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A Perspective on Time

O time A PERSPECTIVE ON Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them. It's not our fault-the span of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, is so vast compared to the span of our life and recent history that it's almost impossible to get a handle on it. Take a look: THE LAST 24 HOURS Now o SLEEP COFFEE THE LAST HOUR THE LAST WEEK The last 24 hours THE LAST YEAR The last week NEW YEARS DAY ONE MONTH THE 21STCENTURY The last year 9/11 BUSH PRESIDENCY OBAMA PRESIDENCY AN AMERICAN 30-YEAR-OLD'S LIFE SO FAR (1983 - Present) Q 1983 The 21" century ELEMENTARY MIDDLE HIGH COLLEGE REAL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL WORLD SOVIET UNION DISBANDS INTERNET AS WE KNOW IT IS BORN SMARTPHONES BECOME A THING (1991) A LONG HUMAN LIFE (90 YEARS) (1923 - Present) O 1923 An American 30-year-old's life so far WORLD WAR II CIVIL RIGHTS WATERGATE (1939 - 1945) MOVEMENT (1972) BLACK TUESDAY TV OWNERSHIP SURPASSES JFK FIRST MAN ON MOON 55% OF U.S. HOUSEHOLDS (1954) SETS OFF THE ASSASINATION (1963) (1969) GREAT DEPRESSION (1929) POST CIVIL WAR ERA (1865 - Present) Q 1865 A long human life LINCOLN FIRST INVENTION OF FIRST COMMERCIAL SHOT (1865) CAR BASKETBALL PASSENGER (1886) (1891) AIRPLANE FLIGHT (1914) US HISTORY (1776 - Present) Q1776 Post Civil War era GEORGE WASHINGTON AMERICAN BIRTHDATE OF THE OLDEST CIVIL WAR (1861 - 1865) PRESIDENCY LIVING PERSON (1789 - 1797) (March 5, 1898) DEATH OF JOHN ADAMS AND THOMAS JEFFERSON FIRST WORLD TELEPHONE CALL WAR I (July 4, 1826) (1876) (1914 - 1918) EUROPEAN COLONIZATION OF THE AMERICAS (1492 - Present) Q 1492 US history JAMESTOWN MARKS THE FRENCH AND FIRST BRITISH SETTLEMENT INDIAN WAR (1754 - 1763) (1609) COLUMBUS MAKES HIS FIRST THE MAYFLOWER ARRIVES AMERICAN VOYAGE TO THE NEW WORLD (1492) IN PLYMOUTH REVOLUTION (1620) (1775 - 1783) COMMON ERA (Year 1- Present) Q Year 1 European colonization of the Americas EARLY MIDDLE AGES (476 to 1000) LATE MIDDLE AGES (1300 - 1500) BIRTH OF BIRTH OF HIGH MIDDLE AGES (1000 - 1300) THE CHRISTIANITY (Year 1) ISLAM RENAISSANCE RECORDED HISTORY (3650 BC - Present) Q 3650 BC Common era LEARLIEST EVIDENCE ROMAN EMPIRE (27 BC - 470 AD) MIDDLE AGES (400 - 1500 AD) EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS FIRST ANCIENT EGYPTIAN OF WHEELED VEHICLES (3650 BC) FIRST APPEAR (3400 BC) CIVILIZATION (3000 BC - 500 BC) PYRAMID (2630 BC) BEHAVIORALLY MODERN HUMANS (60,000 BC - Present) 960,000 BC Recorded history AGRICULTURAL REVOLUTION BEGINS (12,000 BC) HUMANS MIGRATE HUMANS WIDELY FIRST HUMANS MIGRATE OVER THE OUT OF AFRICA FOR THE FIRST TIME (60,000 BC) CONSIDERED TO HAVE COMPLEX BERING LAND BRIDGE INTO THE AMERICAS LANGUAGE BY THIS POINT (50,000 BC) (debate over when this first happened ranges from 40,000 to 15,000 BC) ANATOMICALLY MODERN HUMANS (200,000 BC - Present) Q200,000 BC Behaviorally modern humans HUMANS BEGIN TO TRADE LAST GLACIAL PERIOD HOMO SAPIENS EVOLVE (200,000 BC) (130,000 BC) (120,000 BC - 11,500 BC) HUMAN DIVERGENCE FROM APES (6 million years ago - Present) 96 million years ago Anatomically modern humans FIRST STONE TOOLS (2.76 million years ago) HOMO ERECTUS EVOLVE (1.9 million years ago) DIVERSIFICATION OF LIFE (200 million years ago - Present) 0200 million years ago Human evolution from apes EARLIEST HUMAN ANCESTOR (7 million years ago) FIRST BIRDS EVOLVE ASTEROID THAT CAUSED MASS EXTINCTION (200 million years ago) (65 million years ago) ANIMALS (600 million years ago - Present) 0600 million years ago Diversification of life FIRST FISH (500 million years ago) FIRST CENTIPEDE (416 million years ago) PANGEA FULLY FORMED (250 million years ago) THE REIGN OF DINOSAURS (231 - 66 million years ago) FIRST ANIMALS LAND PLANTS EVOLVE FOUR-LIMBED VERTEBRATES MIGRATE TO LAND (600 million years ago) (420 million years ago) (360 million years ago) LIFE (3.6 billion years ago - Present) 03.6 billion years ago Animals THE FIRST LIFE PHOTOSYNTHESIS FIRST COMPLEX CELLS FIRST FIRST EUKARIOTES (2 billion years ago) MULTICELLULAR LIFE ANIMALS (600 million years ago) PROKARYOTES ACCELERATES (3 billion years ago) (3.6 billion years ago) (1.2 billion years ago) CO. AGE OF THE EARTH AND THE SUN (4.6 billion years ago - Present) 04.5 billion years ago Life THE SUN AND MOON IS THE LATE HEAVY THE EARTH ARE FORMED (4.6 and 4.54 billion years ago) FORMED BOMBARDMENT (4.1 bilion years ago) AGE OF THE UNIVERSE (13.8 billion years ago - Present) o13.8 billion years ago Age of the Earth and the Sun BIG BANG MILKY WAY FORMS (13.8 billion years ago) LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE (13.8 billion years ago - 10^10 years in the future) Past Present Future THE SUN EXPANDS TO STAR FORMATION CEASES THE LAST THERE ARE JUST HEAT DEATH OF BECOME A RED GIANT . ACROSS THE UNIVERSE STARS DIE (100 -120 trillion years) BLACK HOLES LEFT THE UNIVERSE (5 billion years from now) (1 -100 trillion years) (10^107° years) (10^1020 years) Note: Arrows in the timeline represent incredibly large amounts of time passing. The Universe reaches its final energy state. This means that the energy levels are so low that nothing can happen anymore, anywhere. Sourcos: "Telovision Comes to America." James L. Baughman. Ilinois History. http://www.lib.niu.odu/1993/hy930341.html Gorontology Resoarch Group. "An Overviow of Wastorn Civilization." Mark Damon. Utah Stato Univorsity. http://www.usu.odu'markdamon/1320Hist&Civ/PP/slidos/00wostciv.pdf "How Did Languago Bogin?" Ray Jackondotf. Tuts Univorsity. http://ase.tufts.odu/cogstud/incbios/rayjackondoft/howdidlanguagebogin.pdf The Genographic Project by National Goographic. "Anciont History: 12,000 B.C. to 500 A.D." Ohio State University Department of History. A collaboration between WAIT BUT WHY Smithsonian Institute Human Origins Project. "Geologic Time: The Story of a Changing Earth." Smithsonian Institute. "Important Events in the History of Life." University of California Museum of Paleontology. "Evolving Universe." Smithsonian Institute. "A Dying Universe: The Long-Term Fate and Evolution of Astrophysical Objects." Fred C. Adams and Gregory Laughlin. Reviews of Modern Physics.

A Perspective on Time

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Humans are good at a lot of things, but putting time in perspective is not one of them. It's not our fault - the span of time in human history, and even more so in natural history, are so vast compare...


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