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Made in China

MADE IN CHINA about reinventing thíngs Currently a new global player appears on the horizon, although his bad publicity precedes him. Reports about his brazenly piracy of products incense the western world! A look over the rim of a tea cup however, might cause some surprise about certain everyday acquisitions if it comes to: Who invented it in the first place and who merely copied? ixtract shows you where the things we use on a regular basis actually come from. Today 2014 Son, 1 generation 33 3years 2000 I AC Grandchild Great grandchild.. 500 1500 620 1000 Grent- greut -greut-gret-gret-gret- gret- grat-grat-grot gret- gut. -grut-gretm get- gut- gut-gret-gankhil - generations Porcelain 1708 It was a long way to go until the Chinese secret got disclosed by Böttger and von Tschirnhaus in Dresden in January 1708. When Böttger failed to produce gold, he escaped the gallows by discovering porcelain, which anyway made his king rich at the end. 1088 years later.. 紙 I AC 105 2000 500 1500 generatfons 1000 Paper 1100 The imperial clerk Cai Lun is regarded as the originator of today's known manufacturing process. The Arabs protected this very secret against Europe for centuries, until the first European paper finally got produced in Valencia in 00, 995 years later.. 鈔票 I AC 2000 16 generations 1500 500 O 100 1483 910 1000 55 years laterm Paper Morney One the first Europeans, to lay his hands on paper money, was the Venetian Marco Polo on his China travel 1276. When the first bills were issued in Spain in 1483, the Chinese ones were disestablished in the meanwhile again. 2000. EJ , AC 12 generations 1500 500 1454 1040 1000 414 years later.. Letterpress Most people might be familiar with the goldsmith Gutenberg. With the commoner Bi Sheng, who lived in Song China, however scarcely. Yet he came to the very same idea already four hundred years earlier. He carved separate characters in clay, baked them in the fire and set them with resin on an iron plate. 牙刷 火藥 針 1498 1044 1100 7 generations generations 2 generations 1750 1242 1187 Toothbrush Oumpowder Compass 252 years later. 198 years later.. 87 yearo later. By the time the originator of European dentistry, Pierre Fauchard in 1728 still recom- Chinese fire arrows already put their enemies to flight for generations, when Roger Bacon, a Franciscan monk, While the Chinese compass had already been shown southwards for decades, the mended to rinse one's mouth French monk Hugues de with urine twice a day, the Chinese people brushed their teeth already for more than two hundred years. And thus far more pleasant. Bercy, mentioned in 1187 a magnetized floating needle, which showed European sailors their way north. recommended the powder as a children's toy. MADEIN EUROPE Topsyturey Sprinter W 906 HD 6/15 C 2005 2006 2010 2010 Kärcher HD 6/15 C Wenzhou Haibao Mercedes Sprinter W 906 JAC Sunray Van To invent is exhausting and therefore, the Chinese have simply turned the tables. And what previously took centuries, is now perfectly copied in no time. For this high-pressure cleaner, the Chinese manu- facturer got even punished by a Chinese court. The artists of JAC show what's possible with a blueprint: Even the star on top of the engine bonnet got brazenly copied. Only the headlights are modified and slightly remind of almond-shaped eyes from the orient. MADE IN CERMANY nasri't always quality 1876 German exhíbitor MADE IN SHEFFIELD "Cheap and poor" rates a German judge at the World Exhibition in Philadelphia 1876 about the products from his cheap + poor 30 £ home country. MADE IN SHEFFIELD 1886 SHEFFIELD MADE Forge steel products of the UK market leader with low-grade cast iron and place the fakes with a false origin on the British market. Solir copy quality 30 £ MADE IN SHEFFIELD 1887 MADE IN GERMA, Great Britons adopt the "Merchandise Marks Act": The inferior products from Germany have to be labeled immediately with "Made in Germany". German 30 £ 10 £ manufacturers get nervous. MADE IN SHEFFIELD 1897 MADE IN GERMANY Based on these labels, the British quickly realize: A lot of items already come from Germany and now the seal gets a sign of quality. Ten years later the British Colonial Secretary praises, knives, watches, furniture and the beer! 30 £ 10 £ Sources de de www.copat de/mn erfindungen.htm de de mit beweglichen Lettern de 10005371 html!section=lib_generation www.spektrum.d www.planet-wissen.delpolitik_geschichte/wirtschaft und finanzenlindustrialisierung/wissensfrage.jsp Bacon irat: ie Erfindung des Porzellans in China visual knowledge transfer 2014

Made in China

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The Plagiarius-Award at the Frankfurt consumer goods fair gave us reason enough to venture a glance at the history and make amazing discoveries: Progress does not come exclusively from the fabulous in...


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