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History of U.S. Money

THE RICH HISTORY OF U.S. CURRENCY BILLS COINS Making Cents Of It All A Brief History 1775 1775 1792 Americans create their own currency - the Continental Currency - but the notes failed. The United States Mint opens its doors. Original gold coins included S10, S5 and $2.5o. 1793 1793 The Mint's first delivery of coins consists of II,178 copper cents. 1800 1793-1857 ATATE ALE Pennies aren't the smallest denomination CENT ever issued: the U.S. Mint produces half-cent coins. 1795 The motto "E Pluribus Unum," meaning "One Out of Many" and a reference to the unity of states, is first used 1862 The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) creates demand notes, the first paper currency issued by the government. on U.S. coinage. Ninttalutee 1850 FIVEDOLL 1864 A 2-cent coin, the first to feature the motto "In God We Trust," is minted. The motto has been required by law for paper money since 1955- D STATE 1863------- Fractional currency notes are issued in denominations of 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents. 1875 1875-1878 The 20-cent piece appears; it is the coin with the shortest circulation. 1892 The first U.S. commemorative coin is 1877 The BEP becomes the sole producer of all U.S. currency. the half dollar featuring Christopher Columbus. 1900 1886 1909 Martha Washington appears on the Sr silver certificate; she The Lincoln cent is issued to commemorate the 10ooth anniversary of Lincoln's birth. It is the only circulating coin currently produced with a right-facing portrait. remains the only woman to do so. 1929 1932 Paper money reduces in size from 3.125 inches by 7.4218 inches to 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches. BERT George Washington appears on the quarter to commemorate the 20oth anniversary of the first president's birth 7-4a18 INCHES UNITEDTAe OF AMERICA 2OLLAR 1938 Felix Schlag wins a $1,000 prize for designing the portrait of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello, his historic home, on the front and back of the nickel. 1934 1950 The largest bill ever issued, the Si00,000 gold certificate, features President Woodrow 1943 Due to a WWII shortage, zinc-coated steel replaces copper in pennies Wilson; it is never circulated. 1946 Less than a year after his death, Franklin D. Roosevelt's portrait makes it onto the dime. 1991 TED STATES OOEER BEP adds micro OF AMERIC 1946-1951 printing and translucent Booker T. Washington is the first African American to security threads to currency to deter counterfeiting. appear on a memorial half dollar. MASHINGTON 1964 Kennedy half-dollars are minted, less than 3 months after his 1996 BEP rolls the biggest redesign since 1929. New notes feature advances such as a portrait watermark, a universal Fdereal Rezerve seal, and new serial numbers. assassination. 2000 L376240E 100 1979, 2000, 2003 Susan B. Anthony (1979). Sacagawea (200o), and Helen Keller (2003) IBERTY 2013 The $100 note gets a redesign and introduces two advanced security features: the 3-D Security Ribbon and the Bell in the Inkwell. become the only women ever honored on a circulating coin. L376240E 100 E THE HISTORY OF OUR CURRENCY IS AS RICH & STORIED AS THE UNITED STATES ITSELF BROUGHT TO YOU BY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Quicken Loans Engineered to Amaze SAVE YOUR MONEY QUICKENLOANSCOM GHERGICH&Co. COINNEWS. NET FINANCEINTHECLASSROOM.ORG HISTORY.COM MONEYFACTORY.GOV NGCCOIN.COM NEWMONEY.GOV POGS.COM SECRETSERVICE.Gov SOCALLEDDOLLAR.COM SUSANBANTHONYHOUSE.ORG USMINT.GOV AMER OF AMTAICA ----------. SHONI SErt 2.61 INCHES :

History of U.S. Money

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While there’s a ton of cool things to do with money, (Besides spending it), and some really awesome facts out there about U.S. currency, not many people know the true history of the paper and coins ...


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