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Over The Centuries: A Technology Timeline

OVER THE CENTURIES: A TECHNOLOGY TIMELINE To say that technology has evolved over the past three centuries would be an understatement. There was, however, a time when these things that we take for granted nowadays were almost unthinkable. In fact, if you were born anytime after the late 20th Century then you've probably become accustomed to storing your music on an iPod, watching a film in High Definition or taking snaps of your mates in outstanding quality. Just take the 1800s, for example. How did people listen to music back then? What about transport? Or the telephone? This infographic takes a step back in time and looks at how technology has progressed in seven different areas over the last 300 years. MUSIC SYSTEMS 19th Century EDISON PHONOGRAPH THE JUKEBOX was invented by Louis Glass with the help of William S. Arnold in early 1889. Recordings had become popular primarily through coin-in-the-slot phonographs in public places. 1889 20th Century 019330 54 60 70 90 100 120 140 160 IN 1933 Edwin Armstrong invented the FM radio with superhetrodyne tuner that allowed radios to tune into different radio stations. 21st Century iPod Playlists |20011 Artists Songs Contacts Settings IN 2001 APPLE menu publicly announced their portable music digital player the iPod invented by Steve Jobs. .... THE AUTOMOBILE 19th Century SOMETIME AROUND 1833 1833 Robert Anderson of Scotland invented the first crude electric-powered carriage operated by non-rechargeable primary cells. 20th Century INZI 1927 IN 1927 a Ford Model T1908 was generally regarded as the first affordable automobile, the car that opened travel to the common middle-class American. Produced by Henry Ford. 21st Century 2005 IN 2005 the Bugatti was awarded 'car of the decade' on the show Top Gear. Invented by Ettore Bugatti. CAMERAS 19th Century 1826 JOSEPH NICEPHORE NIEPCE used a sliding wooden box to take photographs in 1826. 20th Century EDWIN H. LAND 1948 invented the Polaroid Instant Cameras were developed and first sold from 1948. 21st Century 2009 Nikon IN EARLY 2009 the D90 was released, the first DSLR to feature video recording. Produced by Nikon Corporation. COMPUTERS 19th Century IN 1837 CHARLES BABBAGE 1837 proposed the first general mechanical computer, the Analytical Engine. The Analytical Engine contained an Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), basic flow control, and integrated memory and is the first general-purpose computer concept. 20th Century THE PROGRAMMA 101 released in 1965, was the first commercial desktop computer. Produced by Italian manufacturer Olivetti. 1965 21st Century 2011 IN 2011, IBM announced the SmartCloud framework to support Smarter Planet. Among the various components of the Smarter Computing foundation, cloud computing is a critical piece. IBMSmartCloud THE TELEPHONE 19th Century IN THE 1870'S, telephone was invented, by Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell both independently designed devices that could transmit speech electrically. 1870 20th Century DR. MARTIN COOPER invented the first portable handset and was the first person to make a cll on the portable cell phone in 1973 The Motorola Dyna-Tac was the first commercial mobile phone invented. 1973 21st Century 2007 TOUCH SCREEN became wildly popular on handhelds after Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007. Invented by Steve Jobs. THE VACUUM CLEANER 19th Century THE HOOVER, or what is often referred to as the Vacuum 1860 Cleaner, was hand pumped and was first invented in 1860 by Daniel Heiss. 20th Century 190i IN 1901 H. Cecil Booth introduced the first powered vacuum cleaner model that used the technology of the vacuum tube. 21st Century |2002 DR. HELEN GREINER at IRobot invented the Roomba vacuum cleaner, which entered the market in 2002, these small vacuums are placed on the floor and roam around freely. Detectors help avoid bumping into things. TRANSPORT 19th Century THE HORSE DRWAN 1829 O OMNIBUS omnibus originated in Paris and was brought to England by the coachbuilder George Shillibeer in 1829. 20th Century 1909 IN 1909 the engineer Thomas Clarkson started the National Steam Car Company to run steam buses in London. 21st Century 2013 MORE THAN 6.3 MILLION lepod ortoM WGILO hybrid electric vehicles have been sold worldwide through March 2013 led by Toyota Motor Company. Isɔod produced by for

Over The Centuries: A Technology Timeline

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This infographic explains how Technology has improved and progressed over the past three centuries.


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