of My Life My Story WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN Katherine Hepburn 1991 Rosa Parks 1992 SYNOPSIS SYNOPSIS Four-time Academy Award winner, Katherine Hepburn reveals details of her life and personal relationships. Best known for her act of defiance the day she refused to give up her seat on the bus, Rosa Parks talks honestly and openly about how she played a role in the civil rights movement. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE Leveraging her fame, Hepburn pushed the confident and tomboy- ish female persona into the forefront of American culture. She en- couraged countless women across the world to freely express themselves and challenge societal conventions. Rosa Parks' story is proof that one person can make a difference. She is known by many as "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement". targa Thatche Воок BOOK Pekiepolis The Autobicgtaphy WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN WRITTEN BY PUBLISHED IN Marjane Stratapi 2000 Margaret Thatcher 2013 SYNOPSIS SYNOPSIS Persepolis is a graphic novel about Marjane Stratapi's childhood in Iran during the Islamic revolution. Using black and white comic strips, Stratapi illustrates the uncertainties of daily life in Tehran after the overthrow of the Shah. Margaret Thatcher's autobiography combines two earlier memoirs into a complete volume that includes the story of her upbringing leading up to her tenure as Prime Minister of Great Britain, HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE The Islamic Revolution of the early 1980s was a complete govern- ment overthrow that had widespread ramifications throughout the world. Stratapi's first-hand account gives a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people affected by the cultural revolution. The first woman to ever hold the office of Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was known for her strong leadership style, perseverance, and determination. She held the office for 11 years and radically changed the face of women in politics. SOURCE: bookpal

Portrait of a Woman: Character, Courage and Commitment

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Helen Keller, Marjane Stratapi, Maya Angelou… history will remember these iconic authors as some of the greatest and most influential women to put pen to paper. This Women’s History Month, honor f...


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