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Hair Care and Beauty Secrets in Ancient Egypt

History of Hair Care in Ancient Egypt order infographics SOLIDUS Ancient Egyptians had a way to wash their hair with a mix of water and citric juices. The citric acid dissolves the fatty oils from the hair and leaves the follicle sealed. To set their hairstyles, they applied an ointment of beeswax, letting it dry exposing the head to the sun, until it hardened. The recipes for baldness were based in several preparations, with fat of different animals: goats, lions, crocodiles, snakes and hippopotamus, and also cats. Another cure was a patch made with leaves of lettuce, or the application of fenugreek's seeds. es Since 4,000 years before the Christian Age, the henna was the most common dye. They mixed it with cow's blood and crushed tadpoles, to obtain different tonalities. Those who became gray-haired colored their hair with a recipe of blood of ox boiled in oil. It was believed that the darkness of the animal was transferred to the hair. At the beginning of the ancient Egyptian civilization men had the beards and the mustaches. After 1500 BC they started to use wigs of vivid colors, like blue, red or green. But over time, the hair began to be considered a sign of barbarism, and the Egyptians began to shave their beards, head and even the body. Stubble turned into a sign of the low social status. Reference: www.thehis

Hair Care and Beauty Secrets in Ancient Egypt

shared by anastasiya.krast on Jun 03
This work is about secrets of hair beauty in Ancient Egypt. It's interesting to know what kind of recipes of hair care were popular in the past.


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