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The History of Water Filtration

THE HISTORY OF WATER FILTRATION 2000 BCE Early Sanskrit writings make up the earliest known records of water filtration. Methods included boiling and crude filters made of sand or charcoal. Filters were intended for enhanced taste rather than health concerns. 400 BCE 450 CE Hippocrates, the "Father of Western Medicine," creates his “Hippocratic sleeve," a cloth bag through which boiled water was filtered. The collapse of Rome marks the end of scientific progress in water technology for over a millenium. 1627 CE Sir Francis Bacon attempts to filter seawater using sand. Though his experiment failed, it was the first recorded water filtration 1590 BCE experimentation after nearly 1,200 years of historical silence. Dutch spectacle makers construct the first 1673 CE "microscope," discovering that multiple lenses in a tube allow for greater Anton van Leeuwenhoek greatly enhances the microscope, creating 270x magnifications. He used his creation to discover that every drop of magnification. water was teeming with living creatures. 1804 CE First municipal water treatment plant installed in Paisley, Scotland. The plant utilized a slow sand filter designed by Robert Thom. 1852 CE 1854 CE London's Metropolis Water Act becomes the first legislation Physician John Snow uses a microscope to link the Soho cholera epidemic to an infected water supply. He then successfully mandating water filtration.- 1905 CE utilized chlorination to purify the water and curb England permanently introduces chlorination into its water systems after a faulty sand filter results in a typhoid outbreak. the outbreak 1972 CE The Canada Water Act marks Canada's primary federal response to water resource pollution. FACTS 1 Early societies believed better tasting water was cleaner water. It was not until the 19th 5. Century that diseases were connected to water impurity. .************* .................... 2 Hippocrates postulated that human * health was dependent on balance within the body's fluid makeup. He was The Greeks, Romans, and even Mayans built elaborate aqueduct systems in order to provide water to their municipalities. one of the first to connect water with the body's healing process. 3 In the Soho cholera epidemic, British government officials observed that sand water-filter installations decreased cholera The Age of Enlightenment 7. brought with it the idea that every citizen had a "right to rates in the surrounding areas. pure water." ........................................ 8 Developed in the 19th Century, 4 Chlorine is actually considered a poison, and many homes today are adding home filtration systems in order to protect chlorination is still used as the world's primary filtrati on process. themselves from chlorination side effects. Filter Butler Great Prices, Catered Service Sources: 1- 2- 3 - 4 -

The History of Water Filtration

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Our History of Water Filtration infographic navigates the user through the interesting and often un-known history of Water Filtration. It all began in 2000 BCE...


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