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Heating Your Home Through the Ages

heating THE HOME OF FUEL DEALS SEE HOW HEATING YOUR HOME HAS CHANGED THROUGH THE AGES CAVEMAN 500,000 YEARS AGO – Fire was the only source of heating via a hearth or fire pit and would have been the centre of a caveman's home. ROMANS - 2,000 YEARS AGO – The Romans gave the world its first form of underfloor heating. Known as hypocausts, they were underground channels where hot air was filtered through from a furnace. ANGLO SAXONS 1,500 YEARS AGO – Anglo Saxon homes were basic, but they did include a fire – the only problem was that they didn't have chimneys, so it would have been a tad smokey. MIDDLE AGES - 600 YEARS AGO The first chimneys appeared during the Middle Ages. This invention meant open fires could provide the home with hot air, but the smoke could escape. 1790's - 225 YEARS AGO - In 1793 William Strutt had a breakthrough and designed a mill with a central hot air furnace. Even though it was an early form, this was the birth of central heating. 1880's 130 YEARS AGO - In 1885 Franz San Galli, a Polish-born Russian business man invented the world's first radiator. 1910'S 100 YEARS AGO - In 1912 American physican Sidney I. Russell created the first ever electric blanket. It was used to warm patients suffering from TB. 1980'S 30 YEARS AGO Advanced central heating systems were in use with the inclusion of thermostats to allow homes to adjust heating for greater efficiency. 2014 - MODERN DAY - Nowadays, most homes have an advanced heating system of somekind. Whether powered by gas, oil, electric or renewable energy sources they all offer varying efficient and cost-effective heating solutions. heating THE HOME OF FUEL DEALS TII||||

Heating Your Home Through the Ages

shared by derrickparker252 on Dec 24
This is an infographic about how home heating has evolved throughout the ages.


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