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History Of A Tent Infographic

A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TENT TENTS HAVE BEEN A PART OF CIVILIZATION SINCE, WELL, THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION. HERE ARE SOME OF THE MAJOR MILESTONES IN PORTABLE LIVING SPACES Tent ruins have been found in 40,000 BC Russia, dating back to as far as 40,000 BC These early tents were made mainly from Mam- moth hides. and were found to Portable dwelling structures such as yurts and teepees were used for nomadic life on the plains and steppes. Yurts have been in use at least since the 12th century. and 450 BC be vastly superior to the dirtbag practice of "mammoth surfing". there are indications that the design is much older. Due to their round shape, interior decoration can be quite challenging. As a means your house their 300 BC ever expanding mobile military forces, the Romans employed tents. Roman Army tents were usually made out of calf or goat skin and slept around eight soldiers. During the civil war, soldiers coined the term "Pup Tent" as they believed the army tents were so bad they were "not fit to shelter a dog". 1861 BC Around the 1970s more durable, lighter and more technical mate- rials were introduced; aluminum was used for poles and synthetic materials replaced canvas. Family vacations would never be the same. 1970 BC 2008 BC Firms introduce a waterpro0- fing products that also protects tents from damaging UV rays. SURVIVAL MASTERY Source:

History Of A Tent Infographic

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History and importance of a tent through time explained


tent history


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