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Parenting Tools, Then and Now:

Parenting Tools, Then and Now: Even on the best of days, the job of being a parent can be challenging. Thankfully, over the years, many new and clever innovations have made caring for children easier, safer and more fun. Below is a brief snapshot timeline of how some of the key parenting tools have been enhanced, improved and overhauled to care for today's tots. 1500 1733 DIAPERS CHILD TRANSPORT 1714 HEALTH/MED The first stroller is invented for the The use of cloth diapers that are seldom changed begins around the Elizabethan period. Duke of Devonshire by William Kent; richly decorated and pulled by a goat or pony, the carriage is considered a status item reserved for the wealthy. First mercury in-glass thermometer invented. Early 1800's DIAPERS Late 1800's DIAPERS Mid-1800's Linen, cotton flannel or stockinet (a knitted fabric used for early underwear) are the basis for diapers folded into a rectangle CHILD TRANSPORT Strollers become extremely popular when Queen Victoria buys three in 1840; Stroller design gets a major enhancement with handles so parents can use the carriages. and knotted. The safety pin is invented in 1849 and people who can afford the pins use them to hold the cloth in place. 1937 MONITORING Late 1800's Early 1900's CHILD TRANSPORT Radio Nurse, first baby monitor introduced by Zenith. For the first time, an infant can be monitored by the parent or caregiver outside of the nursery. However, the Radio Nurse is audio only and very expensive. CHILD TRANSPORT Infant/toddler booster car seats are invented to elevate child visibility for parents while driving (not intended for child safety). In June of 1889 the first reversible stroller with independently moving wheels is patented and the bassinet is born. 1940's DIAPERS Late 1940's Door-to-door delivery services of fresh cloth diapers become widely embraced during WWII. 1950's DIAPERS DIAPERS Designs are further improved with the invention of waterproof coverings and plastic snaps for cloth diapers in 1946. Clever inventors in Sweden and the UK come up with ideas for the first disposable diapers. First pre-folded, pre-formed 'pinless' disposable diapers invented in 1950; Pampers® are developed. Johnson & Johnson® introduces the first mass-marketed disposable diaper in the USA, imported from Sweden. Early 1970's CHILD TRANSPORT 1954 HEALTH/MED Early 1960's CHILD TRANSPORT First electronic thermometer revealed in Popular On the body baby carriers grow in popularity with the release of new carriers such as the BabyBjörn®. Electronics. Infant/toddler car seat invented in 1962 with purpose to protect child during transport. 1980's MONITORING 1978 DIAPERS About 50 years after the Radio Nurse, new baby monitors are introduced. These audio-only monitors use radio waves to transmit sound and are small and easy to tote around. Early 1980's CHILD TRANSPORT However, other devices, radios and scanners can sometimes be inadvertently picked up. Huggies® are introduced. Three-wheeled baby jogger jogging' strollers are introduced. 1990's Early 1990's DIAPERS MONITORING Baby monitors evolve to include camera options that allow a parent to keep watch on an infant or toddler. 1990's However, cameras for video monitoring are wired and often need to be mounted so HEALTH/MED they make monitoring less mobile. Environmental concerns prompt the resurgence of cloth diaper use; this is still very popular today. Digital (LCD) Thermometers replace traditional glass/mercury models in the 1990's for taking temperatures. 2000's Late 2000's 2000's HEALTH/MED MONITORING CHILD TRACKING Various companies develop GPS kid trackers for children, pets and the elderly, as well as open source applications for tracking loved ones via smartphone. Companies introduce color, digital, wireless multiple cameras that can be set up to monitor more than one baby/child simultaneously and can even be hooked up to a TV. Tympanic' thermometers take children's temperatures by touching the ear; followed by easy to apply temperature 'strips' that check temperature quickly and easily. However, these wireless baby monitors can interfere with home wireless router reception. 2013 2014 MONITORING CHILD TRANSPORT 2013 HEALTH/MED Adjustable, ergonomic baby carriers available in organic materials for infants/toddlers up to 90lbs. Baby ankle heart monitors check baby temp, vitals and room temp as well as record and analyze data for future use. Baby ESPTM app helps easily track baby's activities (eating, sleeping, pooping and more) with your cell phone. 2014 HEALTH/MED 2014 MONITORING "Smart Diapers" developed by Pixie Scientific allow you and your pediatrician to track your child's health. D-Link 4x Digital Zoom Sound & Motion Detection Companies like D-Link introduce smart Wi-Fi baby cameras that turn a smartphone or tablet into a full-featured baby monitor. Remote Viewing Take Snapshots or Videos Temperature Alerts Plays References & Sources 13&gps=101_6_991_531&f=00&su=p284.13.342.ip_&tt=29&bt=7&bts=6&zu=http%3A// D-Link ------- -----

Parenting Tools, Then and Now:

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Even the best parents can use a little help and over time companies have introduced new and interesting ways to provide a helping hand.




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