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The L59 record journey

The L59 record journey The incredible Top Secret Mission of Germany's Zeppelin L-59, that is still the longest non-stop military flight in history, over a century after its flight. L 59 In 1917 Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, the commander of the German troops fighting in East Africa, was having a hard time surrounded by English troops and without access to outside supplies. In Germany, someone came up with the idea of supplying isolated soldiers from the air, by using Zeppelins. Their carrying capacity was ideal and, in addition, they could theoretically navigate the thousands of kilometers necessary to Faral vore successfully complete their mission. Lettrw-lenkeck Das Afrika-Schiff, or the African Ship, as the L-59 was known, took off from Jamboli on November 21, 1917. Kapitänleutnant Ludwig Bockholt, was the commander of the mission, code named China-Sache, loosely translated as "China Show." It had nothing to do with China, it was to deceive British spies. dudurig Bockholt In addition to the 15 tons of cargo slated for delivery, the L-59 itself would have to benefit the Schutztruppe. It was decided that every conceivable component from the ship was to be stripped off and used by von Lettow- Vorbeck's men. The blimp's canvas canopy could be converted into tents, its internal fabric lining would be cut into bandages, and even the Zeppelin's aluminum frame was to be reassembled into radio towers. L-59 Specifications Airbus A 340-600: 75.30 m (247 ft 1 in) **** 27.76 m 59 (91 ft 1 in) 226.50 m (743 ft 0 in) Diameter: 23.90 m (78 ft 5 in) Powerplant: 5 × Maybach HSLU piston engines, Volume: 68,470 m3 (2,418,000 ft3) 180 kW (240 hp) each Useful lift: 23,500 kg (51,900 lb) Maximum speed: 103 km/h (64 mph) Route of the Zeppelin L-59 BULGARIA 1.The 21 November 1917 the L-59 took off from Jamboli BLACK SEA Jamboli for a 5.500km journey to Tanzania, with 15 tons of cargo slated for delivery Adrianople Constantinople 5.Within 48 hours, the L-59 had touched down safely at Jamboli, Bulgaria. The airship had travelled 6,800 km non-stop in less than 95 hours. It still had fuel for another two-and-a-half days. Adalia MEDITERRANEAN 2.She crossed over the African coast on 22 November near Mersa Matruh and flying via the Dakhla Oasis set course up the Nile. Sollum Alexandria Port Said Siwa Oasis Cairo Farafra Oasis 3.The 23 she nearly crashed when heat turbulence from the dunes below and subsequent cooling SAHAR A Dakhla reduced the buoyancy of her gas. The crew also suffered from headaches, hallucinations and Oasis Bulgaria general fatigue in the mid-day heat and freezing cold at night. NILE RIVER 4. As the vessel passed just west of Khartoum, the L-59 was asked to abort the mission and return. Despite the insistence of the crew that they finish the job, Bockholt dutifully ordered the craft to Khartoum Tanzania turn back. Infographic by Anibal Maiz Caceres ([email protected]) Source:,,,, maiz E D

The L59 record journey

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The incredible Top Secret Mission of Germany’s Zeppelin L-59, that is still the longest non-stop military flight in history, over a century after its flight.


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