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Mapping the Empires of History

MAPPING THE EMPIRES OF HISTORY Key; Peak Population Maximum Area III Political Height BRITISH EMPIRE 1583-1997 533 million 33,670,000km? I| 1921 Famous Ruler At its peak the largest Empire in history, the phrase "the empire on which the sun never sets" was often used to describe the British Empire since their territories were so vast that at least one part was always in daylight. The British Empire is also infamous for the transatlantic slave trade in which African civilians were transported and sold to the Americas as slaves. This was finally abolished in QUEEN VICTORIA 1834 by The Slavery Abolition Act. MONGOL EMPIRE 1206-1368 110 million 33,000,000km2 1279 Famous Ruler The Mongol Empire presided over 33 million km2 of land with a shared border - making it the largest contiguous empire in history. Genghis Khan united the tribes of North East Asia to form the Mongol Empire, however he is believed to have killed as many as 40 million people by wars led in his name. GENGHIS KHAN RUSSIAN EMPIRE 1721-1917 176 million 22,800,000km? III| 1866 Famous Ruler Peter the Great was responsible for the construction of the city of Saint Petersburg, which he made the capital city in 1712. It retained this status until 1918 when it was moved back to Moscow. The Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible was in fact considered a capable leader, his title is supposed to convey the older English use of the word, meaning "inspiring fear, powerful and formidable". PETER THE GREAT SPANISH EMPIRE 1492-1975 68 million 19,400,000km? I| 1500s Famous Ruler The Spanish Empire funded the voyage of Christopher Columbus in 1492, in which he landed on the Americas. The Spanish and Portuguese Empires signed the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494, which split the globe into 2 hemispheres owned by each power respectively, to prevent fighting over lands. PHILIP II OF SPAIN UMAYYAD CALIPHATE 661-750 tt 15,000,000km? IIII 690 62 million Famous Ruler Despite being a prominently Muslim empire, the Christian and Jewish population remained autonomous and were given freedom of religion in the empire. ABD AL-MALIK PORTUGUESE EMPIRE 1450-1999 Unknown 10,400,000km? II 1570 Famous Ruler The last remaining colony of the Portuguese Empire was Macau, sovereignty of which was transferred to China in 1999. The Portuguese established a long-awaited trade route to Asia through the voyage of Vasco de Gama in 1497. This was a significant event in establishing the ongoing strength of the empire. ΚING JOΗΝ Π OF PORTUGAL ACHAEMENID EMPIRE (FIRST PERSIAN EMPIRE) 550BC-330BC 50 million 8,500,000km? 480BC Famous Ruler The death of Darius I is considered to be the fall of the Achaemenid Empire. He was killed by his kinsman Bessus as Alexander the Great approached to attack Persia. Bessus claimed himself leader of the empire as Artaxerxes V, however Alexander claimed Darius had declared himself king on his deathbed. Alexander the Great later found and killed Bessus. XERXES I OTTOMAN EMPIRE 1299-1922 110 million 5,200,000km2 1540 Famous Ruler The capture of Constantinople by the Ottoman Empire in 1453 marked the end of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. The city officially became known as Istanbul in 1930. SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT ROMAN EMPIRE 27BC-476CE 70 million 5,000,000km? IIII 117CE Famous Ruler Despite being one of the most famous names in history and playing a critical role in the formation of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar was never technically a Roman Emperor. Although The Fall of Rome occurred in 476, the Eastern part of the Roman Empire remained for long after. Commonly known as the Byzantine Empire, it lasted until 1453. NERO ANCIENT EGYPT 3100BC-30BC 1-2 million 1,000,000km? IIII 1250BC Famous Ruler Understanding the hieroglyphic writing of Ancient Egypt was dealt a helping hand in 1822 upon the discovery of the Rosetta Stone - a rock which contained the same passage of writing in 3 different languages (including Egyptian hieroglyphics). CLEOPATRA AZTEC EMPIRE 1428-1521 6 million 220,000km2 1519 Famous Ruler The Aztecs are infamous for their rituals of human sacrifice which are believed to have been performed at the top of a temple on a stone slab. During their attack and conquest, the Spanish are believed to have introduced the smallpox virus to the Aztecs. The Aztecs had no immunity from the disease and thus an epidemic was caused. MOCTEZUMA I Sources Ы.uk JUST THE FLIGHT БЬс.coо.uk

Mapping the Empires of History

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Do you know where some of the most amazing (and often infamous) empires ruled? We have mapped the lands ruled by historical empires based on modern political boundaries to show you the incredible exte...


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