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The History of Hoodies

The history of hoodies Fashion is inspired by youth and nostalgia and draws inspiration from the best of the past. - Lana Del Ray The popular perception of fashion is always changing. What is trending today is passé tomorrow. However, from within this fray, few iconic ideas evolve to stand the test of time and become a part of the popular culture and the common consciousness. Hoodies have taken the world by storm. Initially invented and used as a functional item of clothing like the jeans, it has made inroads into the mainstream and has become the icon of a generation. Hoodies through history 5th - 15th The earliest incarnation of this form of clothing can be traced back to the everyday clothing of Christian monks who wore a decorative cowl CENTURY MEDIEVAL EUROPE attached to their tunics or robes. Chaperons or hooded capes were worn by outdoor workmen for protection against the elements. A modified and more ornamental version was worn by the upper classes as well as royalty. 1600s Russell Athletics created the first sweatshirt using cotton jersey. It was 1920s marketed to football players intended to relieve them of the discomfort of sweating woolen jerseys. The modern hoodie was first created in the US by the sportswear manufacturer Champion then known as Knickerbocker Knitting Company. It was initially marketed to warehouse laborers of upstate New York who had to endure freezing temperatures while working. 1930s The growing Hip-hop scene of New York adopted the hoodie as a part of their mainstay street wear becoming synonymous with the subculture. Some high profile fashion designers like Norma Kamali also embraced and glamorized the hoodie. The film Rocky introduced the hoodie to popular culture with the iconic scene of Sylvester Stallone training on the streets of the city in a hoodie. 1970s The hoodie became a symbol of isolation. It was popular in the UK among chavs and nerds. Surfers and skateboarders in the US took to wearing hoodies, especially becoming popular in California. High profile designers like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger used the hoodie as a part of their collections during this period. Hoodies with university logos on them also became popular during this time. 1990s Hoodies make their way into popular culture and become the icon of a generation. Used by famous faces like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, it gains additional popularity among young people around the world. It also gains a degree of notoriety as it finds itself associated with criminals and gangs. 2000s PRESENT DAY The anatomy of hoodies One of the great things about hoodies is the number of different materials it is made out of. Hoodies typically have a distinct inner lining along with an outer, more rugged layer. Here are just some of the materials a hoodie can be made out of. Outside Material I Inside Material Cotton Fleece Fur Fleece Outside Material Water resistant cotton Fleece Fur Cotton Inside Material Cotton Cotton Cotton Fleece Hoodies also come in many variants, which maybe stylistically as well as functionally distinct from one another. BASIC SOLID CCOLOR Simplistic design featuring one solid, plain color PLAID Stylish sweatshirts featuring checkered patterns in various colors FEMININE Especially designed for women, tapered at the waist with an overall snug fit ATHLETIC Features water-resistant fabrics which are ultra-durable and comfortable to train in STRIPED Features basic alternating stripes in various colors GRAPHIC Features printed images or slogans Hood Styles- -Cuff Styles The style of the hood itself is usually the same as that of the rest of the sweatshirt. However, some designs feature Most hoodies feature cuffed sleeves, but the style of cuffs can differ depending on the jackets. It may have: alternatives such as: Zippers O A relaxed cuff which allows the Q hoodie to be used as summer wear O Inner fur or fleece lining A tightened cuff, usually found on O zip-up hoodies, which adds to the insulation in cold weather Different styles O of drawstrings A cuff with additional design elements such as a Velcro belt, O thumb hole, printed graphic Ô No drawstrings Infamy and popular perception Although the hoodie is now well within the cultural mainstream, public perception varies across the world. Contrastingly in CANADA, hoodies are extremely popular and frequently worn under coats and jackets to add an extra layer of insulation during the winter months. In some parts of the country, they are fondly referred to as "Bunny-Hugs" In AUSTRALIA, police have launched a 'Hoodie Free Zone' initiate aimed at educating businesses and shopkeepers on how they can avoid armed robberies. Shopkeepers are encouraged to ask people wearing hoodies to leave the premises. In the UNITED STATES, the hoodie is a well accepted form of clothing which has however attracted a fair bit of negative publicity from its association with gangs, violence and the tragic shooting of Trayvon James. Given the all-round cold and moist weather in the UNITED KINGDOM, people of all age groups are known to have adopted the hoodie into their regular wardrobe. However, public opinion of the hoodie still remains very much divided with some big names coming out in support of them. Celebrating the hoodie Many famous faces and celebrities have been known to sport hoodies and for some, it has become a part of their public persona. Some of these people include: Sylvester Stallone As Rocky Balboa in the film Rocky Katy Perry Pop musician Mark Zuckerberg Jay-Z Hip-hop musician Ryan Gosling Actor CEO of Facebook Inc SUPER ® Sources: LOGO

The History of Hoodies

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Here at Super Logo we love hoodies – they are stylish, comfortable and can be personalised however you like! But where did hoodies originate from in history? We take a look at their origins from the...





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