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HPV The Dangerous Sexual Visitor

HPV ΚΑΙ ΑΝΤΙΜΕΤΩΠΙΣΗΣ INSTITUTE for the STUDY of ŪROLOGIC DISEASES THE DANGEROUS CENTRE FOR SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 2006 . Oral cavity Larynx sexual 'visitor Oral cavity Larynx Pharynx 150. 40me One virus types are related to sex Pharynx with more than... types DEPENDING ON THE TYPE, HPV MAY CAUSE CONDYLOMAS or CANCER WILL BE INFECTED AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIFE 8/10 WOMEN 5/л0 MEN 70% 10% ( HPV INFECTIONS HPV PATIENTS REGRESS REMAIN Cervix SPONTANEOUSLY, CARRIERS Penis WITHOUT TREATMENT AFTER 2 YEARS (8-10 months) Vagina HPV ASSOCIATED WITH CANCER HPV and CONDYLOMAS Anus more than smoking 6 and 11 Vulva AFFLICTS MAINLY YOUNG PEOPLE Anus due to more intense sexual activity are HPV TYPES MOST COMMONLY ASSOCIATED WITH CONDYLOMAS wwwwwwAwA10 HPV and CANCER MEN 16 and 18 80-95% WOMEN will present CONDYLOMAS are the high-risk oropharyngeal, laryngeal oncogenetic types associated with the 70-90% USUALLY 16-24 YEARS OLD following cancers genital AAAAA 7/10 CANCERS HPV-ASSOCIATED CANCER RATE (%) Cervix 100 when having sex with a person with condylomas Vagina 90 Anus 90* WILL BE AFFECTED by HPV but will not necessarily Vulva 40 Penis 40 manifest it Pharynx 80* DIAGNOSIS OF CONDYLOMAS Larynx 24* CONDYLOMAS-PAPILLOMAS Oral cavity 16* Characteristic cauliflower-like or flat *men/women lesions, ivory or rose-colored, flat or multiple VACCINATION MEN: clinical examination of genital area, anus, oral cavity There are es worldwide 2 vaccine protecting from~70% of cervical cancer In AUSTRALIA, WOMEN: clinical examination of genital area (colposcopy), anus, oral cavity the national vaccination One of two vaccines also protects program ~90% of condylomas has practically eliminated condylomas within 4 years TREATMENT OF CONDYLOMAS INDICATION: MEN & WOMEN 9-26 YEARS OLD ABLATION They can also protect older men and women, even if they have already been diseased according to number and size Topical creams For every 130 And for every 13 vaccinations vaccinations Diathermy 1 cervical cancer is PREVENTED condyloma case is PREVENTED Cryopexy Laser Surgical resection ! ADVERSE EVENTS rate significantly lower than the average rate of other vaccines Visit In and get informed about SEXUAL PROBLEMS and their solutions an get reliable information by the HELLENIC HPV SOCIETY you in You + E E GREEK INFOGRAPHICS EAAHNIKH ETAIPEIA EPEYNAE TOY IOY TON OHAOMATON (HPV)

HPV The Dangerous Sexual Visitor

shared by imop on Oct 31
HPV The Dangerous Sexual Visitor" infographic created by Hellenic HPV Society and The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases




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