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Nursing on the Front Line presents: NURSING ON THE FRONT LINE General George Washington Request After General George Washington made a request to Second Continental Congress, a plan was submitted to provide one nurse for every ten patients and "that a matron be allotted to every hundred sick or wounded." This was the first organized system for the military. American Revolution 1775-1783 Sister versus Sister Just two months after the start of the Civil War, Dorothea Lynde Dix was appointed as the Superintendent of Women Nurses for the Union Army. Almost 6,000 nurses served in convalescent and U.S. Government hospitals during the war, including 181 African-American women. American Civil War 1861-1865 The "Splendid Little War" Spanish-American War 1898 At the start of the Spanish-American War, the Surgeon General received congressional approval to appoint women nurses under contract. These nurses served in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Phillippines, China, Hawaii, Japan and on the hospital ship N Relies STATES "We Are the Army Nursing Team" The Army Nurse Corps became a permanent part of the Medical Department under the Army Reorganization Act. Dita H. Kinney was officially appointed the first superintendent of the Army Nurse Corps. Founding of Army Nurse Corps February 2, 1901 APARTMEN Over There, Over There More than 12,000 nurses were active and stationed in more than 198 places around the world during the "The War to End All Wars". There weren't nurses were killed from enemy action, some nurses were wounded and more than 200 died from influenza epidemic. World War I 1917-1918 Second World War World War II There were fewer than 7,000 active Army nurses when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. By the end of the war on August 15, 1945 that number grew to over 54,000. In February 1944 Congress passed a bill that gave nurses actual military rank. 1941-1945 ARMY NURSE CORPS The Forgotten War Korean War 1950-1953 The Army Nurse Corps played a major role helping wounded U.N soldiers mere miles from the front line. Nurses staffed hospitals in Japan and MASH units and hospitals in Korea South East Asia Vietnam War Vietnam was the first war with the major deployment of men as nurses in to a combat theatre. Both men and women nurses staffed all the major Army hospitals in Vietnam. 1965-1972 Global War on Terror Since 1974, a nurse would need at minimum a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to enlist in the Army Nurse Corps. Currently there are 4,170 active nurses and 4,800 in the Army Reserves. Army nurses are deployed all over the world either on humanitarian missions or supporting the Global War on Terror. War on Terror 2001- Present ARMY RITED MEDICAL

Nursing on the Front Line

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A look at the history of nursing in the US Army including the establishment of the US Army Nurse Corps


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