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Money, Murder & The Mona Lisa: The Most Creative Heists of All-Time

iIRAFTYK CRIMIN ALS ••THE GREATEST HEISTS IN HISTORY•• $ • $ • $ • $ $ • $ • $ HERE'S HOW SOME OF HISTORY'S MOST CREATIVE CROOKS MADE OFF WITH MILLIONS. 1911 THE LOUVRE HEIST, PARIS 768 MILLION THE GOODS: THE "MONA LISA," WORTH $768 MILLION EXIT FRANCE ITALY Vincenzo Peruggia hid inside the museum on Sunday, August 20, knowing that the museum would be closed the following day. When he emerged from his hiding spot, he slipped the painting under his jacket and casually walked out. Peruggia claimed he did it as an act of patriotism, arguing that an Italian painting belonged back on Italian soil. He was unaware that da Vinci gifted the painting to France many years prior. 2 MILLION 1950 THE GREAT BRINKS ROBBERY, BOSTON THE GOODS: $2 MILLION ROBBERY <$58,000 2XMIAA . ZXMIRA . TRINKS. ZMIA. BRINKS. STSSTSS After six aborted attempts, the team finally decided to complete the heist. The burglars entered the Brinks Headquarters, then bound and gagged the five Brinks employees who were sorting and counting money. One of the heist's original ringleaders, Joseph O'Keefe, was arrested and squealed on the rest of his crew. Only $58,000 of the original $2.7 million was recovered. Prior to the robbery, two members of the 11-man heist team snuck into the Brinks headquarters and stole the cylinders out of the locks in order to make copies of the keys. $7,145,600 1963 THE GREAT ROYAL MAIL TRAIN ROBBERY, ENGLAND THE GOODS: 124 MAIL SACKS CARRYING $7,145,600 IN BANK NOTES HVP 16 X 307 YEARS $$ $$ $\ $\ $ \ $ .... .......... All 16 men were captured, tried and sentenced to prison. The second carriage behind The robbers tampered with a light signal to stop the train, then worked in chain gang the engine, known as the HVP (High Value Packages) coach, carrying $7.1 Million in Bank Notes. formation to remove 121 sacks of cash inside of 25 minutes. $200,000 1971 THE DAREDEVIL HEIST, NORTHWEST AIRLINES, OREGON THE GOODS: $200,00O IN UNMARKED BILLS, AN AIRPLANE, TWO PARACHUTES, AND A FUEL TRUCK NOTE In between orders of whiskey, D.B. Cooper handed a flight attendant a note saying that he had a bomb and a list of Officials on the ground supplied him with the $200,000, four parachutes, and the refueling truck he asked for. Cooper then released the passengers. The plane was refueled and Cooper and several flight crew took flight. Within a few minutes, Cooper parachuted into the forest of the Pacific Northwest. Some of his ransom cash washed up ashore in a river, but Cooper was never found. Some speculate he died from the fall, but the case remains open. demands. $6 MILLION & $1 MILLION 1978 THE LUFTHANSA HIEST, NEW YORK CITY'S JEK AIRPORT THE GOODS: $200,00O IN UNMARKED BILLS, AN AIRPLANE, TWO PARACHUTES, AND A FUEL TRUCK HOUSE PARTY! 61 MIN. One of the robbers, Parnell “Stacks" Edwards, failed to dispose of the robbery van properly because he spent the night partying in celebration. The car was towed, which ultimately put the FBI on the gang's trail. The biggest robbery ever on American soil occurred on Knowing the FBI was investigating, gang leader Jimmy Burke ordered the execution of anyone who could implicate him in the December 11. With the use of extensive inside information, the thieves were alerted of a big stash of cash being flown in on a Lufthansa flight from Germany. The expert criminals executed the robbery in just 64 minutes. heist. PARNELL "STACKS" MARTIN KRUGMAN RICHARD EATON THERESA FERRARA TOM MONTELEONE EDWARDS JAN. 6, 1979 JAN. 17, 1979 FEB. 10, 1979 MARCH 1979 DEC. 18, 1978 LOUIS CAFORA JOANNA CAFORA JOE "BUDDHA" MANRI ROBERT MCMAHON PAOLO LICASTRI DEC. 18, 1978 MARCH 1979 MAY 16, 1979 MAY 16, 1979 JUNE 13, 1979 1990 THE GARDENER MUSEUM HEIST, BOSTON $300 MILLION THE GOODS: ARTWORK BY REMBRANDT, DEGAS, MANET, AND OTHERS, WORTH $300 MILLION 40 YARDS On March 18, two men dressed like police talked their way into the museum by telling the their hands, feet, and heads and on-duty security guard that they were responding to an The thieves then handcuffed the To this day, the golden frames of the stolen art hang empty, as Isabella Stewart Gardner's will museum's two guards and duct taped secured them to pipes 40 yards away from each other in the basement. strictly requires that nothing in the collection be moved. emergency call. $65 MILLION 2005 THE EPIC BANCO BRAZIL HEIST, FORTALEZA, BRAZIL THE GOODS: $65 MILLION LANDSCAPINC Three months prior to the robbery, the team of thieves rented out a building in the area and set up shop as a landscaping business to help account for the removal of The robbers dug tunnels deep underground and burrowed under 2 Taking their time, they made off with nearly 3 tons in uninsured cash. The crime wasn't discov- ered until the bank opened for business the following Monday. city blocks to position themselves directly underneath the bank. When the bank closed for the weekend the robbers made their move and blasted dirt for the tunnel they were through 3.6 feet of reinforced planning to build. concrete. PROVIDED BY SIMPLISAFE HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS ................ ..................

Money, Murder & The Mona Lisa: The Most Creative Heists of All-Time

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What’s the best way to steal a billion dollars? These seven epic heists show there’s a million ways to steal, but only a few ways to get away with it...






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