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The History of Appliances & Home Inventions

THE HISTORY OF APPLIANCES & home inventions 1901 THE FIRST VACUUM British Civil Engineer H. Cecil Booth patents an engine powered 1903 vacuum. However, it is huge! THE FIRST IRON Californian, Earl Richardson introduces 1907 the light-weight electric iron. Initially it received complaints of overheating and so modifications had to be made. THE VIABLE VACUUM A janitor in an Ohio department store, James Spangler, invents the first practical vacuum. 1909 William Hoover refined the design to provide more power. THE ELECTRIC TOASTER Frank Shailor of GE first 1913 filed a patent for the electric toaster in 1909. The first toaster only had a filament on one side though - so you had to turn the bread halfway through to toast both sides! HOME USE FRIDGE Fred Wolf invented a small unit that used an old icebox to keep things 1913 cool. This was building on the previous work of Jacob Perkins who invented the first fridge in 1834. THE ELECTRIC DISHWASHER The first electric dish- washer is invented by tge Walker brothers. 1935 The full commercialisation of the dishwasher started in 1930 thanks to Hotpoint & FIRST CLOTHES others. DRYER J. Ross Moore builds & patents the first clothes dryer which runs on gas & electricity. Unfortunately he runs into financial difficulty the following year and sells his patent to Hamilton Manufacturing. 1945 THE FIRST MICROWAVE During a radiation experiment, Percy Spencer left a chocolate bar in his pocket which was melted. Hence, the microwave was born. Brought to you by Sources: DOMEX

The History of Appliances & Home Inventions

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You use your home appliances every day, but you've probably never thought of where they come from. This infographic shows a timeline of when things were invented and the story behind them. The story o...


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