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Leaders From Humble Beginnings

O LEADERS FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS S000000O The son of a candlemaker BENJAMIN FRANKLIN only 1706-1790 15th - 17 children years of formal education Age 17 Franklin left home and traveled to Philadelphia where he created an enormously successful printing business. ACCOMPLISHMENTS STATESMAN - Councilman, Postmaster, Recruiter AUTHOR INVENTOR THINKER SCIENTIST - Poor Richard's Almanack - Famous autobiography - Numerous classic essays ~ Lightning Rod - Franklin Stove - Bifocal Glasses - First subscription library - American Philosophical Society of the PA militia, Speaker of the PA State House, Delegate to the Second, Continental Congress, Ambassador to France, President of PA Executive Council, Founding Father - Investigations into the nature of electricity MARGARET THATCHER Born in Grantham, a small market town in eastern England Daughter of a grocer 1925- Present Her family's social life was largely within the close community of their local congregation and bound by CHARITABLE WORK strong traditions of: SELF-HELP Studied chemistry at Somerville College PERSONAL TRUTHFULNESS ACCOMPLISHMENTS POLITICIAN LEADER PRIME MINISTER - Revived economy - Reformed outdated institutions - Reinvigorated foreign policy - First woman to lead a - Served for more than 11 years major Western democracy BILL CLINTON Son of a salesman IIIII IIIII 1946- Present Clinton's Father died in a car crash several months before he was born. He lived with his grandparents as a young child while his mother was away at nursing school. Clinton attended Georgetown University and politics and served as president of his freshman and sophomore classes. kly threw himself into school reading by the age of 3 His stepfather was an abusive alcoholic. Attended a segregated, all white school. ACCOMPLISHMENTS STUDENT POLITICIAN PRESIDENT - Clinton easily defeated his competitors in the Democratic primaries and went on to become the 42nd President of the ยท Became one of the youngest - Won the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to study for two years at Oxford - Attended Yale governors in American history - Served as chairman for National Governors Assoc. United States ROSA PARKS Granddaughter of slaves Rosa's family lived with her grandparents, Rose and Sylvester Edwards. Both were former slaves and strong advocates for racial equality. 1913- 2005 As a child, she attended a small, segregated school in Pine Level, AL. She dropped out of high school to care for her mother and grandmother. 1943 "tired of giving in" Rosa joined the NAACP Worked as a seamstress. Rosa was arrested for refusing to giver her seat up to a white ACCOMPLISHMENTS passenger. ICON Spingarn Medal (NAACP's highest award) - Martin Luther King Jr. Award Presidential Medal of Freedom Congressional Gold Medal, LEADER ACTIVIST - Served as Montgomery chapter's youth leader. - Served as secretary to - Rosa's refusal to surrender her seat sparked a bus boycott in Montgomery, AL which lasted 381 days. - Helped launch natiomvide efforts to end segregation of public facilities - TIME magazine's "20 most influential People of the 20th Century" NAACP President until 1957. Sources: BEST-MPA-PROGRAMS.COM DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Leaders From Humble Beginnings

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This infographic takes a look at some of America's most famous leaders and their humble beginnings.


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