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Popular T-Shirt Designs From The Past

Popular FROM Tshirt PAST Designs The Concert Tee When bands first started mass producing t-shirts, they were generally only sold at concerts. After seeing the popularity. people started selling bootleg copies at discounted rates. 1970's Concert Tees An indicator of how irrelevant formal dressing had become to modern youth Hard Rock Café is known for its memorabilia collection of over 70,000 pieces but its signature location-specific T-shirts have become the symbol by which it is known. 1970's Tuxedo Tshirt 1971 Hard Rock Café Shirt In the early 60s State Mutual Life Assurance of Worcester, MA initiated a "friendship campaign" to get employees to smile. Harvey Ball reported spending TU was paid designing the smiley face. $45 Bernard and Murray Spain, stumbled upon The fad lasted the unrealized potential of the smiley some years later and began slapping the image on everything possible. 50 only 1.5 years but it made million S 1971 The smiley face "You feel smart when you figure it out." IO NY LWENT 1977 I did _ and all I got was this lousy shirt I Love New York The "Lousy" shirt is not attributed to a single creator, but it's not hard to imagine NY 1970 - NYC where the inspiration came from. Gains a reputation ton Gleser shetches on nankin mest imitete T-shirt desien in histor “My parents went to Las Vegas and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." as a tourists' nightmare FRANKIE SAYS RELAX After BBC Radio banned "Relax" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, for being too explicitly sexual, sales skyrocketed and the song quickly went No. 1 1984 Frankie Says Relax To flaunt the band's triumph over censorship, record label owner Paul Morley put The "FRANKIE SAY RELAX" tee turned millions of music fans into human billboards. the song's words on T-shirts In 1939, it became apparent to many people in Britain that a war on the continent was inevitable. It was decided to create five million morale boosting posters After many requests he released a modern version. Was never used In 2000, the owner of Barter Books purchased a box of potential stock at an auction, and found an original Keep Calm and Carry On poster. becuase feedback KEEP CALM had passed back to the Ministry that people didn't like the posters. AND CARRY ON CARRY 2000 Keep Calm and Carry On VOTE FOR PEDRO Stylish or not, the most popular item from Napoleon Dynamite was the "Vote for Pedro" slogan T-shirt. 2004 Vote for Pedro 110317brietandincomplte tngline ofhinistory Coastal Printworks Museum Quality Screenprinting pmtogsidayasdolosdeasmade people ridioutounly dich 2012-4e08.0n

Popular T-Shirt Designs From The Past

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The original modern day tee shirt has become a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. It is so commonly worn, that certain styles and prints have become iconic over the years, even classics. From con...




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