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How Tattoos Vivified World History

HOW TATOOING HAS VIVIFIED ТАТOOING WORLD HISTORY AFRICA EGYPT Although Africans have dark skin, this does not stop them from getting inked. They make scarifications. This is not really tattooing, but it is related to tattooing. There have been bodies recovered dating to as early as XI dynasty exhibiting the art form of tattoo. It was also known that the Egyptians spread the practice of tattooing throughout the world. NEW ZEALAND POLYNESIA The Maori of New Zealand called their tattoo 'moko'. It reflected their refined artistry, using their woodcarving skills Tattooing has a huge historic significance in the Pacific cultures. Polynesian tattooing is recognized as the most intricate and skillful tattooing in the to carve skin. ANCIENT GREECE ancient world. AND ROME The Greeks learned tattooing from the Persians. Their women looked at colorful tattoos as exotic beauty marks. CHINA The art of tattooing has spread along the silk route from Southeast China. JAPAN INDONESIA Among the earliest evidences of tattooing in Japan is found in the form of clay figurines which have faces painted or engraved. They serve as representations of tattoo marks. These proofs recovered from tombs dated 3,000 BC or older. Until today, Borneo is one of the few places in the INDIA / THAILAND world where traditional tribal tattooing is still practiced, as it has been for thousands of years. Hanuman in India was a famous representation of strength on arms and legs. The mythical monk is still one of the most popular creations in Thailand and Myanmar until today.

How Tattoos Vivified World History

shared by sharayelee on Sep 18
Going back through our world history, you'll always come into contact with the great contribution of tattoos in making a particular culture known by the world.




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