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the most expensive pieces of art infographic

THE MOST EXPENSIVE PIECES OF ART "Edvard Munch's painting, The Scream, broke records this year when it was sold in auction for $119.1million. However, there are other pieces of art that have sold for higher in private sales. This list will take you through the most expensive paintings ever sold and delve into why they sold for so much ". (102 1 "THE CARD PLAYERS " 32 PAUL CEZANNE ESTIMATED $250 MILLION SOLD FOR : BOUGHT BY: ROYAL FAMILY OF QATAR FACTS: This is the only version of the collection that is privately owned. Vanity Fair reported that the painting was sold to the Royal family by shipping magnate George Embiricos. The Art Museums in Qatar are currently closed for renovations but The Card Players is expected to make an appearance when they reopen in 2014. FOR THE SAME You could live in the World's most expensive hotel for 8 years. The President Wilsons Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland charges $81.000 a night for the president's suite. Past guests include Michael Jackson and Bill Gates. PRICE: " 2.NO, 5 1948 " JACKSON POLLOCK 2- ESTIMATED D140 MILLION SOLD FOR: BOUGHT BY: REPORTEDLY MEXICAN FINANCIER, DAVID MARTINEZ ALTHOUGH HE HAS STRONGLY DENIED THIS This is the largest amount of money paid for a post war piece of art. Pollock's most famous work, "Blue Poles", is reportedly worth more than "No. 5 1948" and is currently owned by the Australian government who bought it for $2 million in 1973. FACTS: 2$ FOR THE SAME PRICE: You could have a trip round the moon. WOMAN III" WILLEM DO KOONIG ESTIMATED 137.5 MILLION SOLD FOR: BOUGHT BY: BILLIONAIRE STEVEN COHEN FACTS: This painting used to be owned by the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art in Iran but could not be shown for around 20 years due to their strict rules so was discreetly traded in 1994 to David Geffen. FOR THE SAME You could buy 50 of the most expensive car on the planet, the Bughatti PRICE: Veyron. www " PORTRAIT OF ADELE BLOCH BAUER I" GUSTAV KLIMT 4- SOLD FOR : ESTIMATED 135 MILLION BOUGHT BY: RONALD LAUDER soN OF ESTEE LAUDER FACTS: Adele stated in her will that she wished for the work to be donated to the Austrian State Gallery. However after her death her husband had to flee Switzerland due to the %24 war and the painting was confiscated by Nazis. Maria Altman, Ferdinand's niece, was named heir to the painting after his death and fought a lengthy battle with the Austrian reclaim it. She finally won the case in 2006 government and sold it to Lauer. FOR THE SAME You could buy footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and still PRICE: have $6 million left over. "THE SCREAM " EDVARD MUNCH ESTIMATED $119.9 MILLION SOLD FOR : BOUGHT BY: BUSINESSMAN LEON BLACK FACTS: This painting has set a record for the most expensive piece of art sold at auction. This record was set at Sotheby's in New York in May 2012. FOR THE SAME You could buy 2 top of the line private jets. PRICE: 61 NUDE, GREEN LEAVES AND BUST" PABLO PICASSO SOLD FOR: ESTIMATED $106.5 MILLION BOUGHT BY: ANONYMOUS TELEPHONE BID ! The FACTS: painting features Picasso's former mistress, Marie Therese Walter. The painting had only been publically exhibited once, in 1961, to commemorate Picasso's 80th birthday. FOR THE SAME You could build a high tech rollercoaster in your back garden. PRICE: ESTIMATED S104.2 MILLION SOLD FOR: BOUGHT BY: REPORTED GUIDO BARILLA, OWNER OF BARILLA GROUP This set a record in the art world for the first FACTS: time a painting was sold for more than $100 million. Set in 2004, its presale estimate price was $70 million. FOR THE SAME You could buy 10 private islands. Mel Gibson bought one in Fiji for $10 million. PRICE " GARCON A LA PIPE" PABLO PICASSO 8. " EIGHT ELVISES " ANDY WARHOL SOLD FOR : ESTIMATED $100 MILLION BOUGHT BY: UNKNOWN Warhol Greated many works that included FACTS: images of Elvis's. However this is the only one that included eight and it spans out 12 feet wide. It has not been seen in public since 1963. 24 You could buy 4 of the world's most expensive watch, a 201 carat Chopard. FOR THE SAME PRICE "DORA MAR AU CHAT " PABLO PICASSO 9. ESTIMATED $95.2MILLION SOLD FOR: BOUGHT BY: RUMOURED TO BE BORIS IVANISHI This Dora Maar. Their relationship lasted a decade and was famously volatile. He often depicted her as weeping so this painting is unique in its. FACTS: painting is of Picassa's lover and muse, FOR THE SAME You could buy Roman Abramovich's former PRICE private yacht, Le Grand Bleu. 19. " DORA MAAR AU CHAT" PABLO PICASSO ESTIMATED $87.9MILLION SOLD FOR: BOUGHT BY:: ANONYMOUS FACTS Partof the same collection as Adele Bloch Bauer I. She was the only model to be painted twice by Klint. It has been speculated that her and Klint had a love affair. FOR THE SAME You could buy 125,751 64GB iPhone 5s. PRÍCE NOTABLE EXCEPTIONS: In 2006 Steve Cohen was due to buy Picasso's "Le Rêve" for $139 million from hotel and casino owner Steve Wymn. This would have made it at the time the most expensive piece of art ever sold. However before the sale went through, Wynn accidentally put his elbow through the painting. creating a 6 inch tear. Cohen then called the deal off. Wynn still owns the painting. Famous paintings that did not make this list are most likely due to some painting being donated to museums The first painting to make it on to the list of 'expensive paintings' was for Vincent Van Gogh's Sun- flowers. This was sold in 1987 for £39.7 million. When the price is adjusted due to inflation it would be around $81.2 million in today's money. Before this the most anyone had paid for a painting was $8.1million for the Adoration of the Magi by Andrea Mantegna. therefore money changed hands. For example the Mona Lisa is currently no valued at $730 million on insurance papers. Oprinterinks YOUR INK A TONER SHOP Sources: of most expensive paintings expensive.hum top-10-mostexpensive-paintingsever-sold/ %24 %24

the most expensive pieces of art infographic

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we’ve looked at some of the most expensive pieces of art, detailing how much they’re worth and why the buyers thought so highly of the works.


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