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The History Of Toys

The H/STORY TOYS Even at the very beginning of civilization, young people needed toys to help stimulate their brains and enhance their imaginations. Some toys that are still extremely popular today were actually created thousands of years ago! 3000 BC 1000 BC 4000 BC 600 BC START Stone marbles are used in Egypt. Kites are first flown in China. Babylonians play a board game that resembles chess and checkers. Chaturanga – the direct predecessor of chess is first played in India. 1804 1800's 1759 Playgrounds start to pop up in cities across the United States. 1843 18603 969 The first US Company is granted a patent to mass-produce dolls. Joseph Merlin builds the world's first roller skates. Playing Cards are invented in China. Michaux and Lallement design a commercial velocipede - known today as the bicycle. The first board game is sold in the US, called "The Mansion of Happiness." 1932 88888 1935 1929 1902 1943 1916 The Lego is invented - the name is Danish for "play well." MONOPOLY Donald Duncan popularizes the yo-yo in the US. The "Teddy Bear" becomes unbelievably popular - named after the not-so-cuddly President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. The son of famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, invents Lincoln Logs. The Parker Brothers' Monopoly becomes the best selling board game in America. The Slinky is accidently invented by Naval engineer Richard James - its famous name coined by his wife Betty. 1965 1959 1952 1983 1956 Play-Doh Play-Doh 1986 Barbie makes her grand debut. Today, 3 Barbies are sold The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ushers toys into the digital age. every second! Mr. Potato Head proves that kids really do love playing with their The GI Joe proves that boys will indeed play with dolls. Play-Doh does badly as wallpaper cleaner, but very well as a play toy! food! Cabbage Patch Kids give consumers dolls that are cute and personal. 2001 1993 2007 2012 1996 The Furby, which is cute and mimics what it hears, is banned from the Pentagon. Bratz dolls bring the doll industry some serious sass. Tickle Me Elmo becomes one of the Beanie Babies are introduced, but the craze doesn't take over most in demand toys The iPod touch provides kids with thousands of game apps that are both fun and educational! Nintendo's Handheld 'WII U' is the first portable gaming console with HDĎ Graphics of the century during the holiday season. the world until 1996. Sources: from-the-pentagon-and-the-national-security-agency,28804,2049243_2048662_2049235,00.html Learn. Love. Share. Your Everyday Life. ....... ...... ......... 1998

The History Of Toys

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Once upon a time there weren’t video games. There weren’t talking dolls (or ones that pee in their pants – who thought that was a good idea?). There weren’t even Barbies or bicycles. We live i...


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