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Painters in the Making (English)

1200 Size of the Name Surname birth year painted surface Cimabue Painting technique The visualization explores eight centuries or art an artists displaying the most important 9o painters. Painters in the making 1240 young (u bs) Main workk How to read it: Duccio di Buoninsegna young according to «Le Garzantine - Arte» m mixed technique Crucifix of Santa Croce 1255 up to 35 years little medium a acrylic Giotto 1267 40 of 90, are then prepresented through their main pieces. Each piece is located within the author's life and date of painting, and is analyzed through the main colours used, its size, and the painting technique. ena enamel oil dark grey is for age range when the main piece (according to «Le Garzantine- Arte») has been painted. adult Technique of painting, dimensions and four prevalent colours of each piece Simone Martini adult en engraving ready-made The age range is normalized according to life expectancy in each century. The legend displays 1900. Ambrogio Lorenzetti 1284 from 36 to 60 years from i to 4,5 af up to i Lamentation 1290 e etching sanguine Im of Christ mature Crucifix of Santa Croce af big out of scale mature fresco tempera A further analysis represents the way painting has changed over the past eight hundred years 1300 over 61 years 1302 First google-image result for author's name and surname search i ink watercolor The allegory of good and bad government |m death year Ognissanti Madonna from 4,5 over 14 to 14 1337 The allegory of good and bad government 1348 Gentile da Fabriano 1370 Masolino 1383 Jan van Eyck Prevailing age range, average age of realization, life expectancy Paolo Uccello Rogier van der Weyden Beato Angelico 1390 Masaccio 1401 Expulsion from the garden of Eden Average size of the work 1397 1395 1399 Тетptation to Adam and Eve Piero della Francesca Prevailing colors Painting technique 1400 1412 Jean Fouquet 1200 How does the way of painting change over the centuries? Antonello da Messina Andrea Mantegna 1420 Francesco del Cossa 1430 1431 Sandro Botticelli 1436 30 years No old men at all! t f 1428 Hieronymus Bosch 1450 Ercole de' Roberti Тетptation to Adam and Eve Expulsion from the garden of Eden The history of the true 1445 Leonardo da Vinci 64 years 8,9 m? 1451 Michelangelo Matthias Grunewald 1300 1440 Albrecht Dürer 1452 cross Portrait of a young man Buonarroti Lorenzo Lotto 1471 Giorgione 44 years Primavera 1470 Raffaello Sanzio 1483 Albrecht Tiziano Vecellio Altdorfer 1480 Saint Sebastian 1477 1475 en Lady with an ermine Hans Holbein 1480 45 years 7,7 m2 Pontormo 1488 1400 1479 St. Jerome in his study the younger 1497 1494 Brera Madoппa Lamentation The birth of Venus Ercole de' Roberti paints «Нall of months: march» when he was 1500 of Christ. 1492. 41 years Tintoretto 0 t f Salomè i Pieter Bruegel the old 1525 1518 1506 Last Landscape colors Paolo Veronese 69 years 5,6 m2 The marriage of the virgin 1510 lo. 1528- Judgment 1500 only 19 years old Equestrian portrait of Charles V 1520 1519 Self-portrait 164 sq m: size of «Last Judgement» by Michelangelo, 21,5 m2 the biggest work in this analysis El Greco Transfiguration 1541 45 years 69 years Caravaggio Last 1600 1571 Peter Paul Rubens Judgment 1564 The century of dark painting Do not expect to be successful if you do not oil paint in 1600! 1577 41 years Crucifixion of St. Peter Georges de La Tour 1593 1576 Diego VelázquezZ Lorrain 63 years 5,9 m2 Rembrandt 1606 1600 Deposition of Christ 1599 1700 1600 «The sleep of reason produces monsters» 42 years 1610 The night watch Jan Vermeer. 1632 2,4 m2 by Francisco Goya measures only 350 sq cm le The seven works 64 years lac of mercy 1800 Self-portrait Las Meninas 1640 43 years The love letter It's time 60 years 4,5 m2 1660 1900 to try out new Jean-Antoine Watteau 1684 Las Meninas- 1669 painting techniques 1675 of the prodigal Giambattista Tiepolo 1696 The return The milkmaid William Hogarth 1697 Canaletto «Татапоir» is completed by Alexander Calder at 71 years 42 years ena 1697 son з m2 1700 74 years Most important pieces are averagely created in adulthood. Between 41 and 45 years the chances to paint succesfullly increase From the warm colors of the first three hundred years to the darkness of the middle period, up to the brightness oft Sizes of works tend to shrink over the centuries. The «Last judgement» by Michelangelo alters the average of 1500 Oil painting is by far the most used painting technique over the last eight centuries Jacques-Louis David Francisco Goya 1746 800 years, 90 painters, 360 shades of color, 660 sq m of painted surface, 12 types of painting techniques 1748 Antonio Canova Caspar David Friedrich two ce 1757 William Turner The sleep of reason produces Dominique Ingres 1780 John Constable 1776 Jean-Louis Théodore Géricault The death 1774 1775 of Marat Eugène Delacroix 1798 Camille Corot monsters 1791 Chalk cliffs -on Rügen The Valpinçon bather 1796- 1800 The barque of Dante Gustave Courbet 1819 Pierre Puvis de Chavannes Giovanni Fattori Édouard Manet 1832 Gustave Moreau -1826 1824 1825 Edgar Degas 1834 The colossus Paul Cézanne 1839 Claude Monet 1840 Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841 Auguste Rodin 1840 1825 Paul Gauguin 1848 1828 The sea of ice Georges Seurat 1859 Mars being disarmed by Venus Le déjeuner sur l'herbe Vincent van Gogh 1853 Liberty leading the people 1869 1863 Gustav Klimt 1862 Edvard Munch 1863 Wassily Kandinsky 1866 1840 Henri Matisse Paul Klee Pellizza da Volpedo Piet Mondrian Ernst Pablo Picasso 1872 Kirchner La loge 1879 Vision Kazimir Malevic 1868 Umberto Boccioni Self-portrait L'absinthe Bedroom in Arles 1867 after the sermon 1878 Giorgio de Chirico 1888 1880 Rouen cathedral 1881 1882 Otto Dix Beethoven The fourth René Magritte Joan Mirò 1898 Les demoiselles The scream Alexander Calder Berthe Morisot The hanged man's house 1891 Lucio Fontana estate The dance class A girl with a watering can frieze 1893 1883 --Jackson-Pollock. d'Avignon Francis Bacon 1899 1898 1890 The song of love The painter on the road to Tarascon |m Matter 1900 The yellow Christ 1909 The scream Multicolored The false mirror 1912 Andy Warhol 1928 m. 1906 1907 The fourth 1903 resonance The tree 1916 Simultaneous visions The song 1917 The bathers 1919 1918 of life estate Bridge over a pond of water lilies of love Painting 1926 Composition VIII Blue The weeping Marilyn 1944 1944 woman Study after Velázquez's portrait of Рорe Inпосеnt X Golconda Сатpbell's Soup Cans 1967 1973 1978 1987 1992

Painters in the Making (English)

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In what period of their life did the most famous artists in the last 8 centuries paint their masterpieces? Were they young or experienced? And what about the colors and techniques that were used? This...


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