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Perfectly Suited: A History of Men's Suits

Perfectly Suited A HISTORY OF MEN'S SUITS 1920s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • "Lounge" suit with shorter jacket replaces longer frock coat • Charlie Chaplin • Al Capone • Rudolph Valentino Suitable for everyday or business wear • Black tie and tuxedo become the choice for formal occasions • High-waist, straight-leg trousers pair with double-breasted waistcoats 1930s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • Clark Gable • Henry Fonda • The Duke of • Loose-fitting coats come into vogue • Trousers tapered at the ankle Windsor Double-breasted suits still popular • Shoulders squared off with padding 1940s Suiting Trends • WWII prompts fabric rationing • Suits and jackets cut as straight Fashion Icons • Frank Sinatra • Humphrey Bogart • Fred Astaire as possible • Grey flannel becomes popular 1950s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • Dean Martin • Pleated-front trousers return Cary Grant • Leisure wear becomes more popular • James Dean • Suits worn mainly for the office or special nights out 1960s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • The Beatles • Michael Caine • Brian Jones . "Mod" comes into vogue • Skinny-fit suits • Ankle-length trousers • Collarless jackets 1970s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • Jackets feature wide lapels • Flared trousers • David Bowie • Mick Jagger • Burt Reynolds • Single-button jackets 1980s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • Power suits come into fashion • Some favor linen and slouchy fabrics • Pleated-front trousers in vogue • Richard Gere • Michael Douglas • Don Johnson 1990s Fashion Icons Suiting Trends · Brad Pitt • Slim-fit suits return • Emphasis on minimalistic design • Skinny trousers with slim ties • Christian Bale • George Clooney 2000s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • David Beckham • Robert Downey, Jr. • P. Diddy • Luxury fabrics popularized by celebrities • Emphasis on individuality · Accessories like pocket squares return 2010s Suiting Trends Fashion Icons • Bespoke, masculine suits in favor • Similar to tailored styles of the 196os • Solids and plaids acceptable as long • Jon Hamm • Justin Timberlake • Idris Elba as they are well-made • Classic style with modern touches Infographic provided by Mohan's Custom Tailors Inc. MOHAN'S custom tailors• new york Sources:

Perfectly Suited: A History of Men's Suits

shared by BrittSE on Jun 22
Power suits came into fashion in the 1980s thanks to style icons like Richard Gere, Michael Douglas, and Don Johnson. See how suits have changed since then by reading through this Manhattan custom sui...


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